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  1. Lemuritchi

    Any Tamas you waiting for?

    Just won an auction for an English Ocean on eBay
  2. Lemuritchi

    New tamagotchi scratches?

    If it's unopened there shouldn't be any scratches.
  3. Lemuritchi

    Which new Tamagotchi should I buy?

    I'd recommend the P's as they have a lot of built in content and there is an English patch available, and if you're not interested in buying some sort of irDa device a lot of sellers patch themselves,
  4. Lemuritchi

    Which coloured tama should I get?

    I'd get a P for the English patch ^-^
  5. Because the older ones are in low supply so their price must go up!
  6. Lemuritchi

    Old tamagotchi user returned

    From what I've heard, the Tamagotchi Friends aren't too great, if you're wanting to play a newer Tamagotchi in English I'd recommend getting a Tamagotchi P, as there is an English patch available.
  7. Lemuritchi

    12 years later

    I've been thinking a lot about older MIA members, it's just pretty crazy to think that there was a time when they closed Tamatalk and never opened it again.
  8. Lemuritchi

    Disney's Usatama

    Has anyone gotten this thing? If so what do you think?
  9. Lemuritchi

    DNA Fish

    Does anyone have this pet? I have two of them but I never really got around to using them all that much so I've no idea if they're worth holding onto.
  10. Lemuritchi

    Any Tamas you waiting for?

    Just bought a Santaclautch yesterday, it's shipping from Europe though so it may be a while.
  11. Lemuritchi

    Fair Price For Devilgotchi?

    Wow 150$ new, I can't even find a used one for less than 250$, thanks for the advice though.
  12. Been thinking about buying one, how much do you think is a fair price to pay?
  13. Lemuritchi

    Do you prefer it when Tamagotchis die or leave?

    I prefer it when they die, it makes it seem more real and makes it seem like your mistakes actually mean something, I remember the first time one of my tapas died, I felt horrible and it made me resolve to he a much better caretaker to my tamas.
  14. Lemuritchi

    Tamagotchi id-L price on ebay

    That's a great price for an idl English, they are more expensive because they are much rarer.
  15. How are you holding up in the floods? A lot of my friends have been evacuated and eight foot high bridges are underwater in Longmont. Schools cancelled until next Thursday because of the flooding where I am because a lot of roads are just completely destroyed.