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  1. Have you sent them to their parents house or the tama hotel? I know that it was an infamous glitch on the Meets, so maybe it carried over to the On? If not, I'm not sure what could be causing this to happen.
  2. I just ordered a TMGC+C, a keitai, and a few vintage replacement screws from JapanYouWant! I haven't been able to use my vintage tamas for awhile because most of their screws have become stripped, but I'll finally be able to use them again. I also hope that the plus color will work because the last one I tried to buy didn't. That was a few years ago and I bought it on Ebay, but I've still been nervous about buying a plus color ever since.
  3. I've had this picture for awhile now and I thought I'd just leave it here...
  4. Tamagotchi and Doctor Who have the same anniversary day. The first episode of Doctor Who was aired on November 23rd, 1963 and Tamagotchis were first release in Japan on November 23rd, 1996.
  5. That's normal for the V1-V3. It's their "heartbeat".
  6. This is unfortunately one of the many glitches on the Tamagotchi Meets. I found a Reddit post that may help, "From my understanding, there were some reports about it freezing on a black screen, not registering inputs. For this glitch, I read that just taking the batteries out to reset helped the issue." So, it seems that taking the batteries out may fix the problem.
  7. I picked up my Tamagotchi Meets today! I got the white one because Japan You Want was having a sale on them a bit ago. It was only $10 more, so I figured it was worth it. They also included a super cute Tamagotchi pencil in the package.
  8. I just ordered a Tamagotchi Meets from Japan You Want! They're having a sale on the limited edition white Meets right now and I couldn't resist buying one.
  9. If you want the Gudetama nano to die, then you basically have to ignore it until it does. They don't die with time like other Tamagotchis. It will die after about a day or so of neglect.
  10. I'll look into this as well! I haven't gotten around to fixing the wires yet partly because of school and partly because I'm just too nervous to. I plan on soldering wires to the circuit board of a broken V1 for practice before I try it on my other tamas. Hopefully I'll feel more confident about the whole thing after that.
  11. Hello everyone! I'm happy to see that the hatch has been going well. Sorry I haven't been posting. I don't really have any excuses for it... I've just been enjoying my time off. I know I said I was going to hatch an Angelgotchi, but I actually got a Unicorn GigpetAR for Christmas! I named my unicorn Ruby and I immediately began to tend to her needs. However, she kept rejecting my care and I couldn't understand why. It wasn't until I read the instructions that I realized that she was up too early and that's why she was ignoring me (my family gets up early to open presents). So, I had to wait for half an hour before I could actually start playing with her. I've never had a Gigapet before, so it's all new to me. So far, it kind of reminds me of those Littlest Pet Shop Digital Pets that came out in like 2007. It has cute animations and easy, but fun, minigames. Although, I find that it's much needier than a Tamagotchi. Its stats seem to drop relatively fast after I take care of it, but maybe it's just because I'm on Christmas vacation and I'm losing track of time. Also, I think I may be experiencing a small glitch with it? Maybe I'm just not understanding what needs to be done, but the bathroom icon will light up like she needs something when she doesn't. It normally happens after I've finished tending to her other needs (like hunger and happiness). The icon will light up, but she refuses when I select it. Not sure what it's all about, but it doesn't bother me too much. Overall, I'm having a lot of fun raising Ruby! She's been switching between unicorn and alicorn on and off depending on how full her stats are. Other than that, Ruby hasn't been up to much. Now it's time for: -Stats- Species: Alicorn Score: 96 Hunger: 95 Discipline: 100 Health: 100 Happiness: 90 Age: 4yrs Weight: 6lbs