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  1. A Necktietchi (married) 2nd GEN, Green Tama-Go A Kometchi, GEN 1, V4.5
  2. Age: 11 (12 in a month!) Gender: Female Country: USA Comment: The Tama-Go is not as portable, and I find the figures hard to carry around. I really thought the Music Star and Familitchi were great! Don't stop making Tamagotchi's, they are the best!
  3. Wait a second... Young Mimitchi evolved into Necktietchi o_O

    1. jzwolf530


      Oh! Do you have a pic? That's weird. What version are you playing?

  4. I hope this kind of attack never happens again. The runners were running for good causes, and some had amputated legs. This is proof that humanity is slowly spinning out of control. This is terrible.

  5. C'mon Necktietchi, be 6 years old already!

  6. Why 7 year-old me, why did you try to debug all your Tamas...