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    Mimitchi, Ichigotchi, and Kunoitchi.
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  1. tamaninjacat

    what have you got in the mail today *continued* <3

    I picked up my Tamagotchi Meets today! I got the white one because Japan You Want was having a sale on them a bit ago. It was only $10 more, so I figured it was worth it. They also included a super cute Tamagotchi pencil in the package.
  2. tamaninjacat

    Any Tamas you waiting for?

    I just ordered a Tamagotchi Meets from Japan You Want! They're having a sale on the limited edition white Meets right now and I couldn't resist buying one.
  3. tamaninjacat

    Mod Break

  4. tamaninjacat

    Why is Gudetama telling me he is tired?

    If you want the Gudetama nano to die, then you basically have to ignore it until it does. They don't die with time like other Tamagotchis. It will die after about a day or so of neglect.
  5. tamaninjacat

    Good Replacment for Sound Wires?

    I'll look into this as well! I haven't gotten around to fixing the wires yet partly because of school and partly because I'm just too nervous to. I plan on soldering wires to the circuit board of a broken V1 for practice before I try it on my other tamas. Hopefully I'll feel more confident about the whole thing after that.
  6. tamaninjacat

    Christmas Hatch 2018 Log!

    Hello everyone! I'm happy to see that the hatch has been going well. Sorry I haven't been posting. I don't really have any excuses for it... I've just been enjoying my time off. I know I said I was going to hatch an Angelgotchi, but I actually got a Unicorn GigpetAR for Christmas! I named my unicorn Ruby and I immediately began to tend to her needs. However, she kept rejecting my care and I couldn't understand why. It wasn't until I read the instructions that I realized that she was up too early and that's why she was ignoring me (my family gets up early to open presents). So, I had to wait for half an hour before I could actually start playing with her. I've never had a Gigapet before, so it's all new to me. So far, it kind of reminds me of those Littlest Pet Shop Digital Pets that came out in like 2007. It has cute animations and easy, but fun, minigames. Although, I find that it's much needier than a Tamagotchi. Its stats seem to drop relatively fast after I take care of it, but maybe it's just because I'm on Christmas vacation and I'm losing track of time. Also, I think I may be experiencing a small glitch with it? Maybe I'm just not understanding what needs to be done, but the bathroom icon will light up like she needs something when she doesn't. It normally happens after I've finished tending to her other needs (like hunger and happiness). The icon will light up, but she refuses when I select it. Not sure what it's all about, but it doesn't bother me too much. Overall, I'm having a lot of fun raising Ruby! She's been switching between unicorn and alicorn on and off depending on how full her stats are. Other than that, Ruby hasn't been up to much. Now it's time for: -Stats- Species: Alicorn Score: 96 Hunger: 95 Discipline: 100 Health: 100 Happiness: 90 Age: 4yrs Weight: 6lbs
  7. tamaninjacat

    Christmas Hatch 2018!

    Yep! I just started the new thread :
  8. tamaninjacat

    Christmas Hatch 2018 Log!

    Hello everyone! The hatch doesn't start until tomorrow, but I decided to make the topic in advance for early hatches and people in other time zones. Happy hatching!
  9. tamaninjacat

    Buttons way too sensitive!

    I agree with Nazotchi, cleaning the contacts and buttons may help. However, if you have a broken tama, then I recommend swapping buttons with it. My V5 Celebrity was having a similar problem, so I swapped buttons with a broken V1 and it worked! I also recommend tightening the screws on the circuit and the back as much as you can when you're done cleaning it.
  10. tamaninjacat

    Mod Break

  11. tamaninjacat

    IDL or P's?

    I looked into it and found this: I hope this is what you're looking for!
  12. tamaninjacat

    IDL or P's?

    I own an iD L and a P's, and I personally prefer the P's. It's honestly not that different from the iD L, but the differences that it does have makes it more worthwhile to me. I really like the games and characters on the P's more than the iD L, but that doesn't really matter because you'll be getting all new games and characters with whichever option you pick. It also has the school/work option, which you mentioned you didn't use often. It's basically just a daycare your Tamagotchi goes to and (in the case of the work) makes money at. Their stats still deplete while they're at school/work, but at a much slower rate. I found this useful for during the day when I didn't have the time to take care of my P's. In terms of which is more demanding, I find that the iD L loses stats faster than the P's. It's happiness bar also seems more difficult to fill, but that seems to be the case for most color tamas besides the P's. For some reason on the iD L and others, a complete minigame doesn't seem to fill the happiness bar very fast at all. I'm not sure if this difference is very noteworthy, but it's just something I've picked up during my time with Tamagotchis. And if you choose to use the school/work option, it also makes the P's easier to raise. My final recommendation for you would be to go with what you feel is right. Maybe spend some more time with the P's you currently own to see if you really want to have another one. If you find that you still prefer the iD L over the P's, then go for the 15th Anniversary iD L! It's up to you to decide what you really want.
  13. tamaninjacat

    Christmas Hatch 2018!

    You can just hatch a new generation on that day. There's no need to completely restart your Tamagotchi for the hatch.
  14. tamaninjacat

    Christmas Hatch 2018!

    Since Christmas is a little over two weeks away, I thought it would be best to start organizing this year's Christmas hatch! Any vpet is welcomed and we'll start the hatch on Christmas (as one would assume ). Since Christmas day can be very busy for some people, starting on Christmas Eve or the day after Christmas is allowed. All you have to do to sign up is tell us which tama/vpet you'll be using for the hatch. You're allowed to make last minute changes to your selection (you may get something new for Christmas that you'll want to use instead ), so don't worry too much about sticking to what you write down. I will personally be using an Angelgotchi.
  15. tamaninjacat

    Mod Break