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  1. Back from hiatus again! I haven't really been running any Tamas (besides Gus) for the past couple of months, but the holidays have reignited my interest. Honestly, I'm not sure if I'm back for good, but I really wanted to do an update, so here I am. Part of this update is from two months ago and part of it is from the last week, so let's start at the beginning. Angelgotchi The Angelgotchi was one of the Tamas I decided to start running after I made my last post. I was greeted by a solemn grave shortly before meeting, Barry! According to my personal logs, Tarakotchi Angel was one of the last characters I hadn't raised yet (the other being Cactus Angel), so I had an obvious goal in mind. I ended up being successful in raising Tarakotchi, but I was unable to obtain Cactus Angel before, Barry, made his departure. (I included a picture of him eating because Tarakotchi has some impressive chompers!) Akai The next Tama I had started running was the Akai. Unfortunately, I don't remember much about raising this one. I forgot to take pictures of her toddler/teen phases and I didn't even draw them in my personal logs, so this girl (her name is also missing) was nearly lost to time! Please enjoy the pictures that I did take of her. Music Star This is the final Tama that I had started before going on hiatus. I was fully expecting to be greeted by a baby, but it turns out that I had left an Androtchi named, Hiccup. He got married very quickly, but despite that, I didn't end up raising his son like I intended to. I just lost interest right after Hiccup left... At least we know that next time I start up the Music Star I will definitely be greeted by a baby. 20th Anniversary Digimon I was fully intending on taking a break from my vpets (except Gus), but two weeks later I found a 20th Anniversary Digimon at GameStop! I've always wanted to try Digimon, but I could never find a reasonably priced one until now. I clearly fell out of the loop on this one because I had no clue that they had been released here. Upon startup I was greeted by a Botamon that I named, Moe. I spent a lot of time training him up and he quickly evolved into a Koromon. He then evolved into a Agumon and I believe it was at this point that we unlocked tournament battles. Moe had a pretty high singles battle success rate (somewhere in the upper 90%). I was given the opportunity to raise another Digimon alongside, Moe, so I hatched a Zurumon named, Joe. He evolved into a Pagumon and shortly after that, Moe, evolved into a Greymon. Joe evolved into a Gazimon. He and Moe destroyed the doubles tournament battle scene! Joe, then evolved into a Dark Tyranomon and continued to fight alongside, Moe. Unfortunately, they passed away a few days later... On a related note, I've noticed that Digimon poop a LOT more than Tamagotchis. Like you can't leave them alone for a half hour without multiple pieces popping up. I can't help but feel like this was my boy's undoing... I didn't raise any others after them because I decided that it was really time for a break from vpets (except Gus). (Sorry for the lack of pictures) P's Gus has been the only constant over my break. He's mostly been sleeping the days away when I'm at work and eating a few too many snacks on my days off. His batteries ended up dying late on Christmas Eve and I hadn't replaced them until today where I was greeted by the horrifying sight of Gus trying to run away! Thankfully he's okay, but it was quite the scare. (His clock was also set back to December 4th, so I'm not sure what that was all about...) New Christmas Tamagotchis I ended up taking a break for over a month and it probably would have continued if it wasn't for Christmas. There ended up being a few new additions to my collection, so let's introduce you to them! Eevee Tamagotchi I was absolutely shocked to receive an Eevee Tama from my parents for Christmas! I had briefly mentioned it to my mom at one point, but I was mostly just talking about how hard they are to find and wasn't even making a present suggestion. This was by far one of the coolest gifts I got this year.🥺 (Another incredible gift my mom managed to score was the Fire Emblem 30th Anniversary box set. They ran out really quick, but she managed to grab one when they briefly restocked.) I hadn't been able to start it up until this evening (eeveening, perhaps?) and it's super cute! I'm avoiding spoilers for how to raise the various eeveelutions (at least for my first generation), but I'm hoping for a Vaporeon because she's my favorite Pokemon. Mesutchi and Osutchi I had asked for an Mesutchi and Osutchi pair for Christmas, so they were a little less surprising, but still an absolutely wonderful gift to receive! I went to start them up this evening as well and it turns out that they didn't come with batteries... I only have one pair of LR44 batteries so RIP. I'm going out and getting an oil change for my car tomorrow, so I'll pick up some more batteries then. We've finally made it to the end of this update! I'm hoping to run my Tamas more often, but my work schedule is picking back up again. Spring and Summer is when my job is in full swing, so I'm trying to squeeze in as much time as I can with them before then. I'll try to update again when I can, but who knows when that'll be. BONUS: Kirby (my brother's cat) always steals the spotlight when I'm trying to take pictures!
