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  1. There is an awesome group on facebook that is all about pics and info on the tamagezi, its called tamagezi family heres the link below! https://www.facebook.com/groups/396290230580279/
  2. Well, its been a very long time since i posted on tamatalk but i have found myself coming back a lot more lately cause of the chilled atmosphere so i thought id share my newest collection pics and its grown once again! And i have built a huge shelving system for it haha... http://instagram.com/p/9UBDYlxpqw/?taken-by=oddsandendswithlove http://instagram.com/p/9UBGvyRpq6/?taken-by=oddsandendswithlove http://instagram.com/p/9UBKPIxprG/?taken-by=oddsandendswithlove
  3. Hrm not sure why it didnt work, then can you look up odds-and-ends-with-love. On tmblr it should pop up, i have a collection of 279 tamagotchis so far
  4. Its been a while but here is my growing collection. O.o its taking over my living room! http://odds-and-ends-with-love.tumblr.com
  5. Its been forever since ive been here actively, but i thought id pop in..

    1. Nazotchi25


      I remember you. I bought a tama from you before :)

      How are you doing?

  6. If you check out my tmblr you can check out all my tamagotchi 4u plus pictures and info i gather. I swapped out many of the faceplates for colour combinations. These devices are quickly becoming my very favorite colour version o.o My tmblr is : odds-and-ends-with-love
  7. Ow does the skill points work? Like you said have 10 or more sports points, how can you tell how many you have? The chart is wonderful im just confused one hat one part haha sry, this will def come in handy thank you so much!
  8. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10203958492914949&set=o.1405629166372607&type=3 Latest collection pic..havent been here in months but thought id drop this image at least
  9. Tamagotchis and stuff I have coming White santaclautchi Tamasuku fruit design v2 Yellow tamawalkie Blue tmgc plus color Mesu smokey black Pink osutchi case 4 vintage cases Yuki penguin Tama v3 Blue tama v3 Hanerutchi one Red v5.5 Caveman charms Pink ps Flowers v4 Chuppy pet Keitai new design Flames v4.5 2 custom design pouches 3 silicon covers 2 puppet pouches Tama stickers 2 vintage rare design pouches Hanerutchi version two blue design Gold limited edit. Gold v4
  10. I am currently waiting for the following : Kids nova tamasuku Fruit design tamasuku v2 Yellow tamawalkie Green spiral v3 Hanerutchi one green Hanerutchi two blue Mesu tama smokey black Osu pink vintage case 8 more vintage hard cases Sunflower design v4 Red design v5.5 Blue v5 Silicon connection covers x4 Flowers design Keitai
  11. I love er log and the photos are great! I was always wondering if I wanted the arokotchi and I think I really do cause the pics and graphics are awesome!
  12. my newest collection videos are posted from part 16-23 check em out! https://www.youtube.com/user/oddsandendswithlove

    1. tamagotchirocks


      Wow you have so many cool v pets, I just saw the video :-)

  13. my newest collection videos are posted from part 16-23 check em out! https://www.youtube.com/user/oddsandendswithlove

  14. i am a health care provider and work alot! lol i do get a chance to run each tama there isnt a single tamam in my collection that wasnt ran at least once ^.^ i have been zoning in on the vintage tamas lately for the most part and have LOVED them haha <3
  15. heya! well im back its been a while since i posted here and i guess its abo that time that i do hehe, i havent been active on tamatalk as much lately since ive been running the facebook group "Tamagotchi Ancestors" every tama lover is welcome there so go on over and join! i know alot of ppl have left this group because of chaos etc and i have gotten scammed a few times myself so that where im at haha so as for tamagotchis i have been collecting MANY more but i have been hunting down particular ones i have managed to get my hands on a fall leaves morino, 10 vintage hard cases, 14 custom made charms, a uniqo limited edition tamasuku, leopard design tama friends, orange p1, euro v3, i pad mini!!, AMERICAN ocean,black and white ketiai, JAL version uratama, toys r us v4, character themed entama's 2 out of the 3... now with all that said i still have others coming and i now have all 4 shell designs of the umino and all 4 designs of the morino i have gotten a green mothra on its way, i have bought a tamafure and tamasuku v2 etc i have some new collection pics because i have moved so i took a pic of my display but its not 100% upodated as i traded and bought ALOT more since then but here are some pics! oh and p.s i have been making charms, cradles, and crochet commissions!!! this is a reference pic of the shell design i have of the ocean the lovely Kalei from my group has taken this pic and finally my collection pic!! the new display at my new house! its alot bigger now but ou get the idea haha
  16. i have been making and selling my charms on facebook at the tama groups and everyone loves them i have tons of orders ^.^ im sure everyone will love er charms hun <3
  17. well i now own: all 4 shells designs of the umino 1 american ocean 3 shell design of morino's devilgotchi santaclautchi x2 p1's x3 p2's all 3 shells of the japanese angel orange/green osu/mesu pair pink/blue osu/mesu pair smokey grey osu pink euro p2 hong kong anniv. p2 tamaOtch green shell mothra genjintchi gold american angel
  18. IT CAME IT FINALLY CAME! https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn2/t1.0-9/10325329_10202951798668222_4324990063737958595_n.jpg
  19. Yay hun u got a morino finally!!! U need to run one with me hehe
  20. well through trades i have my umiqo tamasuku, blue japn angelgotchi, orange p1,umino back cover etc this has been a great trading experiences ^.^

  21. the ones that say just gyaoppi is version 1, then gyaoppi 2 is the second vers..then theres the ducks and the super gyaoppi
  22. well i got quite a few things in the mail lately so im now waiting for: UNIQO limited edition tamasuku (hasnt been shipped until the 18th) red umino (for parts) blue waves v3 shimashimatchi pouch royal crown gasapon blue english dinkie dino this week i already received: orange and green osutchi/mesutchi set blue puddles design umino tamasuku pouch purple umino yellow p2 green vintage case