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  1. Makes me so happy that this community is STILL going!

  2. Just put batteries back in my English iD L :)

  3. english tamagotchi P's being released in australia? wow how exciting

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    2. oddsandendswithlove
    3. noodle-tchi


      Can you get them in the UK if you order online? :)

    4. nafaan


      i don't have proof guys! haha. i'm not 100% sure on the authenticity of the post i read it from but it was stated that bandai has confirmed they will be releasing both in english through australia. i seriously hope so!


      @noodle-tchi; your best bet would be ebay :) they are a bit pricey though. i got mine brand new for $200 USD

  4. any tips for getting the best results with displex? just tested it on an old phone and it didn't make much of a difference

    1. oddsandendswithlove


      scrub vigoriously in a circular motion with a cotton cloth and do it a few times

    2. nafaan


      thanks! i'll give it a shot c:

  5. can someone please reccomend an IR USB to purchase online for my tamagotchi iD L please? i don't want to buy one and have it not work c:

  6. is there a way to tell how many care misses you have on the ID L?

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    2. *Hayden*


      ^ What she said

    3. SupahCow090


      ^ This. Make sure the sound is on though.

    4. nafaan


      thanks guys! c:

  7. bandai asia and bandai hong kong are the same, right?

    1. HopeMcCarthyAuroraLovingtn


      i think it same,hongkong and asia made english version tamagotchi and Bandai japan is the original

  8. collecting only region specific tamas can be really annoying when there's a version with hardly any info >_/uploads/emoticons/default_happy.gif" alt="^_^" />

    1. *Hayden*


      How much was it?

    2. nafaan


      just over $50 AUD c:

  9. is there a particular brand or type of IR USB anyone can recommend that definitely works with the tamagotchi iD L english? thankyouuuu c:

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    2. Amat Gotchi

      Amat Gotchi

      But I remember a whole lot of members have a Mini USB IrDA dongle. The Syba Fast one I got is supposed to work though, I've heard other people have been able to use it.

    3. oddsandendswithlove


      yeah they work but I cant seem to find any for a half decent price that runs with windows 7 :(

    4. nafaan


      i wish it was more simple! i really don't want to purchase one and have it not work haha.

  10. can you get more than one pet per character on the tamagotchi iD L?

    1. SupahCow090
    2. nafaan
    3. Carol_tama


      nope, once it's done, it's done ;p

  11. i just got a reply from bandai, the same facebook page and they said they can only say for now. i'm guessing that means it isn't definate that they will be releasing them, but it is highly possible
  12. i just paid $200 for one online -.- ohwell atleast i can get another
  13. can you download items to the english tamagotchi iD L using an IR USB + computer outside of japan?

    1. *Hayden*
    2. HopeMcCarthyAuroraLovingtn


      it depend on the IR USB,if you are using mac,"i think" you can't use that usb ir. i bought last time,but it is not compatible on my Mac. I suggest to use mobile Phone that has infrared. i use nokia e71 and that's work perfectly. Good luck Nafaan :)

    3. nafaan


      awesome c: thanks!