  2. Magical Meets I'm a prophet. For real though, I didn't think it would be this on the nose. Oh well... He ended up marrying and NPC on the app and they had a baby boy named Neil. This is when I began to notice that the tea hair was the new stubborn genetic. I married him to another app NPC with the unicorn hair in hopes that it would dispel this hair. They had twins named Lark and Sparrow. They were the ones that finally got rid of the tea hair! It just so happened that they became adults today, just in time for the new character for this month. I married her to Sparrow and finally deactivated the Meets. And that's all! I'm hoping to start up all new Tamas tonight or tomorrow. I didn't want to throw a lot information into this post all at once, so that's why I made this one super quick and to the point. I'm still not sure what I want to start yet, but I suppose I'll figure it out soon enough.
  3. Sasha and her house just so happened to be dirty during the birthday animation that morning ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Birthday update: Princess Mononoke and Castle in the Sky ended up being my choices for the day! Both movies were really good, but my favorite was Princess Mononoke. It definitely gave me Breath of the Wild vibes and it turns out that's a fairly common comparison, according to my brother at least. There was also something about the world being sick and trying to find balance that I found particularly pertinent these days. The rest of the day was mainly playing Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate New Funky Mode and just hanging out with my family. It was kinda nice having a slower-paced birthday, I just wish it was under different circumstances. Anyway, we should get into the news about these little gremlins: Magical Meets Well, it turns out Sasha wasn't the one to break the ballerina body curse (spoiled by the birthday update). Like her predecessors, she just had different hair and different accessories. I decided to switch things up and marry a Tama directly from the device. I've been wanting Gozarutchi genes for awhile and I was hopeful that a more "pure" concentration of genes would prevail in breaking the curse. And with that, Lucretia was born! (I got this poster for my birthday, so TAZ was on my mind). Here's a picture of, Sasha, all clean. With Lucretia also came the fall of the ballerina curse! Finally, we can have a little more variety. She reminded me of the pseudo-Kunoitchi twins I found on the app (featured in an old post), so I decided to marry her to KuroMametchi today. Another marriage on the device itself. I also did a color change to try to strengthen the potential Kunoitchi energy. That brings us to about an hour ago when I was left with, Ashitaka. I already may have jinxed myself by even daring to type out my hope for his future appearance because he's already adopted his mother's hair instead. Knowing my luck, he'll inherit his mother's head and his father's body instead of the other way around. Of course, I'll love him regardless of the results. L.I.F.E. App Okay, so I haven't been the best with the app. I hatched another Tama that only made it to the Marutchi stage before kicking the bucket. I may revisit the app soon enough, but I've pretty much dropped it for now. We'll just have to see how things go. And that's it! My work schedule is still super heavy for this next week, but my hours fall back after that. It's just been Gus and the M!x/Meets/ON for the past couple months, so I'm excited for some variety! I wonder how many I'll run and which ones they'll be...
  4. Thank you! I'll be sure to give The Castle of Cagliostro a watch as well. I only recently began watching the Ghibli films, so I'm trying to catch up. I've seen My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away so far. We recently started an HBO Max subscription, so now I've got more options available.
