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  1. I finished all "missions" on Dream Town but... what to do know?? It doens't even have any mini-games :( Music City was much more better..

    1. Sabrazom


      DreamTown does indeed need more fun/games added to it.

  2. are you a pretty cure fan...? i love that show!!!

    1. Silverpatchi


      Yes I am!


    2. tamagirl1017


      thats awesome! there are not a lot of precure fans on this site. i see you like heartcatch!

    3. tamagirl1017


      i am libby btw!

  3. I am 14 year old boy (my birthday was just few days ago ) And I love tamagotchis!
  4. Happy birthday! UwU

    1. Silverpatchi


      Thank you verrrry much~~~~~~

  5. And now just few minutes ago matchmaker came and my Dangoobatchi married Kuchipatchi and they got little Shiropetitchi~ Thank you all for your help! (I still wonder why I get Shiropetitchi always= / But thanks a lot! ^^)
  6. Well... Now my Chantotchi turn to Dangoobatchi. Now I just have to wait my V5 is enough old to get married
  7. okay. well I think that when V5 has enough age is when it would be able use the "Dating show"
  8. my parents won't let me buy Tama-Go from Ebay >: (

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Orandatchi


      as in the ones for 20 - 30 dollars


      kill me i got my tama-gos for 5 dollars each

    3. Silverpatchi


      Because Tama-go never came to europe :( And I've always want it


    4. Silverpatchi


      It's not because of what it costs. It's because they don't trust ebay or any another web store

  9. and IF it turns to an oldie can it still train with the band, go to work, to play on a concert?
  10. I tried it but they didn't get married I had Uhyotchi and Makiko on my V5 and I tried to marry Uhyotchi and my Chantotchi but hey didn't do it D: I guess theri relationship wasn't level up all the way. but this helped me a lot Thank you very much!
  11. No problem ^^ thank you anyway for trying to help