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    My interests are different, such as the Virtual Pet (obviously including Tamagotchi, Furby, collecting gadgets serial Majokko such as Pretty Cure, Japan, Reading Marvel comics, and much more ^ç^

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    For the moment I only have 12 virtual pet, I hope that my collection will be enlarged :)
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  1. Italian Packaging *O*
  2. I love the furby to get one of the new generation will wait for September, when they get here in Italy
  3. Sorry, the link does not work any more ç_ç I would love to be able to watch the anime episodes of the TAMAGOTCHI. Would you know where I can do that?Even streaming is fine ^^ .thanks!
  4. I'm happy that will be released a new version of Tamagotchi, sooner or later I have to decide to buy one of the new generation >o< They are also very cute keychains!
  5. Definitely not bandai, behind the toy it says "EPOCH", that's the brand?
  6. It actually looks a lot like the commune card, probably came out after the success of the first series ^^ The lights come on by themselves only occasionally, when they perform certain actions.
  7. Finally i have find the pic in the box Yes, I tried to use the card of the card commune, but do not work. When I have free time try to serach in my home the original cards, I'm sure that somewhere I still have them =P
  8. During my first trip to Tokyo, I found this virtual pet in a shop just 100 yen, which is about 1 dollar our ... and it surprised me because 100 yen for a virtual electronic pet was truly a gift. Yet they were exposed to so many, and not in a shop as the 100 yen shop, but in a very toys shop. I took it and threw the box because then I was not fond of Virtual Pet, and I regret it. As you can see from the picture has a slot to insert the cards with the bar code (which I still have somewhere). It works with three batteries, the 6 gems around the screen light up. Inside there Hamtaro and you have to play with him etc.. Do you know him? I have looked for information on the internet but do not even understand who has produced, the company ... and I do not really remember. The fact is that I really like the design and I find it really cute Virtual Pet =)
  9. Thanks for the compliments, you're very kind ^_^I collect since 2005. These are the various custom and original dolls: I have also on livejournal blog, even if I do not write a lot These days I make a video computer pollun, so I'll show you >_^ promise!
  10. No I in general all the gadgets, objects of transformation, dolls, bracelets, Stick ... I follow Pretty Cure from the first series, and I also created the Italian community several years ago, if one day you want to show you pictures of my collection, make and send you =) This pic is only an overview:
  11. I love Pretty Cure, I have all the main gadgets of all series except the latest =) Card Commune of the first series was also released in Italy, I have several card doubles. They're nice to have if you know the series, the whole street can be played even if you do not know ^^
  12. Age: 22 Gender: Male Country: Italy Comment: Please, don't stop, for fans is very important!