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  1. I've searched high and low for a growth chart that includes how to get specific characters, like how many points in stats are needed etc, if anyone knows of One it would be super helpful.
  2. I know I'm silly on the naming point, dont know why its a fixation, and yes they grow pretty fast, and they are very chill as they dont need much Care.
  3. Oh yes, very expensive, I shelled out 40 bucks in the v3, I have tamagotchi Friends, I don't like it, screen is Hard to see and I can't name 'em.
  4. What's on your tamagotchi wishlist for Christmas? I wished for and ordered myself a connection v3 so My v4 Will have a friend - Yay! Other then that, I really want a v4.5.
  5. Im getting an interest in these ones and are generally wondering which in your opinion is the most fun, what are the games like? How difficult are they to Keep alive? And can you input names on them?
  6. I'm afraid it's dead, I gave it new batteries and it won't turn on again, as for lifecycles, I don't know, but My Guess is whatever Creature you pick it'll stay that way until death, and I doubt it can have Babies. RIP Bob the Shrimp, I hardly knew ye
  7. Update, it randomly reset so it goes on the shelf as a curio, not worth getting.
  8. I got my Machine Pet today, it's a multi pet with 169 pets in 1. It's very light, the plastic feels like Good quality, the buttons are made of rubber and very responsive, the screen is suprisingly good, it's rather strange as it doesnt say if the pet is hungry or bored, you can feed it bread or a tart, when fed the Number by the foodsymbol increases, i got it Up to 7, and it decreases sometimes, the pet doesnt seem to poop. The minigames are a dog jumping at a frisbee and a spaceship dodging other spaceship, there is options that reminds me of the tamagotchi connection, like a shop and the computer option, the computer is just an animation and at the end you get Gold, i havent been able to buy anything in the shop so i dont know if that works, its a very quiet pet, you can choose some names for the pet when you start it Up, i picked a shrimp and called it Bob. I think it's pretty cute but a bit in the dull Side, when you pick something you Arent allowed to a chicken pops Up and Shakes it's head. http://oi66.tinypic.com/vd1zdk.jpg
  9. I've been away for a long time, but now I'm back, I've gotten some new peta for My Collection, an original tamagotchi from '97 with box, My crown jewel, and a tamagotchi Friends. Sorry, I ramble on, I'm thinking of getting a dinosaur pet, because I never had one, so I'd like some recommendations, my only criteria is that I want to be able to input a name for it, silly I know, don't know why I'm fixated on that, Guess I need it to be official, heh. Thank you in advance
  10. Sorry for doing a small hijacking, but I gotta ask you since I'm about to hit the order button on ebay on one of these. Does it evolve?
  11. Found another one that looks really sweet called an MGA-T-rex dino. It seems from what I've gathered it can turn into different dinos (Yay!) But can you input a name for the dino? And are they any fun? https://robofinch.wordpress.com/2015/08/14/mga-t-rex-dino/ Update: About the Hitorikko, does it have a naming option? I found a clone called the pocket dino which was a bit cheaper so I'm thinking of getting one :3
  12. Man, there are tons of dino-pets out there, and not much info on any of 'em except the classic gyaoppi etc. So, reccomend me a fun one with a naming feature and different evolutions, that's all I want =D
  13. I'm looking into getting a PP Dino, it looks really cool and it's not super expensive. I'm curious whether there is a growth chart or if there is only 1 type of dino. Tell me a little about how it works! =D Also, are you able to name the dino?
  14. Cheers for the info. Yeah it looks very cool, I may order it next month. I'm to poor at the moment to go for an eventual knock-off