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    It's kinda a long list..... Well i write, and I'm a UNI student here, at my location. I'm a biochemistry student so I like science and I'm obviously interested in tama's

    I am a grade A Nerd, those kids that nobody liked in high school cuse they were smart, yeah that's me. Those kids that can tell you the names of the Avengers, the plot of all of the Lord of the Rings movies, can sum up almost every movie into two lines... The kids who can tell you he plot of a movie five minutes into it... Yeah those are my people. Or the kids who tell you how impossible a scene is... My niche in science is wide and broad, it's Biology, and that's a huge niche. I prefer Biochemistry and molecular Biology but it's still pretty cool looking at evolution and physiology of animals.
    I also write a lot, I've been doing so since I was a kid, and to be honest writing comes easy sometimes and other times I'd rather get a tooth pulled because it's not working. I have three major projects going and one on the back burner. All of them are pretty different from each other.
    I was once a sea cadet, ummm I can be very crafty, and I enjoy making friendship bracelets and all sorts of things
    I love to talk to people about random stuff, so don't be afraid to message me or whatever
    If i forgot something...... ask?

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    connection V1 (metallic purple in not so great shell condition)
    connection V2 (tropical fun magenta)
    Connection V2 (best friends for ever paint splatter shell :) )
    Connection V3 (yellow, stars with circles)
    Connection V4.5 (peacock)
    Connection 5.5 (red black and silver shell)
    Connection V6 (techno groove)

    Japanese tamagotchi:
    Angel (blue pearly shell)
    Morino! (brown shell yellow buttons)
    Mothra (blue)
    Umino (ocean) (clear waves, frankenstein tams)

    colour tamagotchi:
    blue ID L
    Mint Green P's
  • Favorite Tamagotchi
    V2, and morino, IDL
  • Favorite Tamagotchi Character
    Mimitchi!! The fluff!
  • Tamagotchis currently running
    IDL, and P's v5.5, V2

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  1. wisdom teeth....stupid vestigal teeth.... If only my head didnt hurt so much

    1. Amat Gotchi

      Amat Gotchi

      Aww. Feel batter soon! :[

  2. Well i have a large tin for all my tama stuff and inside are the packages and things and also a large box inside each one of my babies is wrapped up in bubble wrap and gently placed in the box, I have them organized for the oldest on the bottom, so it goes vintages first then my connections in their release date order.
  3. after my weekend of having two trips to the matchmaker, and such in the end we got a pompomtchi and a meisteritchi he is so classy. I just need the skipping rope for pompomtchi.. Monday today, of course was very long..... I had my loyal V2 with me the entire day, Leo was not the happiest but he was my little bud in my pocket
  4. SO long no see huh? Well ive had a crazy week, and both my colour tamas married kuchipatchi, got a girl on my blue ID L and a boy on the other lol
  5. Crazy day... I got my socks knocked off during my first lecture of the day, (830 am ) Macromolecular structure found out theres no midterms, but a research proposal and a presentation... Scary stuff. then I had a large break... but saw some friends and such so it wasnt too bad Then Metabolism wasnt too bad, there are midterms, and no presentations but... I had a quiz turns out I forgot a lot in the past 4 months, but those enzymes stuck with me! Not sure I'll ever forget Hexokinase, or FP1 ect. Then I had oncology.... yet another presentation and a paper to write... 4th year classes kicking my but on the first day. Lucky for me my presentations are a month apart. My colour tamas slept through my day, it was easier to focus on my classes, i think they will stay home in bed from now on. My V2 can still come and will only have babies on the weekends for my Colours.
  6. Long first day of classes... why BCMB.... why 4th year classes.... ugh

    1. Counting Bodies Like Sheep

      Counting Bodies Like Sheep

      The BCMB subject code sends shivers down my spine...

    2. ForeverWaiting


      Today I makes me think I have shed all sanity...

  7. not digging the new sound of the backstreet boys... They sounded better in the 90's

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    2. ForeverWaiting


      LOL WHOO!! not the only one!

    3. Midorime


      Wait they're still around? I got out of the pop scene for the great rock tunes

    4. ForeverWaiting


      The broke up and they came back together at some point.... I saw a music video...

  8. So school has started! Well today was Orientation day, I went last year, so this year i was able to do things my way. I waited in line to get a lab manual. then i went around go my locker, and.... IT OPENED!!! I can not be the only one celebrating that! Ummm then I found my lecture rooms.... and oddly enough most of them where my classes last year... In fact all but one was once one of my other classes... And one is at the end of an elevator ride... I don't like elevators...... Right tama news..... Not sure If i can keep them all running we will see after this week. Pond is till a teen so no change, Mimitchi will get her final happy symbol tomorrow and Memetchi got hers today. No match maker until the week end. time to be a responisble student and tama caregiver
  9. Orientation day.. or as I call it the day of walking around to chat it up and wait for classes to start tomorrow I love UNI

  10. hey guys! My V2 is the bird teen with the big teeth she is cute. I think i had this teen when i was a kid. I got Mametchi on my ID L.... I guess I went a little over board on the care misses... AND ON MY ID L 15th ANNIVERSARY!!!! I GOT MIMITCHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. my iPhone 4... and if i break it i have my Iphone 3GS as back up
  12. Unless a 3DS magically becomes mine its not gonna happen for me
  13. I seek.... peace and the chance to live a day or two without having to worry about anything. I know I have made the right choices in life, I have few but fabulous friends, I'd rather have one amazing friend then ten people who only give a dang about what people think about them and rely on everyone else to make life decisions for them. I know too many people that need to grow up at age 22 and figure their lives out, and rely on everyone else to do so. I seek a drama free, peaceful relationship. But I doubt it's going to happen. I have the pefect job right now and the perfect classes I guess I also seek a vey impressive tama collection and some new movies.....more tea..... and a new book...
  14. Busy busy day! I have a kinotchi (?) toddler on my V2. I have a Panipatchi, the pineapple female teen on my ID L and a tarotchi (toddler) on my 15th anniversary. I have to get 4 or more are misses on my ID L to get a character I have yet to have, this should be interesting lol
  15. three very different tamagotchis all girls... my V2, my ID L, and my 15th anniversary ID L