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  1. I found it via Google when I was about 7 or 8, I used it for codes for my V3. I never did join for many years until last year, I believe it was because I had to fax something to join and I never got round to it. I also used it to find the hat for the golden tamagotchi in Tamagotchi Town, anyone else remember that? That was SO hard to find!
  2. Amazon does seem more reasonable, but buying in person isn't a choice for me as I don't know a single soul who sells them anymore :-( I miss the good old days when my friends all had the connections. I won't be looking for one currently, but I may be interested in collecting packaged Tamagotchis in the future as I think it'll be fun but also a good investment as well if I wait long enough. Does anyone on here have or know anyone with the rare gold tamagotchi V3? I really wanted them as a kid :')
  3. So, I had a glance on ebay for Tamagotchi connections (I have V2,3,4,5,6) and I never realised how rare it is to get hold of a V2 or even a V3. I saw a V2 packaged on sale for £60. I haven't looked at tamagotchis for sale for many years so I may be stating the obvious. What does everyone else do when buying these? Which sites do you use? Anyone else bought a connection recently? I'm not going to buy any just now, but I'm very interested in why they're so expensive and rare. They seem like a great investment as I'm sure they'll rise in price in the future (the packaged ones especially).
  4. Sherlock is great, I'm a little fed up of Doctor Who (despite being a long-time fan) One of my favourite shows of all time is House, Breaking Bad comes very close. My fave childhood shows are by far SpongeBob SquarePants and Kenan and Kel (I LOVED that as a kid)
  5. It's not often The Horse and His Boy is chosen as a fave, it's very different to the rest. Still a great read though, but my fave out of the series lies with The Magicians Nephew, I thought it was hugely entertaining.
  6. I'm reading the inheritance cycle by Christopher Paolini. I have to say, I'm impressed!
  7. I would definitely say there could be over a thousand designs, but that is a little extreme. You have to take in mind there were many special editions. The V3 connexion has a gold design which is very hard to get hold of. Designs will also differ depending in country and so on. Then there's the extremely rare ones (devilgotchi). Maybe it's less, maybe more. You could always contact Bandai.
  8. I agree, the packaging depends on the product. The other day I had a well-packaged camera lens arrive in the post. It was sealed and protected to the max, but then the lens were worth well over £1000. Tamas are pretty tough gadgets I'm sure they'll cope. If you're still unhappy, just include it in their review.
  9. I voted yes, but I believe Bandai will bring a completely new version of tamatown out. It may not even be online, but on smartphone apps and the like. I agree. The language the notice was in made it seem like bandai has something planned, or else they would just just stop it at the thank you message. Who knows, maybe they have something up their sleeve.
  10. Does anyone in the UK have it yet, I don't think its available here. If it is Ill have a go at it!
  11. I only came back to tamatown a few moths for the first time in years and sadly missed tamatown before it closed. I did get to see the V3 and V4 sites though and am extremely happy I got the chance as the V3 Tamagotchi Town was a big part of my childhood. I'm very sad they've closed, but at least I managed to bring back my childhood memories before they were gone... Hopefully one day they'll re-open, maybe as an app on the iOS/android market.
  12. My favourite animation (which was one of the first I ever saw) was when my V3 would go out next to a snowman in the winter! Haha, loved this. Great to see something like that a few weeks before Christmas.
  13. I would try $100, but if you fail to sell it then lower the price until you manage to sell them.
  14. I think this is meant to resemble a tamagotchi, but not to be a fake. Hundreds of small companies created similar stuff that retailed for dirt cheap prices. Judging from your video, it's very poorly made and is definitely far from a tamagotchi. Still doesn't mean you can't have fun with it!