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  1. okay my music star is working a little bit you could see everything but the sound doesnt work because i droped it in the sink so it have a little water damage other than that it works perfectly fine

  2. i will trade anyone a tamago for any tamagotchi but a black tamago

    1. Orandatchi


      I think we all agree that the tama-go is the worst version and nobody would trade for it

  3. i opened up my v6 and when i put it back together the screen didnt show up what do i do?! i tried to debug my tamagotchi music star and when i put it back together the screen didnt show but the sound still went on what do i do
  4. im still trying to trade T_T

  5. anybody wanna trade tamas anyone

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. tamagotchialice


      Why not make a topic in the tBay section? More people are most likely to see it /trade then :D

    3. SailorRosette


      One is enough. ;)

    4. tamagotchialice
  6. who wants to trade tamagotchis i have a music star and a tamago does anyone wanna trade ill take anything but a tamago or a v6
  7. how could i trade a tamagotchi

    1. *Hayden*


      By posting it to eachother

    2. SailorRosette


      By making a tbay topic in trades, the posting required info.

  8. i have a v6 up for trading anyone!

  9. does anyone wanna trade a music star for anything

    1. *Hayden*
    2. Dannyboii004


      sure idc i just want a different one


  10. on the v6 what does the teacher do in the school and why when they perform after the teacher does whatever he does why do they get mad?
  11. okay when does a music star get married?????
  12. i got the v6 and the tamago is way more needed than this its not hard to take care of its just people have like 5 tamas and they try to take of them all at once but its really fun they have nice shells the buttons are normal and getting a band and practicing is really fun but when the stress gets high just let play for a little and play games and it will go down its not hard to take of at all
  13. when does a v6 get married mine is 5 already