  5. I figured today would be a good day for an update because I'm going to be busy this weekend (Tues/Wed). There's been an interesting development involving my seasonal employment that will leave me with more time to run my Tamas. No, I haven't been fired. My position changed from seasonal to permanent! From my understanding, this position doesn't typically change status like that, so they made that position specifically for me. I'm going to have more time in my schedule because there's less work for me in the Fall/Winter, so my hours are dropping for now (I'm currently living at home, so I can still afford rent despite the loss of hours). I'm hoping to, starting November, start running more "involved" Tamas (i.e. anything other than the Meets/ON) Overall, this was best case scenario for me. Ok, ok, that's enough personal news. Let's get on to the stars of the show: Pac-Man Tamagotchi Pac-Man and Pixel hightailed it out of here yesterday. I decided to stop running it in preparation for my future schedule availability. That faceplate be lookin DUSTY tho... Magical Meets Despite Bubby being the more popular of the twins with three proposals under his belt, it was Coomer that ended up kicking off the next generation. He got a proposal from a cute penguin, so of course I said yes. They had a baby boy named Tommy (last of the HLVR:AI names, I promise). I actually ended up keeping Tommy with me for a few days because I couldn't find the time to marry him off and raise his child. In that time he ended up having a good dream, which I'm pretty sure is the first I've gotten that instead of a nightmare. A momentous occasion for sure. I finally had the time to get him married yesterday. (Also, I thought the ducky hat was cute and appropriate for his namesake). Together they had, Sasha! Nothing much going on with her, seeing as she was born yesterday... I've noticed that the Meets is starting to have the same stubborn genetic problems as the ON (at least with the body type), but I'm hopeful that Sasha will break that. She's already got her mom's hair, so that's maybe a good sign? L.I.F.E. App Apple evolved into a Maskutchi, but ended up dying a couple days after. I spent the day at work and I ended up taking a long nap when I got home, so they didn't stand a chance. I haven't reset the app since, but I plan on doing that soon. P's I don't really have any Gus news, but I wanted to show his "girlfriend". This is really just the first girl that reached the proper requirements for a park marriage proposal, but I like to think they're dating. And that's all for now! I figured it would be best to post before this weekend because my birthday is on Tuesday! Don't worry, I'm not going out during a pandemic. I'm just going to spend the day watching Studio Ghibli movies and playing video games with my family. I'll be turning twenty, which is kinda crazy to think about. I made this account when I was twelve, so I've been a TT member for almost eight years. I'll be twenty next time I post, so I'll see you guys then!
  6. Fairy ON Benrey evolved into an adult on the 7th and... Hmmm... I'm starting to notice a pattern here. This was one too many frosted Maskutchis for me, so I decided to quit running the ON after Benrey left. This opened up a spot for the newest addition: Magical Meets "New" may have been an overstatement, seeing as the Meets is the same as the ON, but I'm honestly not looking for much change here. I started the Meets a couple of hours after I stopped running the ON and I was greeted by twin boys, Bubby and Coomer (clearly on a HLVR:AI kick over here). They became adults yesterday and I plan on marrying one of them off after making this post. Technically, Bubby has already been married via the app a few times, but I've yet to find a permanent match. L.I.F.E. App Sam ended up dying on the 8th, so I've officially moved on to the second generation with a Tama named, Apple. Apple has already faired better than Sam because he evolved into a Tamatchi. I wonder if the app is as strict with care as the originals because I would love to raise a Mametchi. Also: Food for thought. And that's all! Pixel and Gus are still just chillin. Looking at this post and my last post, I realize that it may be confusing and difficult to understand which Tamagotchis are currently running. It's the P's (Gus), Pac-Man (Pixel), Meets (Bubby and Coomer), and L.I.F.E. App (Apple). I'm going to stop saying when I plan to update because that just doesn't pan out these days, so I'll see you guys next time!
  7. I got it on Google Play way back when, but I don't believe it's available anymore. I think the only reason I'm still able to play it is because I had purchased it, so it's still tied to my account. Not sure if there's a modern day workaround for getting it now...
