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  1. That's one of the things that's tripping me up the most. I'm interested to find out if it's fully dependent on one or the other, or if it's a mix of both. I've had my Tama's babies switch genders when obtained through connection marriages, so connecting can get a little unpredictable at times. (The gender switch happened when I married a Music Star and a Tamago.) I'll be putting that to the test in a couple of days. Honestly, I'm super excited to get Mohitamatchi because I legit don't think I've had one since I was a kid (which idk how that's possible because I was terrible at Tama care back then ). Only time and experimenting will tell us what we want to know!
  2. Ohhh that's probably what it was. I saw a topic on the forum years ago about a teen evolving into the wrong family, but the discussion must of been about a V4.5 and not a V4 like I thought it was. I do find it interesting that the V4.5 allows you to switch families like that though. It's much more merciful that the V4... ~ Fairy ON The twins evolved this morning! I was hoping they would inherit their father's Mimitchi body shape, but I hadn't considered how strange a "bald" Mimitchi looks. Of course, they also became identical twins like I said they would... I don't mind too much, but I would love for a little diversity when raising twins. Like look at these guys I found! They look completely different and yet very much related! I feel like I'm being too harsh on my girls, but sometimes you just want to complain about things outside of your control. More importantly though, Hilda got married! She married an NPC Tama because I want her child to inherit that Coffretchi hair, but also maintain the Mimitchi body type. I tried to marry her to someone else that would keep the Mimitchi body type in my gene pool... ...but she was rejected. It all turned out fine in the end because if Hilda wasn't rejected, then we never would have met... Delilah! We went through the typical baby hour stuff until she evolved. She looks exactly like her mom and aunt did at her age. V4 Not much going on with Ame today. I accidentally gave him a care miss because I didn't hear his numerous cries for attention despite the fact that he was right next to me the entire morning. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Not to worry, he's still on track to become a Mametchi even with my shortcomings in caring for him. I believe he's due to evolve tomorrow, but it's been so long since I've ran my V4 that I'm having a hard time remembering. We'll just have to see what happens... As per the usual, there's no Gus update. Maybe I should tell you guys something about him anyway? Gus fact : Gus can survive 5-6 hours without any care as long as his stats are full beforehand. This means I've gotten a little lazy and risky by not really paying attention to him until noon or one' o'clock in the afternoon. It hasn't gone south yet, but I should really be more careful with my guy. That's all for today! See you guys next time.
  3. I love the log so far! Managing seven Tamas at once looks hectic, but also very fun. If I go past running more than four Tamas at once I usually end up getting a lot of bad care characters. Good luck with Moe and the Kuchi genes!
  4. If we already know how to obtain Harutchi, then I won't marry Ame to a Mame adult. That was the main reason I was going to do it. Also, the graph you found is definitely a more accurate one! The lovely people on Tama-zone are always making great graphs and charts for these kinds of things. It's getting difficult to say at this point. Right now it seems like care, randomness, AND genetics are all playing a role (or they theoretically are). Your data is actually pretty accurate to the graph, so it's given me some new ideas. Maybe which toddler your baby evolves into is based off of genetics, but which family they fall into is the random part? "Random" being based on the percent idea; so you're almost always guaranteed a Mame evolution from Harutchi and a Meme evolution from Mizutamatchi, but Puchitch and Mohitamatchi are the more unpredictable ones? Then good/bad care only determines if you get the good/bad care teen from their "most likely" families? (I do still think that the "most likely" family plays a role in which teens you get...) As for the genetics part of this, I think equations are the best way to see what I mean. So, in my most recent experiences, Meme+Kuchi= Mizutamatchi (more likely) or Puchitchi (less likely). Does this mean that Mame+Mame= Harutchi (I'm assuming more likely?) or Mohitamatchi (I'm assuming less likely?) and Mame+Kuchi= Mohitamatchi? Hopefully these equations aren't looking too confusing, but I would definitely like to see what your experience is with this. Now I'm invested in marrying Ame to a Kuchi family member just to see if this version of the genetics theory has any truth to it.
  5. I can't wait to see it! Tama logs are always really fun to read and write, so I'm glad to see that you're joining in. ~ So, I just wanted to make an edit to this post because I've found some more info. I had remembered seeing a graph years and years ago showing the toddler to teen evolution chances. It took some digging, but I found it: The original post: Now obviously it's not perfect (for example, we know that Harutchi has a small chance of becoming a Meme teen), but it seems pretty on par with our experiences. It also makes me wonder if toddler evolutions are more random than care-based? And the percentages change depending on which toddler you have. So Puchitchi has nearly a 50% chance of become either Mame or Meme, while Harutchi has more of a ~80% chance to become Mame and a ~20% chance to become Meme? It's definitely another working theory. Also, I remembered that I've been keeping record of my Tamagotchi's evolutions in a small art book since December 2017. I've apparently only raised 7 generations on my V4 (including Ame) since then, but I thought I'd document my findings. So out of those 7 generations, three have been Puchitchis. Two of those Puchitchis became Mame adults (or at least I'm hoping Ame does ) and one became a Meme adult. The remaining four where all Mizutamatchis and all of them became Meme adults. (I haven't had any Harutchis or Mohitamatchis since before December 2017...) Now I remember marrying most of them to Kuchi family spouses (or at lest the last few that I've raised) and that all resulted in Meme family members. However, I remember being lazy with who I married Ame's mom with and now the data is a bit messed up. He's the first non-Meme kid in five generations in a row and I can even remember how I got here smh. Now I'm considering marrying him to someone from the Mame family to see if that effects my chances of getting a Harutchi, but I also don't want to waste the opportunity to go for a Kuchi family kid... I'm open for suggestions on which direction I should go. (Sorry for the wall of text, but I had a lot to say about this.)
