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  1. I haven't been on this forum in a while. What happens is I go through Tamagotchi phases: something piques my interest, my interest grows to near obsession, and then attention turns off. The reason I ask is I am in an intense period of transition currently, which is what happened with me the last time I turned to my Tama pals in 2013. I first discovered Tamagotchi in 1996, when I was in middle school. They were all the rage and I, being an easily influenced pre-teen, had to have one. Of course, this was problematic as I was a pre-teen boy and they were played with primarily by pre-teen girls in my day. I knew that I was transgressing societal expectations and norms by wanting to play with them (not that I would have said it in that manner at that age). Of course, I already knew I was different from most boys my age at that point, but I did everything in my power to hide that fact. I can trace a pattern from an early age of wanting to play with both girls' and boys' toys: beanie babies, tamagotchis, furbies; teenage mutant ninja turtles, mortal kombat, horror action figures. There has always been that push and pull for me between consuming both gendered media (toys, here are media in the broader sense). Tamagotchi and the wider virtual pet family were catalysts for expressing my sexuality in a way that wasn't permitted in the 90s; I was also transitioning from childhood to adulthood in that period. My second return to tamagotchi (intensely) was during my transition from my masters to the PhD. I was an American living in the UK completed a degree that would culminate my years of excessive study. Furthermore, that year, my partner and I got engaged. The combination of all of these life altering events had me turn to something I could control and care for in the way I saw fit, letting me stabilise an ever-changing, transitional period. This leads me to my present situation, where I am nearly 4 years married and living back in the US with my British partner, in a state I'm unfamiliar with doing a job I'm objectively overqualified to do. I want to clarify that it is by no means a bad job and it's a job that people turn into careers, but my educational qualifications, work history and intellect (not to be immodest) mean my current role in this particular strain of university administration is unchallenging. In essence, for me, I turn to my 90s pre-teen memorabilia, toys, films and music to provide me a sense of comfort because they are familiar. Tamagotchi in particular is something I understand at its basic core, despite it too transitioning and evolving (pun intended) throughout its short time on this earth and in our lives. My question for the rest of you is what brings you and keeps you loving tamagotchi? How do you think it impacts your daily living, helps your emotions and the like? It'd be great to get people's stories about their own personal 'fandom' with tamagotchi and/or other virtual pets. -Patrick
  2. Never meant to infer that those were fakes - I omitted that word as it seemed was already stressed above. I was more replying to the person about the poundland pets being inferior to tamagotchi. I'm not great with fora and direct quoting. It's a bit of a faff. I really wish they would come out with multiple tiered pets as well. I'd love to be able to buy all 4 Tamagotchi On's coming out, but my husband would murder me if I did lol.
  3. Some of my favourite pets growing up were not tamagotchi. I really loved the bat virtual pet (can't remember the name), anything dinkie (Dino, Penguin), and Nano pets were great. But there were some that were atrocious: octopets comes to mind here. I've always wanted to find an elepet, because they look like incredible tamagotchi knockoffs: http://www.tamenagerie.com/odd7.html. I think as someone said above, there is a space for the higher quality competition in the VP market. However, especially now, with the dramatic increase in price for the Tamagotchi On, the lower cost ones are appealing to parents who may not necessarily be able to afford such expensive toys for their children. Additionally, since these are technically geared towards kids, losing a $5 virtual pet is a lot better than losing a $60 one!
  4. Happy Birthday!

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      Thanks!!! I've been travelling for the last two weeks or else I would've replied sooner!

  5. Waiting for the bid blitz... hope I win this Ocean.

  6. Waiting for the bid blitz... hope I win this Ocean.

  7. Bidding on an English Tamagotchi Ocean....

  8. Love my tamagotchis. They still give me that rush when I first discovered them in 1996/7. I'll be 28 in a month and some change.
  9. And I was right... I didn't get the scholarship.

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      Awww :(, well, if you don't succeed at first try, try and try again

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      There's always next time =)

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      You will sometime! Don't fret. :)

  10. American Scholarship interview tomorrow at 2PM BST - Wish me luck!

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      AKA: Good luck!