  8. It's been awhile, but I'm back with a lot of news. I'll try to keep it concise, so let's just get into the post. Pac-Man Tamagotchi Mr. Jac finally ended up leaving on the 1st. I restarted upon his departure and I was greeted with a Babytchi that I named, Pixel. Pixel evolved into a Pochitchi the next day and he's just been hanging out ever since. Entama Nutmeg got married to a Tosakatchi on the 30th. She left her daughter the next day and I quit running the Entama after that. Fairy ON Lucina became an adult on the 30th and she ended up inheriting all the traits that I wanted her to get! I'll admit, that's a first for me when it comes to any of these genetic mixing Tamas. She got married the 2nd and began the reign of... Magnus! (50% The Adventure Zone inspired + 50% Magnus' Archives inspired= 100% podcast inspired name) Magnus evolved on the 4th and ended up looking almost exactly like his mother, just missing the wings. He got married yesterday and I'm currently raising his son, Benrey. Melody M!x Plasma (whose name I never mentioned whoops) also evolved and married on the same days as Lucina. She had a baby boy named... Gordon! Hello, Gordon. Gordon also evolved on the 4th, but he ended up getting married in the same day so I could stop running the M!x. As fun as it's been to revisit the M!x, I decided that running fewer Tamas is for the best right now. My schedule leaves little time for actually raising my Tamas, so running fewer allows me to actually pay attention to the remaining ones. L.I.F.E. App I found myself wishing that I could bring my Tamas to work the other day. I just listen to podcasts pretty much all day, so wouldn't it be neat if I could link them up to my headphones? That way I could know if they need something. Then, I remembered the Tamagotchi L.I.F.E. App. This is another Tama (or at least Tamagotchi related thing, if you don't count the app as a legit Tamagotchi) that I hadn't used in awhile. The updates on the app are probably just going to be an overview of their lives once they're over, so you won't see much of it. I started it on the 2nd and was greeted by a baby boy named... Sam! Sam went from Babytchi (Oct. 2nd) > Marutchi (Oct. 2nd) > Kuchitamatchi (Oct. 4th) > Nyorotchi (Literally right as I was typing this post). P's Of course, in the middle of an already update heavy week, we have actual Gus news! Him and his Tamapet planted a tree together on the 1st. Still not a lot of news, but that's much more than usual for him. And that (finally) catches everyone up! I've got this next Thursday off, but I likely won't update then either (seeing as I spent that last Sunday napping whoops). So I guess I'll see ya when I see ya!
  9. That's good to know! I always feel bad whenever I raise the Gudetama nano because you have to let them die, so it's nice to know that the Pac-Man Tamagotchi shares the fixed death of the mini. Entama Nutmeg got a job as, I assume, a coach today. I can't read the job options, so the jobs that my Entama gets are always a surprise. She should be getting married sometime tomorrow or Thursday and I'll be deactivating the Entama after that. Fairy ON I did eventually decide to run the ON yesterday (along with another Tama that you'll see in a second). Where we last left the ON, Shy Guy got married and left me with a baby girl who I had apparently named Lucina. She evolved into a Peacetchi and inherited the frosting hair! I'm hopeful that she will inherit her father's body because a Maskutchi with frosting hair would be super cute. Melody M!x I noticed my M!x on the shelf next to my ON and realized I hadn't ran it in a super long time. I think that's mostly because the Meets/ON is the "superior" version, but I figured it could be fun to revisit. Upon starting it, I was greeted with a 9th generation Tantotchi. Nothing much else has happened with her seeing as she was already evolved when I started the Tama. And that's all for today! Going on a little tangent, I wish that the ON and M!x could connect. It's a little strange that they can't, seeing as the Meets and M!x can connect, but I suppose they didn't want to confuse their North American audience. I'm going back to work tomorrow, but luckily this work week is much lighter compared to last week. I will say that I'm kinda nervous though because the sun rays and the sky are looking a little strange again. My job is mostly outdoors too, so having the air filled with ash kind of prevents me from making a living... My next day off is Sunday, but I'll try to update before then if I can.
