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  1. Hey All!! My purple tamagotchi P's just arrived in the mail today and im in love I managed to keep it healthy and happy in its baby stage and as soon as it evolved it went to sleep (coz it was late at night) but I do have a question! Question: Where on the tama do I find the daycare centre??!! I cant find it anywhere! Also, the new features (like re-decorating the room) are so cool and im in love with the 'going outside the house' option especially since the day light and weather change! If you haven't invested in a P's I highly recommend it! The language barrier is a little bit of an inconvenience but you get use to it Let me know if you want a video/photos of anything!
  2. My tamagotchi p's has arrived!!!!

    1. snixgame


      awesome ^^ the P'S is great :D

  3. Hello all! I am currently running a V3 boy and wanting to get it to evolve to a mametchi Any tips on how to do this? And can only boys evolve into mametchis? Thanks!
  4. Goodmorning tamatalkers :) which tama is everyone running today?

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    2. Tama-mia


      haha thanks I love memetchi! Mine is currently a toddler

    3. tamafan325


      i'm running a v4.5, v5 and id l :D

    4. snixgame


      My P'S is alive and healthy :) got a V3 on the mail wich i am waiting for ^^

  5. Highly doubtful Last one Australia got was like 2009 Though I wish it was true Even if I did purchase a Japanese p's haha
  6. I'm 21 this year and just bought a tamagotchi p's! I love them! Check out my profile for my thoughts on it!
  7. Check out my 'Eli ello' post about tamagotchi p's!!

  8. Hurry up tama p's...