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    In no particular order. Japan, Metal, gothic and EBM Music styles, Nature, Origami, Video Games, Drawing, English Literature, Science and Gothic culture.

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    Santagotchi, Little Mermaid Giga and Japanese Angel.
  1. Your theory doesn't work on either of my Tamagotchi friends but they are both European versions so maybe they are different?
  2. I started mine yesterday! I think it is more interesting that the originals because of the extra features There is something I don't understand about it though. When it went to sleep last night I turned the light off but when I woke up, the light was back on again and I couldn't switch it off! What is that all about?
  3. Connection Release: V4.5 Character: Ojitchi Age: over 100! The counter stops at 99! Ancestor Release: Genjintch Character: Genjintchi Age:27
  4. I have a morino and some dust is stuck behind the moveable front screen. Also another connection tama of mine has dust down the sides of the screen. I want to take them apart for cleaning but I am worried that I might just make them worse! Thank you everyone for your advice.
  5. Do lots of you take apart your Tamagotchis for fixing/cleaning? Is it relatively easy to do or is there a high risk of damaging them? What kind of tools are needed and how can it be done safely? I would like to know your Tamagotchi surgery experiences please.
  6. It isn't fake and it is a very pretty Tamagotchi
  7. I am waiting for a Tamaotch and a green Hanerutchi from Japan, I am excited
  8. I have got a new V5.5 coming soon. It is a present from my Mum
  9. The batteries could have leaked but it is possible that they still work. I would change them for new ones just to make sure the tama doesn't get damaged. If it is a 96/97 tama, you will need LR44 s not CR2032 s.
  10. I think they were just cheaply/poorly made! It is happening to my one too. Also, there were scratches and marks on the shell before I even opened it. When I took the screen protector off, there was a scuff underneath it and if you look at it from a certain angle, there is a scuff on the screen below too!
  11. Hey, how are things?

    1. -Hinotamatchi-


      Hey, Things in the Tamagotchi world are good thank you. I have got a few new additions to my collection and i'm enjoying running different tamas :) How are your tamas doing?