  6. We've got a Mame teen everyone! Ame evolved into a young Androidtchi. Interestingly enough, he did not evolve into young Mametchi, which seems to fit the current theory about the "most likely family" evolution patterns. I'm going to aim for Mametchi so I can have the most Mame character possible before I marry him to a Kuchi family wife. Even if I don't get a Kuchi child next generation, I will hopefully eliminate any trace of Meme genes in my V4's bloodline. I'll update when he marries!
  7. You got me, I'm a big Fire Emblem fan! Other names I've used include Celica, Chrom, Saizo, and Selkie, just to name a few. I haven't finished Three Houses yet, but the Golden Deer are my favorites (and Hilda is a powerhouse). I don't think I'm doing the classroom part right, but I'm trying my best to figure it out. Fairy ON Speaking of Hilda and Marianne, they evolved this morning! They've inherited their mom's fruit and their dad's fancy ribbons. Speaking of their dad, I noticed something odd when I went onto the app yesterday. He's definitely pink here... ...but he wasn't pink when my last Tama married him. I assume the other person said yes to my proposal, but rejected the egg on their end and then changed their color. It's just strange to me that the family tree on the app updated even though I never interacted with them after that. Marianne has been pink since she was a toddler though... coincidence? Maybe, but I think it would be funny if Hilda took after her father's original color and Marianne just so happened to take after his new one. It would have made way more sense for Hilda to have turned pink due to her namesake, but oh well... V4 @Maria&Co. must have bless Ame's genes because... HE EVOLVED INTO A MAME TEEN!🙌 I swear I rarely have have this kind of luck with Puchitchi, but it's a welcomed surprise. Now apparently, some people have had their teens switch families. It's super unlikely and what I can only assume is from bad luck at that point, but I'm going to be cautious and evolve him into a Mametchi. Only the most Mame of the Mame family bloodline is allowed around here. In order to achieve that goal, I've enrolled him in Mr. Turtlepedia's class. Maybe I'll even evolve him into Tensaitchi, but I make no promises there. And that's all for now! I've got no Gus updates, he's just chillin'. Tomorrow the twins should evolve and I'll likely marry them when that happens. I used to keep my M!x/Meets/ON characters for a little after they evolved, but now I prefer to marry them off ASAP to see the next cute characters I get. See you all soon.~
  8. 3 No one: Penguin-keeper's minions helpers when she breaks a chain:
  9. It's actually been a very long time since I've raised any Kuchi family characters or even a Mohitamatchi on my V4 (we're talking years here), but I remember Mohitamatchi growing into a Kuchi teen fairly consistently. I would often get Universal teens from him as well though, but that's because I was younger back then and wasn't the best when it came to Tama care. Perhaps it would be better to say he evolves into the Kuchi family with Perfect to great/good care, but anything less will result in the Meme family? Honestly they made it fairly difficult to raise anything but the Meme family (you can see on the growth chart that all of the toddlers have ties to the Meme family). From my experience with Tama care, the dropping of hearts definitely count towards "poor" care. Like on the P1/P2, you would lose your chance to get Mametchi/Mimitchi if the hearts dropped by more than one. Not even fully emptying the stats, just losing two hearts. The connection era is much less strict with these kinds of rules, but it definitely still applies. Training may also play a role in which character you get, so try not to miss too many of them. Genetics has always been one of the more popular theories when it comes to V4 families, but it is still just a theory. I don't think I've seen any definitive evidence that parent genetics actually play a role in what the Tama evolves into. I think the theory arises from the fact that the V4 was the first Tama to introduce different paths of evolution based off of different family classes. So, I don't think it's too much of a stretch for genetics to be a mechanic, but I think it might have less of an affect than everyone says it does. Nonetheless, it's good to continue trying the genetics method because it's the closest we've gotten to understanding V4 growth patterns.
  10. I've very rarely had my Puchitchis evolve into Mame family teens, but like you, I don't believe I've ever had them evolve into Young Mametchi/Mimitchi (at least not within my memory). However, I do find that Harutchi easily evolves into them. It seems that each toddler's most likely family is how you get the best care teen from that family. . This is kind of the best way for me to illustrate my point. In my theory, Harutchi will evolve into the Mame family with Perfect or great care, but he can evolve into the Meme family with lesser care. Puchitchi will evolve into the Meme family with great or lesser care, but perfect care may result in the Mame family. Mizutamatchi will evolve into the Meme family with perfect to average care, but may evolve into the Kuchi family with lesser care. Finally, Mohitamatchi will evolve into the Kuchi family with great or lesser care, but perfect care may result in the Meme family. So, Harutchi can evolve into the perfect care Mame teens, Puchitchi and Mizutamatchi can evolve into the perfect care Meme teens, and Mohitamatchi can evolve into the perfect care Kuchi teens. (This is what I mean when I say, "each toddler's most likely family".) However, this isn't taking parent genetics into account, so I might be a bit off target. Again, this is all one big theory and I have no clue if this is actually how it works. Maybe because it wouldn't have all that genetic baggage weighing it down which is what I believe prevents different levels of care from being as effective on this version. Definitely something to keep an eye out for.