  10. I'm loving the log so far! You've made me very nostalgic for the iD L, especially since mine is also pink. Hopefully, the pursuit for the remaining happy stamps is going well.
  11. Thank you so much! The V4 is one of my absolute favorite versions, so I'm happy I've inspired you to run it. Tomorrow is *finally* my Friday, so now I have the time to post. Hopefully I won't have another seven day work week for a really long time... Without further ado, let's get to the update. Pac-Man Tamagotchi There's nothing new going on with the Pac-Man Tamagotchi because I decided to keep Mr. Jac after all. The reason I changed my mind is because the wiki page for the tama lists "departure" as a death option. I just wonder how long it takes to accumulate enough care mistakes... Entama Now most of the news I have to offer comes from the Entama. ら left his daughter on the 21st and I named her Nutmeg (which I'm not even going to bother showing my attempt to translate it.) She quickly evolved into a Memepetchi after an hour. Then she evolved to Young Memetchi on the 23rd/24th (can't remember) and into a Violetchi today. It's a little unfortunate though because I've already raised a Violetchi on this one. I think I want to stop running the Entama after this generation though because I miss out on a lot of the experience due to work and pausing. I never get any training calls and I hardly get to see the shopkeep. I'm thinking of bringing back the ON or at least something else that's a little more "independent". No Gus news, of course, so that brings the log to a close! It's been nice having my tamas around again, even if they barely get to be unpaused. I might do a weekend update (Monday/Tuesday for me), so I'll see you guys later.
  12. It's been over six months since I've posted here... I haven't been running any tamas during this time like I thought I would, so you guys haven't missed much. My seasonal position should be coming to a close soon, but my employers haven't said anything about letting me go yet. It's been crazy working during the virus and the fires, but despite all this my family and I are surprisingly doing fine. I'm not sure what's next, but I'm really hoping to get a permanent position with the company (or at the very least an invite to work again next March). There aren't a lot of jobs in my town that are as socially distant as I would like them to be, so I'm hoping for the best here. Anyway, enough of the personal stuff. I was inspired to run my tamas again because of the release of the Pac-Man Tamagotchi and with that comes the continuation of this log! I can't promise that I'm back for good, but I would certainly like to be. However, I'm going into a full seven day work week tomorrow so rip. Pac-Man Tamagotchi I found myself a Pac-Man Tamagotchi at Target on the sixteenth and it was this event that inspired me to run my tamas again. Upon starting the tama you are greeted with the classic Pac-man jingle and an egg. After a minute my egg hatched into a Babytchi. I named him Mr. Jac and he later evolved into a Mimitchi. Mimitchi is one of my favorite characters (aside from the obvious), so I was very happy to see one! Now if this nano is anything like the Gudetama one, it looks like I will eventually just need to ignore Mr. Jac until he dies. I wish it was like the mini where they die after a certain number of days because I always feel bad about just ignoring them to death. I may just leave him unpaused when I go to work tomorrow and just get it over with... Entama It's been a long time since I've ran my Entama, so I figured it was about time that I revisited it. I started it up yesterday and it turns out I never married off the last generation, so I was greeted by a Togetchi named ら. Today he got married to a Ponytchi and they had a baby girl! P's It's been such a long time since I've seen my sweet baby boy, Gus. I started him up at the same time as the Entama. I did the math and he's been paused for 177 days since I started this job (for a total of 275 paused days). This puts him at about 412 (unpaused) tama years old. Of course, I have no real news involving Gus, but here's a picture of him working at his part time job (I like to imagine he's a security guard). And that's all for now! Work just really gets in the way of running tamas and my job involves a lot of water, so brining them with me has always been out of the question. I'm really hoping I'm back, at least for a little while.