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    Homestuck/Problem Sleuth/MSPA, drawing, a little anime/manga here and there, and rhythm games. Especially osu!.

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  1. Seriously, where do you find an iDL-E? I've been looking everywhere and I just can't find one! >︵

    1. lynn★


      There's a couple currently listed on eBay.. pretty expensive though, there's a buy it now for $175 & $15 for shipping. Its yellow. The Japanese version isn't hard to understand at all.

    2. Purimatchi!
    3. superkidmax


      Well one that won‘t cost me a fortune!

  2. *most popular GUMI and IA all the way! :3 There are a lot of awesome vocaloids out there... Even SeeU and Mew are great. Obviously Miku has a special place in all of our hearts though.
  3. Age: 15 Gender: Male Country: United States Comment: There really is no reason why Bandai should discontinue the Tamagotchi virtual pet line. Please bring them back... And if you do, market them to the right demographic! It tends to be an equal amount of males age 11-20 and females at the same ages. Tamagotchi isn't a girly toy so stop making only girly ones too!
  4. seriously, i never expected this many people here to like homestuck... i love homestuck and it's a pretty awesome coincidence.

  5. I really want an iD L English, an Uratama, a Home Deka, TamagoChu or Osutchi & Mesutchi, and an Umino/Ocean or maybe an Angelgotchi. It's a long wishlist but hey; there are just way too many Tamas I'd like to own!