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    P1 - Purple with hot pink trim and buttons
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  1. Happily Candied

    What did you get for Christmas?

    My birthday is on the 27th, so I tend to get a lot of really fun combined presents from friends and family-- my two favorites this year being: My customized Digby amiibo My pink 2DS (which I've appropriately named 'Pink Toast'), imported from Europe (Featured with a few of the latest additions in my Princess Peach collection)
  2. Happily Candied

    Stuff you are obsessed with

    Two current obsessions... 1. My Animal Crossing collection. As if physical accessories weren't enough, I'm obsessed with buying all the AC themes for my ACNL 3DS XL. My latest purchase was the Bunny Day theme released in the theme shop just today. 2. A one-of-a-kind doll my friend gifted me for my birthday. His name is Pollux Moonie (usually just goes by Moonie), and I've been busy creating a little world for him in my spare time.
  3. Happily Candied

    What game do you play the most?

    Animal Crossing and Pokémon Shuffle are my most played 3DS games these days. Haven't been able to put down ACNL since it was released. I also keep replaying EarthBound. I played my original cartridge on my childhood SNES for a while, and then I started it up again on my SupaBoy. A friend recently gifted me a digital copy of EarthBound for my Wii U, so now I'm thinking of starting it up on there as well.
  4. Happily Candied

    Games that you recently bought/got?

    I picked up Story of Seasons two days ago. A day one purchase for me! And even though I didn't pre-order, the sweet girl at GameStop gave me the Angora Rabbit plush bonus with my purchase.
  5. Happily Candied

    What Are You Playing Now?

    Currently playing: Animal Crossing: New Leaf Story of Seasons Pokémon Shuffle Pokémon X Mii Plaza
  6. Happily Candied

    What Are You Playing Now?

    I jumped back into Pokémon X this week. I decided to erase my old game and start completely over. Having even more fun this time around!
  7. Happily Candied

    New stuff

    My husband gave me a Wii U and four games for it for my birthday. He also gave me my second Princess Peach Amiibo. My mom gifted me the Peach controller. And I bought myself the Peach Wii remote on my birthday. (The racer is an older item in my Peach collection.)
  8. Happily Candied

    What are you watching now?

    I'm watching the very last episode of The Colbert Report.
  9. Happily Candied

    what do you guys want most for the holidays?

    I'm hoping for... lots of quiet reading time, some really pretty snowfalls that last all day long, one or two new 3DS games and a few new pieces of clothing for my Blythes. I'm pulling together holiday and birthday money for a new lens for my DSLR. Been excited for a new lens for a long time!
  10. Happily Candied

    What's the last movie you watched?

    As Above, So Below.
  11. Happily Candied

    Opinion on pirating games/movies etc?

    As far as feelings go about piracy, I'm indifferent. I see and understand views from both sides of the argument. I haven't officially taken a side. When it comes to my own decisions about how I want to acquire things like music and movies, I always buy them. I don't mind shelling out the money for forms of entertainment. I also happen to be old school when it comes to music and prefer buying CDs over digitally downloading music. Honestly, I do it because I'd gotten into the habit of paying for things that I wanted when I was younger, and I stuck with the habit. It's not something I've put a lot of thought into.
  12. Happily Candied

    What consoles do you own?

    Nintendo: NES SNES N64 GameCube Wii GameBoy GameBoy Color DS Phat DS Lite 3DS 3DS XL Note: The Wii U is on my list this year. Just waiting for the right holiday deal to come along! Microsoft: Xbox Xbox 360 Xbox One Sony: PlayStation PlayStation 2
  13. Happily Candied

    What is the first videogame you've ever played?

    I started gaming in the 80's with my mom, who was the original gamer in the family. Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda were my first two games, thanks to her. NES FTW!
  14. Happily Candied

    Make a list of every movie you've seen!

    I don't think a post could handle the number of characters I'd need to use for a list of movies I've watched... I've been slowly compiling one on IMDB though. My number is at 2000+ movies at the moment. I love everything about film and almost got a degree in it when I was in college. I try to watch one to three new movies every day. The list is long!
  15. Happily Candied

    What Are You Playing Now?

    Got ahold of the Pokémon ORAS demo for my PAL (Europe) region 3DS, so I've added that to my current list of games. I played through the quest already and it was fun. Thinking of running through it again!