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  1. ^ :3 > I just won a free cheeseburger from McDonald's! V Do you like McDonald's?
  2. Has it been on pause? It might be that or it might not be running all the time. (In the background)
  3. I would play angry birds. What if you woke up and you were a McDonald cheeseburger?
  4. Maybe try contacting the seller to see if they have any tips for you?
  5. I have got 1 from Argos before in the UK. It was a green 1 and it came with a Mametchi character figure. It is the Mametchi jumping/happy pose. Hope this helps!
  6. I think that is is either the battery's or the temperature changes. It is probably the temperature changes but change the battery's as well just in-case it is them. Hope you figure it out and get it mended soon!
  7. He probably will come. You just have to be patient.
  8. Wow! I never knew that the adults were so fussy on the ID!
  9. I am not sure about the listing but I know that the English 1 is so expensive because that it is so rare.