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    Horror Film, Academia, Nostalgia, Apple, Final Fantasy, LGBTQ+

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    Tamagotchis: P1, P2, American Angel, American Angel NIB, Mori de Hakken, Mesutchi, Home Deka, Connection V3 x2, American Tamagotchi Ocean (Just got today, well excited)
    Other: Nano Baby
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  1. Happy Birthday!

    1. wbingham08


      Thanks!!! I've been travelling for the last two weeks or else I would've replied sooner!

  2. Waiting for the bid blitz... hope I win this Ocean.

  3. Waiting for the bid blitz... hope I win this Ocean.

  4. Bidding on an English Tamagotchi Ocean....

  5. Love my tamagotchis. They still give me that rush when I first discovered them in 1996/7. I'll be 28 in a month and some change.
  6. And I was right... I didn't get the scholarship.

    1. Mamapatchi


      Awww :(, well, if you don't succeed at first try, try and try again

    2. ichiro.malfoy


      There's always next time =)

    3. ♥Khipmunk♥


      You will sometime! Don't fret. :)

  7. American Scholarship interview tomorrow at 2PM BST - Wish me luck!

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    2. TamagalTamatalk


      Go get em tiger!

    3. tamagotchialice
    4. Puffy Snivy

      Puffy Snivy

      I hope you crack your head open and all your internal organs explode!

      AKA: Good luck!