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  1. my tamagotchi familitchi arrived today!

    1. tinkeepie11


      Awesome! The familitchi is one of my favorites :)

    2. maggitronica


      i already really like it so far :)

    3. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Yeah, it's a pleasant version 8)

  2. just for a complete explanation for why the Tamatown code generators aren't working: my understanding is that they relied on the Tamatown servers staying intact and accessible, but since Bandai has shut them down completely the code generators have nothing to work with in order to generate new codes in the first place Pandycakes - i totally got into the newer tama's feeling excited to play online on Tamatown, except it was already down by that point also!! BOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :( :( :( :(
  3. Thinking of buying a home Deka, a Familitchi, or maybe a super old classic clock-shell tama. OR ALL THREE.

    1. oddsandendswithlove


      im selling my home deka, its in the tbay feed. check it out its in great condition <3

  4. i don't have an angelgotchi myself, but i found these resources that may help you. here's a youtube tama reviewer who describes the icons on the japanese version angel meter in a video: (this one also talks a little bit about good deeds - its apparently for praising at a certain time) and then here's a link to a post binary made containing scans of the english information guide: (i think the 5th page is the one you may want to look at) hope this helps!
  5. wow, is he really supposed to be 14 in the original gold/silver??? that's crazy! why does his mom let him camp out on a mountain in another country all the time?????
  6. Found my Music Star after losing it unpaused over the weekend!! Abba surprisingly did NOT evolve to the worst-care female, which makes no sense.

    1. dazzilitchigirl


      It's kind of random. That happened to my brother, he got Memetchi.

  7. Totally mastering the Chama Berry game on the iD L! Downloadable content ruuuules

  8. oh jeez - i still bring my tamagotchi's into class and i go to college.
  9. finally got my iD LE!!! it is so cute, and i'm so excited to play! thanks, XBlackIrisX!

  10. my understanding of the care system of the Music Star is similar to others like the tama-go - you can only have a certain number of care mistakes before the level of care decreases and your Tamagotchi evolves into something else. the success of your care doesn't seem to impact the care of the tama, and vice-versa (unless you never let your tama practice its instrument). sorry this is so vague, i hope it helps at least a little. i couldn't find a specific guide, so maybe someone else can?
  11. i love watching Pretty Little Liars and i also hate watching Pretty Little Liars. and i also hate loving Pretty Little Liars.

  12. oh jeez, did they ever specify how much time passes between the Johto/Kanto games and other game eras? i feel like they usually just specify how much time passes between games in an era - like i think its two years between BW and BW2, and i don't even know about the Hoenn games. i think of him as having been 10 in 1998 when Red/Blue came out, and aged regularly since then - so i guess i think of him as like 25 right now? how long of a period of time do you think is between the Kanto games and the Unova games? what if its actually HUNDREDS OF YEARS HOLY COW
  13. if you don't have the budget for one of the color tamas, like the P's binary suggested, i would also suggest maybe getting a v6, the Music Star. there's a lot of cool events your tamagotchi gets to go to (like their own concerts! so cute!) and the three types of music skills are a fun way to engage the player with every gen of pet. since its the original small size, it's also a nice first tamagotchi to get if you're getting back into playing. hope our perspectives help! check out youtube video reviews, too - they can help you get a feel for what each version of tama is like!
  14. any other computer science students out there??? working with locks & mutexes and ready TO BE DONE WITH IT

  15. watching "Jon Benjamin Has a Van" with ma honey