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  1. Well Mothra just died, she stayed alive for 29 days, but when I fed and played with her until her hearts were full, her hearts would be completely empty five minutes later, I tried only feeding her before I went to bed a couple of days ago, and not feeding her for the rest of the day but she didn't die (for several days in a row.), so I tried not feeding her yesterday and letting her go to sleep, and then when I woke her up today she died, but she didn't lay an egg with the Shobijin so I don't know if you have to keep her alive for as long as possible which would be a bit of a task (I've read about people keeping their Tamagotchi's alive for over 99 days, so I don't know how long I could do it.) in order to get the Shobijin, or if it's random and you just have to keep her alive long enough. Anyways after she died and the grave appeared I left it for a few minutes to see if an egg would appear, but none did so I started a new egg briefly to see if it would hatch into the Shobijin, but it just became the baby larva like usual. So I'm done for now, I'm not giving up though, once I get interested again in the future I'll try to keep Mothra alive for as long as possible and try to get the Shobijin again, but for now I'm putting the tab back in. GOOD NIGHT MY BELOVED MOTHRA. EDIT: Oh yeah I forgot to mention my Cat, he is doing very well, he's very friendly with me and my brother, I took him in for his vaccines last week, and this week I'm taking him to get neutered.
  2. Keeping it paused during work, uhhh worked I was able to discipline the Grub both times that it attacked buildings, and could keep her awake as long as possible on the weekend last week and last night to help make up for the lost hours. Today the Grub went into her Cocoon and became the adult Mothra, I tried playing the game with her, but her weight won't go under 60tons. So I guess in order to get the Shobijin you have to take as perfect care of Mothra as possible, because I've heard if she dies of old age instead of illness that she'll lay an Egg which *might* have the Shobijin in it, so I'm going to keep using the same method of pausing while I'm at work to try and take as good care of her as possible, I guess I'll see what happens. I'm going to be getting a Cat this week (Was planning to get one when I moved into an Apartment with my brother, but my Mother said that her contract or whatever with the Realtor she is trying to sell the house with is going to expire around when school starts, and she'll have to do some sort of "Sell by owner" thing, so she asked my Brother and I to stay with her through the Winter until she gets the house sold.) and I've already bought everything I need for him and have it all set up at my house, so once I bring the Cat home I might not be able to keep tabs on my Mothra Tamagotchi as much, but since I just have to keep her fed, and played with, and since I have her around my neck constantly when she isn't paused, I think I'll be able to manage.
  3. Once again I missed the Mothra Grub's building attacks (In the second stage, I got its Justice meter up to 3/4th full, but then it goes back down to half at the Grub stage, this time I managed to catch it destroying buildings once when I took it out my pocket at work while sweeping, but the machines are so loud and my pockets muffle the sound, so I constantly miss it.), so I couldn't fill up her Justice meter, so she turned into Fairy Mothra again just now, I was about ready to put the tab back in the Tamagotchi and try again in a few months (or whenever I get interested again.) but I've decided to try once more, so I pressed the button on the back again. Like I mentioned before I can't usually hear the Tamagotchi's beeps in my pocket at work unless its early in the day morning when I am cleaning the Office, because otherwise I'm cleaning around the machines, or down the center of the Warehouses, and it's too loud and my pockets muffle the sound, and if I'm outside cleaning I still can't hear it because of the muffled sound. So this time I'm going to keep my Mothragotchi paused while I'm at work, I may set the time so that she's sleeping during the eight hours that I'm at work, and then I'll be able to catch it whenever it beeps while I'm at home, or out and about because I keep it around my neck on a necklace, but doing it this way will cause it to take longer to get to the Mothragotchi's later stages, but I don't see any other way if I want to make sure and get the best Mothra possible, and I'm not really in a big hurry, I'll set the time on the weekends so that it stays awake until around 3:00am on Friday nights which is when I usually go to sleep, and 2:00am on Saturday nights. Hopefully this will work.
  4. I was getting pretty excited this time around because I got the Battra grub! I don't know how since I was taking excellent care of the larva (I had even filled up 3/4th of its justice meter, so now I'm wondering if the grub you get is more random than I thought.) but since I got the Battra grub I was hoping on maybe getting Battra, but it turned into Fairy Mothra again... bleh.. So I pressed the button on the back once more to try again for regular Mothra, this might seem pretty petty of me to keep doing this, but I really want to get normal Mothra so I can try to get the Shobijin by doing what I did to get Gogo, so that's why I keep resetting it, if I was raising it normally I would take whatever I got. So like last time I'll post again when it becomes an adult, unless something happens that I just HAVE to post.
