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  1. i've only ever gotten 1000 GP with this trick from the parents ):
  2. whys tama-zone gonna be down ):

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    2. -Ra-


      Yes, the host website invisionfree is experiencing downtime. It should be back up soon.

    3. awkwardbear70


      thank goodness do you know how soon?


    4. -Ra-


      Should be back.

  3. happy new year! excited to see what this year brings and finally not be pregnant in a few short weeks!

  4. im a little kid and i woke up super early to wait for the ups man to bring my mix hahaha

  5. my mix will be here tomorrow!! I'm late to the party lol

    1. Loganator114


      same but mine not arrived yet


  6. hey I'm 20 almost 21 and almost 26 weeks pregnant with my first child and i just recently started playing again. i know its hard like you said especially if you don't live around people who understand it as a hobby rather than a toy. luckily though my boyfriend doesn't play he still understands and thinks they're kinda cute lol its definitely hard my ps left me this morning lol but i feel like i just find time whenever i can , and i still try to get on tumblr and take cute pictures and i don't know. it makes me sad too, i get that. lol i'm gonna try to get a mix...maybe that will spike it up more ! something new.
  7. when you wake up to a left ps... pregnant and tama is hard :(

  8. really need help w this tamagezi, trying to make a guide since there is not one avaliable.

    1. awkwardbear70


      message me to help


    2. Yumecantchi000


      Hmm... I've seen a YouTube video about this... I'll private message it to you.

    3. awkwardbear70


      thank you!


  9. Okay an admin can move this is needed, i couldn't find a good place for it. i looked forever. but OKAY lets i traded my tama-go for a lot in which i got a Tamagezi....the chinese virtual tamagotchi knock off. and i KNOW some of you have some and have had them for awhile..... i have seen Ra's video and it has kind of helped but I'm looking for someone to answer some specific questions andor post written info .... i want to run it just its more complex. some of those questions are: how do i keep them most happy? can they be potty trained? how long is the life cycle exactly ? (i'm hearing a month) do they have any kind of goal? and if like a written menu translation of the destination. and marriage information ....maybe a growth chart. thanks guys i really appreciate the help in advance
  10. when you randomly reset your tama lmao

  11. Day two of the tama log. so i'm saddened to announce that i took the batteries out of my 4U to run just the p's and the 4U+ thus making life easier on myself. lol so yesterday, i had married off my 4U/4U+ to each other and i got boys so on my 4U+ i have a toddler boy..nyokinotchi. he's only 24 hours in so i'll have him until tomorrow i'm hoping to get mametchi with him right now that's what we're going for lol stats: Hunger:4/6 happy:20% weight:50g age:1 GP:540 so on to my p's .... i have mongumogutchi and he has 3/4 puzzle pieces. i was originally going for kuchipatchi on my p's but i guess i had more miss cares than i thought oh well, still a tamatomo which my over all plan is to get all of those and unlock that destination but we will see how long that takes lol. i have 3 tamatomos right now ( well 2, mametchi and knightichi, but I'm waiting for this dudes 48 hour piece, then ill have his.) i kind of hope i get a girl next generation on my p's just bc i have yet to get a girl this cycle. 3rd gen and all have been boys. lol i will hopefully be marrying him off today, also i wanted to share with you guys how i organize my tama information. i am a writing and highlighting junkie i love it lol i highlight my grocery list. so i like the idea of having a detailed book kind of of tama information and i know a lot of you have binders and such but i wanted to go a different route. so i either write the info on a index card or a piece of paper folded, and i have a phonebook from walmart and i label the sections with post its and then i slide info in there organized by tama and specific category i can take pics if anyones interested.. also if you have an instagram follow my tamagotchi instagram.... [awkwardhippie_] ill check in later
  12. peep my new profile - and if you have an instagram follow my tama instagram... awkward hippie_

  13. Welcome started: 5/17/16 I don't think i've made one of these before but i've decided i want to I am also in the process of making a tamagotchi instagram so i will post that in the log when i can. so i'm currently running 3 tamas, a 4U (pink anni. version), a 4U+ (baby pink), and a p's (blue) i have different goals kind of for each of them. i'm only running the 4U and the 4U+ for a)the connecting content on the 4U+, and to say i finished them both lol. i can't not run a p's it's like an addiction. i have a boy on my p's he's a teen, the snail one i'm not looking at the names at this time but he is supposed to evolve today anyway, i am hoping for kuchipatchi stats for the p's: happy: 80% Hungry:4/4 personality:gormet gen:3 weight:24g GP:300 So onto my 4U, i have memetchi, i didn't really want her. lol i got all her clover pieces so i don't have to get her again but , i was planning for a different one and got side tracked so i wasn't as excited lol i haven't sent her to school, i'm not going to. i'm waiting to marry her off to lovesolatichi on my 4U+. stats: happy: 50% Hungry:5/6 Skills:0/8 gen:4 weight:91 GP:8830 my 4U+ is my favvvvorite my favorite shell, and my favorite to run. i like the simplicity of the 4U for a busy life cause the p's can get kind of needy and i have to take a break, but the little bit more added content in the 4U+ makes it a little more fun. could be better but i also don't have access to the app right now still waiting to get something to run that from. i have lovesolatchi right now, i had candy pakupaku first gen on this. i ordered it as a present to myself for finishing the semester lol so I've found 2/3 of his clover peices ( cause the 4th one is auto) i'm currently almost done getting him through school and then I'm going to try and marry these guys today. stats: happy:50% Hungry:6/6 skills:5/8 gen: weight:24 GP:540 ill check back in later ******** (:
  14. spending today figuring out lovesolatchi's last clover piece.....

    1. ichiro.malfoy


      This is pretty much my frustration with the download characters - only 2 out of their 3 favourites are included and the 3rd one is a guesswork xD

    2. Arhalidin


      Which is why it's easier to ask for a chart~

    3. awkwardbear70


      it's more fun to figure them out, plus i had a lot of issues finding the info i asked people on my tama group on Facebook and they gave me ideas just a lot of them and i got through them though and got all his pieces. :)