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  1. I'm glad you guys are still here, it seems like this place is, well... fading? A bit? And it's a shame, this is my go-to Tama website. *big group huggie*

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    2. Loganator114
    3. Fae Kizunatchi

      Fae Kizunatchi

      I'm new, but intend to be here often. If you look at my content you'll see I'm serious! :)

    4. Watashiwatchi


      I'm here on occasion, but I'm found on TamaCHAT

  2. Hi! So today, my lil' sis took out the dead batteries in her Tamagotchi Friends, and they were corroded (the dead batteries sat in the Tamagotchi for a few months).Then I remembered that I have a P2 I've left the batteries in, though not dead, for a while. I don't want to use the battery because of how hard P2 ones are to find. (I also just got a new Chibi, and I was planning to leave the batteries in, tag n' all.) So the question is, will full batteries left in a Tamagotchi corrode? If yes, after how long? Thank you! :3
  3. I'm currently writing a book, Lovelitchi Gone Missing, on Wattpad Obviously, it's a Tamagotchi fanfiction :3 I'm not too far in the book yet, but check it out! (I'm constantly editing it, too.) Let me know what you think It's a tragedy/mystery/slight romance about Mametchi trying to find Lovelitchi after she's suddenly taken away. He balances that with trying to keep his cover as a virtual pet. Give it a little look-see here!
  4. Should I get a 4u+ for around $45? I already have a 4u, so I don't know :/

    1. Arhalidin
    2. cheesy-tchi


      You could save some more money and get an M!X when it first comes out.

  5. The Tamagotchi in the app always dies too quickly, no matter how well you take care of it ;-; My sister checked on it often, it was always fed, and it was never deprived of anything, yet it died in a few days. u_u So I prefer a physical Tamagotchi. Also because holding a phone just isn't the same as holding the actual Tamagotchi. It makes it feel like it's really your own if you're holding a physical one, meanwhile anyone could just download the app in a few seconds. Physical Tamas all the waayy
  6. I saw Pewdiepie got a 4u+ and almost died of happiness.

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    2. ForgottenUsernames


      I hate the guy but that's nice.

    3. RubyLullaby


      Whaaaaat, really? O.O

    4. Arhalidin


      he doesn't deserve one

  7. Oh haha, I forgot about the care misses! Thanks!
  8. I agree with Flare.exe. But, you can also find an English iD L under $50 if you're lucky. I would go with the P's, though.
  9. I don't actually have a Morino yet, hopefully I can win the auction lol, but I was wondering what kind of batteries it needs. I know it doesn't use the CR2032 or AAA batteries, so does anyone know which kind it does use? And maybe where I can find them? Thanks! ^u^
  10. Hi! I've had my 4u for a while now, I got it back in March of this year, and I've only ever gotten the same 2 characters: Spaceytchi when I get a boy, and Neenetchi when I get a girl. I want to get a different character ;n; xD I've been trying to follow the growth charts and such, which say that if you have yea many skill points you get a certain tama, and so on. I once used a soccer ball as a toddler around 15 or so times, in hopes to get a Kuromametchi, and then I got a Spaceytchi D: And I don't think I've ever eaten curry rice before, which is used to get Spaceytchi. I know it says that if you don't fit any of the requirements, it's random, but for me, random means either Spaceytchi or Neenetchi haha x3 Does anyone know what's wrong? Thanks!
  11. Welcome to TamaTalk! Like Hayden said, eBay, Amazon, all that jazz.