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    Nova Scotia
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    obviously TAMAGOTCHI'S!!! lol but I also love video games, SUPER MARIO!, HARVEST MOON! >.< ...warhammer, forge world,i love digital media. and dragons, fantasy art etc...I know NERRRRRRD haha...but I love it.


    I am from a scotish background. A wife, and mother of two gorgeous lil boys.i work as a L.P.N nurse and I have my fine arts degree in digital media and web design. also love to sculpt (polymer clay)... I make and sell tamagotchi display holders if ya want to see or are interested in buying one then please let me know...

    I used to collect tamagotchi's in my childhood and had many, but due to some unfortunate events I had lost them all :( I have just started collecting them again in the last 3 months so I don't have a large amount yet but im working on it lol.

My Tamagotchis

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    x1 devilgotchi binder
    x1 tamagotchi NIB SANTACLAUTCHI-green design
    x1 nip tamaOtch
    x1 nip yellow/blue ODEN KUN tama
    x1 transparent yellow p2
    x7 vintage hard cases-pink/blue/purple angelgotchi/clear/green/brown sparkley
    x2 tamagotchi p1- pink clock
    x1 tamagotchi p2-white with blue character designs
    x2 taamgotchi mothra- regular blue designs
    x2 tamagotchi morino- white with yellow buttons/yellow vines
    x1 genjintchi (caveman) tamagotchi
    x1 tamagotchi chibi (destiny childs design)
    x1 tamagotchi music star v6- blue
    x1 tamagotchi school-lime green w. flowers
    x1 tamagotchi suku v2-blue white with balls
    x1 tama Fure Fure deka NIB
    x1 tamagotchi tamaprofy NIB pink
    x1 tamagotchi hong kong anniv. p2
    x3 tamagotchi angels-jp.silver/english yellow
    x1 angelgotchi case (white)
    x3 tamagotchi umino- blue water des/trans. red/trans. purple NIP
    x1 NIB pocket designer
    x5 tamagotchi v4-peacock/fall leaves/blue hawaiian/glow in dark NIB
    x1 taamgotchi v2-tropical fun
    x1 tamagotchi v3 GOLDEN edit.
    x4 tamagotchi v3-trans. black-pink trans./blue camo/cow print/yellow trans.
    x4 tamagotchi entama- white silver snowflakes/ CIOY design/silver-brown/CAOI adit.
    x1 tamagotchi uratama-blue and green bubbles
    x1 tamagotchi king of games deka (orange)
    x1 tamagotchi nano-light blue w. rainbows
    x1 osutchi (pink)
    x1 mesutchi (blue)
    x1 mesu hard case blue
    x1 osu hard case pink
    x5 tamagotchi ID's-green/yellow/lovely melody crown/lovely music/milky pink
    x1 modified ID station
    x2 ID guide books
    x1 angelgotchi book
    x6 tamagotchi ID L's-green/white/princess spacy/15th anniversary/pink
    x1 tamagotchi ID L english-yellow
    x7 tamagotchi p's-pink/yellow/green/white/dream coffret set/blue/purple
    x13 deko pierce-love&melody/sanrio/royal change/fairy change/baby change/dream to change/berry sweets/
    dream coffret/disney/anniversary/aikatsu/meracrise/nameko fungi)
    x3 tama-go's-blue/black (modified)/pink NIB
    x14 tamago figures
    x4 TMGC+C-orange/lime green/exile-white/hexagontchi
    x2 tamagotchi v4-flower design/orange bubbles
    x3 tamagotchi v4.5 cases
    x1 tamagotchi techo tomo binder
    x40 tamagotchi crochet covers
    x4 tamagotchi v5-black/purple/blue/aquarium design
    x3 tamagotchi v5.5-red and white/pink/green with flowers
    x3 gotchi charms
    x2 tamatomo sticker sets
    x26 cradles
    x2 tamagotchi video games
    x1 greem home deka
    x1 blue home deka
    x2 tama connection case pouches nip


    x1 jelly fish aquapalz nib
    x1 dinkie dino 28-1 nib
    x1 nib giga pets little mermaid
    x1 Jurassic park pet dino nib
    x1 t-rex egg pet nip

    And many more! You can check out the full collection on my tmblr account
  • Favorite Tamagotchi
    ok this is hard but id say right now tamagotchi p's for color tama, then umino and devilgotchi!
  • Favorite Tamagotchi Character
    i love a few but in love with Sebiretchi
  • Tamagotchis currently running
    I have the tamagotchi 4u + and familitchi running atm

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  1. There is an awesome group on facebook that is all about pics and info on the tamagezi, its called tamagezi family heres the link below! https://www.facebook.com/groups/396290230580279/
  2. Well, its been a very long time since i posted on tamatalk but i have found myself coming back a lot more lately cause of the chilled atmosphere so i thought id share my newest collection pics and its grown once again! And i have built a huge shelving system for it haha... http://instagram.com/p/9UBDYlxpqw/?taken-by=oddsandendswithlove http://instagram.com/p/9UBGvyRpq6/?taken-by=oddsandendswithlove http://instagram.com/p/9UBKPIxprG/?taken-by=oddsandendswithlove
  3. Hrm not sure why it didnt work, then can you look up odds-and-ends-with-love. On tmblr it should pop up, i have a collection of 279 tamagotchis so far
  4. Its been a while but here is my growing collection. O.o its taking over my living room! http://odds-and-ends-with-love.tumblr.com
  5. Its been forever since ive been here actively, but i thought id pop in..

    1. Nazotchi25


      I remember you. I bought a tama from you before :)

      How are you doing?

  6. If you check out my tmblr you can check out all my tamagotchi 4u plus pictures and info i gather. I swapped out many of the faceplates for colour combinations. These devices are quickly becoming my very favorite colour version o.o My tmblr is : odds-and-ends-with-love
  7. I may not know you but I would still like to wish you a good one on your special day! Happy birthday stranger!

    1. oddsandendswithlove


      Thank you! I havent been signed in yere in a while lol

  8. Ow does the skill points work? Like you said have 10 or more sports points, how can you tell how many you have? The chart is wonderful im just confused one hat one part haha sry, this will def come in handy thank you so much!
  9. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10203958492914949&set=o.1405629166372607&type=3 Latest collection pic..havent been here in months but thought id drop this image at least
  10. Hey - happy birthday - hope you enjoy your day :)

  11. Happy birthday! Hope you're having a nice day.

  12. Please respond to my messages. I have given you ample time to complete my customs and you are ignoring me and yet I see that you have finished custom craddles for others! Thats not right.

    1. mudkipclove


      I really hope she gets you your stuff soon, it's not like her to have someone waiting 10 months :/

    2. ISmileBecauseImStrange


      Dude, you can find her on the Facebook groups, she's probably busy doing commissioned work/generally busy.