  11. Puchitchi and Mizutamatchi both consistently evolve into Meme teens for me even though the are capable of evolving into different families. Hopefully it's not too late for Ame to switch into the Mame family, but he may already have a care miss from this morning. I got my V4 from a yard sale like 6 or 7 years ago, so I was surprised that it even still worked! Some of the damage is from the previous owner, but a good amount is from me too (like that giant scratch on the screen...). And in case you're wondering, the connection issues are not from the previous owner. It was able to connect for a couple of years after I got it, so I'm not sure what happened. I do wonder if it's because my brother spilled a tiny amount of milk on it years ago and didn't tell me... I only found out that he did that a few months ago when I had to open and clean my V4 because the buttons had gotten very sticky. I was telling him how strange it was that this was happening and he spilled the beans. I wasn't mad or anything, but that would explain some things (and maybe explain why one of my Music Stars almost completely busted around the same time this story takes place...). Also, I think starting a log would be a great idea! I love seeing what people are up to with their tamas.
  12. That's interesting that he evolved into a different teen once the reset happened, but that teen was from the same family. Did you make any care mistakes in that hour before he evolved again? If not, toddler to teen evolution may be a bit more random than I was expecting, but unfortunately not random enough to change families. On another note, I also decided to start running my V4 so I could help with the testing. His mother was a Makiko and he's evolved into a Puchitchi, so it looks like I'm already on track for another Meme adult. I'm thinking of raising him with high intelligence points and marrying him to a Mame adult. That way I can try to break the Meme family chain before trying for Kuchi genes. I also just want to correct my mistake here: I got Mizutamatchi and Puchitchi's evolution patterns mixed up. Mizutamatchi has no chance of evolving into the Mame family, so I can see why this statement was confusing. Anyway, good luck on getting a Mohitamatchi!
  13. It's a new Tama log! I've been getting a wee bit bored with Tamagotchis as of late, so I think keeping a log will help continue my interest. Without further ado, it's time to meet the tamas. Fairy ON First up we have the twins, Hilda and Marianne, on the Fairy ON. It's been a bit since I've had twins, so I'm pretty excited for this generation. I don't know about anyone else, but I almost always end up with adult identical twins which is a little disappointing... I enjoy seeing variety in twins and it almost never happens for me (and if it does the differences are very minimal). Hopefully these two will have a little more variety when they grow up. Anyway, after an hour of care, they evolved! It was time for them their mother to leave the nest. I don't know why she's say's "we' when she's moving out because her husband has already been gone at this point. This always happens when you marry through the app. It's kind of funny to imagine your Tama's spouse waiting for your Tama to hurry up and finish raising the kids while they're sitting comfortably in their future home. I guess that's just the struggles of Tama parenthood.¯\_(ツ)_/¯ V4 I've also started my V4 because I was inspired by a recent thread made by Maria&Co. My V4 has also been cursed with Meme family genes, so I want to see if I can change that. One thing we discussed in the thread was marriage through connection, but I unfortunately won't be able to take this approach. For some reason my V4 lost the ability to connect years ago and, despite my best efforts, I've never been able to fix it. So we'll just use the good old care miss method and see if that does anything for us. Here's our first subject, Ame. You can really see how old and beat up my V4 is when the picture is zoomed in like this... Hopefully he will be the first to break the chain, but his mom was a Makiko... the Meme genes are strong with this one. Aaaannnnddd we're already off to a bad start. Puchitchi is the MOST likely to evolve into the Meme family out of all four of the toddlers. I would say that I'll just take perfect care of him to see if I get a Mame teen, but it's Sunday and I slept in, so his stats have already dropped. Now I have two options, go with a Meme adult with kindness or intelligence points and marry him to a Kuchi or Mame adult respectively; or I can raise him into Universal adult and marry him to a Kuchi adult and see what that does. No matter what, I'll still love little Ame. P's Now it's time to introduce, Gus. I might not always do an update for Gus though because he's actually 356 Tama years old! (He was, however, paused for a collective 98 days.) There's not many new things that happen once you're that age... He is by far my longest living Tama (my last record was Jules on the V4.5, 137 Tama years). Again due to the zoomed in picture, you can see how nasty my P's faceplate has gotten over the years... He's a police officer! Also, he has what I like to call "the Ichigotchi charm of longevity". Every Tama I've selected to be my longest living has worn this charm. Let's hope it continues to serve him well. Anyway, that's all I've got for this post. Tune in next time to see Hilda, Marianne, and Ame evolve!