  5. Well the Grub just went into its Cocoon and hatched into... Fairy Mothra again... I was taking pretty good care of it, but I must have missed one of the times it attacked buildings or something because its justice guage was only filled up to 3/4th of the way full. Anyways Ima pressing the button on the back to try and get regular Mothra again, I'll update the next time it goes into its Cocoon unless something happens where I have an urge to update it here.
  6. Ghogo died yesterday so today when I woke up (at 6:00am) I started a new egg, and it hatched into the usual baby and then once it grew into the larva it went right to sleep until 8:00am. This time I'm going to take the best care of her that I can to try and get regular Mothra, and then I'm going to try and see if I can get the Shobijin.
  7. Well yesterday Fairy Mothra turned into Ghogo (Gogo?/Gohgo?) I'm not going to draw a picture of it, but here is what it looks like in the movie. http://www.tohokingdom.com/kaiju/ghogo.htm So I guess I'd say if you want Ghogo on your Mothragotchi the easiest way is to get Fairy Mothra, and then get it down to one ton in weight, and then take the best care of it as you can, my Fairy Mothra turned into Ghogo at 12 days old, so I don't know if it can change into it sooner or not, but I definitely recommend punishing Fairy Mothra when it attacks buildings to make sure that you have the best chance. In the Tamagotchi Ghogo moves by bouncing around and as it bounces it sort of flattens itself down, and it looks like it has a tail it balances on (I can't remember if it had that in the movie.) for its food it eats Apples, and it sleeps while balancing on its tail (Without a blanket) when its angry it gets an angry looking expression on its face (looks like this (ò ó)), and stamps its feet. It also goes to bed at 11:00pm (Like Makora) which is annoying for me since I have to go to bed at 10:00pm so I can get a full eight hours of sleep for work, so I set its time back an hour, it also wakes up at 10:00am since it goes to sleep so late. Here are its stats today. Age: 13 days (Turned into Ghogo at 12 days.) Weight: 1 ton (Lowest weight for Ghogo I guess they couldn't program the Tamagotchi to have lbs for certain forms so it just has tons for everything.) Hunger: 4/4 Full Happiness: 4/4 Full Justice: Full And with that I've had every single character on the Mothra Tamagotchi except for the Twin Shobijin, I'll try to get those next time.
  8. Here is some more information on Fairy Mothra, she goes to bed at 10:00pm and wakes up at 9:00am, it looks like she sleeps with the blanket also, and she continues to attack buildings at this stage allowing me to fill her justice meter. Here are her stats for today. Age: 9 days Weight: 1 ton Hunger: 4/4 Full Happiness: 4/4 Full Justice: Full (She attacked buildings twice so I disciplined her both times.)
  9. Alright today the Mothra grub went into its cocoon almost as soon as it woke up and turned into Fairy Mothra about an hour later, it started at weighing 30 tons, but when I played the minigame with it I noticed that its weight went down even further from 30 so I kept playing (tapping the middle button with the Tama in my pocket while working.) and found that the lowest weight for Fairy Mothra is 1 Ton! I think that's the lowest weight for any of the characters on the Mothra Tamagotchi, although that's still pretty heavy compared to Fairy Mothra in the movies where it's only slightly larger than the two Shobijin Fairies because it carries them around and can fit in a human's hands, here is the example. http://www.tohokingdom.com/kaiju/fairy_m.htm Also even though I never disciplined Mothra as she went through the Larva stages, Fairy Mothra's justice meter was halfway full as soon as it hatched, so if it attacks any buildings I'll go ahead and discipline her because I'm hoping for the secret character. Also while the Mothra and Battra grubs and all other adults eat their food in two bites, Fairy Mothra is like the baby and larva stages, taking three bites to eat her food, which is an Apple. Here are her stats right now. Age: 8 days Weight: 1 tons (The lowest possible, it won't go down to 0.) Hunger: 4/4 Full Happiness: 4/4 Full Justice: Halfway Full I might make a picture for it, but the problem is that in the movies it is basically just a resized Mothra for the Shobijin to ride around on, so I would have to make up a different color scheme for it, and it also only has two wings in the Tamagotchi sprite like a Fly, whereas in the movies it has four wings like Mothra or Battra (Although I guess technically those are just two large wings split into two sections each.) so I'm not sure what I'll do, and I haven't seen if it sleeps with a blanket yet either.
  10. Makora died yesterday, I was hoping it would turn into Godzilla, but after a couple of days of perfect care and not being able to fill up its justice meter (I don't know if I missed an instance of it attacking buildings or what.) I pretty much gave up on that happening, but I'm a bit surprised that it died because I was giving it pretty much perfect care, always feeding it and playing when it when down from four to three hearts on any of its meters, I guess that Makora is just a very sickly character and if it doesn't hatch into Godzilla then it dies. So I started another baby, it's the Mothra larva right now (the one directly after the baby stage, not the Mothra grub.) so I'm doing the same thing I did last time, but trying not to let it sleep next to its poo.
  11. Well I got Makora again, I meant to try and get Fairy Mothra, but I kept forgetting that the larva would go to sleep at 8:00pm and it kept sleeping with its poo, so I guess next time I'll have to be more careful, but on the bright side this means I might be able to get Godzilla again.
  12. Sorry that I haven't posted in a couple of days, I've been taking pretty much perfect care of Godzilla, but he just died, I think the problem is that I sleep in until 11 or 12 on the weekends and he usually gets up at 8 so by the time I wake up most of his hearts are empty. Anyways I did want to mention that when he gets sick he sort of sits on the ground and looks like he is sneezing or coughing, and even though he attacked buildings a few times, he never did it enough for me to completely fill up his justice meter. So now I'm starting a new baby Mothra, this time I'll try to get Fairy Mothra, and I'm going to try and do it by never punishing her when she attacks buildings, but taking the best possible care of her that I can besides that.
  13. Not much happened today, I was at work, and took care of little Godzilla as usual, I forgot to mention though that he goes to bed at 10pm and wakes up at 8am. Age: 11 days Weight: 60 tons Hunger: 4/4 Full Happiness: 4/4 Full Justice: Almost Full (He didn't attack buildings today so it still isn't full.) BTW does anybody know how to enable comments? if people have things to say I'd like to see them, but my topic says "No Comments" and some of the others in the logs say "Comments Ok"
  14. Well yesterday Makora hatched into Godzilla which I was expecting and hoping for (although not so soon.) so I'm pretty happy. Godzilla eats meat and when he sleeps he has those nose bubbles that are always in Anime, I'm probably not going to draw a picture for him since it wouldn't be as easy unless I made him heavily chibified. Here are his stats right now. Age: 10 days Weight: 60 tons (The lowest for Godzilla.) Hunger: 4/4 Full Happiness: 4/4 Full Justice: Almost Full (It emptied out when Makora turned into Godzilla, but I use the discipline when he attacks buildings.) So there you go, if you have a Mothra Tamagotchi and want Godzilla then raise your Tamagothi into Makora (I did it by feeding him tons of snacks and never playing with him, and never disicplining, and also I accidently let him sleep with his poo once.) and once it turns into Makora try and get it down to the base weight of 30 (might take awhile since it was at 99 from never playing.) and try to give him/her the best care possible.
  15. Ok so I spent a lot of time playing with Makora to get her down to the lowest weight, and here are her stats now. Age: 8 days Weight: 30 tons Hunger: 4/4 Full Happiness: 4/4 Full Justice: Half (She started attacking buildings so I went ahead and punished her since I want to take the best care of her for now.) She seems to get sick quite a bit, since I posted yesterday she got sick twice, and when she gets sick her eyes and legs disappear and she's covered in blotches with polka dots... and she also has a weird sleep schedule (compared to the other Tamas.) she goes to bed at 11:00pm, and then wakes up at 10:00am, it might be a bit of a problem for me since I go to bed at 10:00pm and wake up at 6:00am for work (I work from 7:00am to 3:30pm Monday through Friday.) but I can just change her clock I guess. She also eats meat like Battra, and nearly all of her expressions are just her with a huge mouth showing off her big buck teeth, whether she angry/sad/eating, and I went ahead and made a picture for her also. http://s25.postimg.org/nch5kzibj/Mothragotchi_Stage4_Makora.png Yeah... Makora was pretty easy to draw since she's basically just the cocoon, but with eyes and legs sticking out, and since she isn't in the movies I just went with how her sprite looks, and she also sleeps with a blanket, which I drew too as you can see.