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  1. You have it exactly right. The only thing that would throw off the evolution time would be dead batteries or pausing (hotel/parent's house doesn't count as pausing).
  2. I wanted to drop a quick update while I have the time. Samus got married to a Minotchi instead of a Universal adult by accident. They had a baby boy (Shane) that evolved into a Mohitamatchi. I'm hoping to get him to evolve an Oniontchi, but I'm worried that the pausing will cause him to also miss training calls. Maybe I'll keep him paused overnight whenever I'm able to run him... I probably won't be able to post for awhile again, but it was nice to make some progress!
  3. Well it's sure been a bit, hasn't it? As I expected, I haven't made much progress. There is a little bit to talk about though, so let's start with: V4 The 23rd marked the start of my first weekend with this new job and was the day I first unpaused the Tamas. Samus got married the next day. I intended to marry Samus to another Universal adult, but I hit the wrong button and she got married to a Minotchi instead. They had a son that I named Shane who was on pause with his mom until yesterday. Samus ended up leaving him today and he evolved into a Mohitamatchi. Now I can try evolving him into an Oniontchi, but I'm worried that the pausing will lead to similar issues that I had with Samus (training was too low)... (Mohitamatchi really just 😞, don't they?) V2 Even though I've had no time to run any of my Tamas, I decided to start up my V2 today. I'm not entirely sure why, but I just really wanted to. When I started it up, I was greeted with a baby boy that I had previously named Danny. Danny evolved into a super cute Kinakomotchi! I don't feel like I see a lot of this character, so it was a nice surprise. (I didn't notice this photo was messed up until I downloaded it, so whoops.) Of course there's no Gus news... some things never change. I hope everyone is staying safe! Luckily I don't have to interact with many people in my new job, but I'll admit that I still get a little nervous being out there (mostly because my little brother has a lower immune system and I don't want to bring anything home to him)... It's shocking how many people I saw entering the store over the weekend not coughing into their elbows and touching their faces. Just remember to be aware for your sake and the sake of those around you. I'm not sure when I'll be posting again, so goodbye for now!
  4. Yes. Normally once you start a new generation the child will have a random name (I'm not sure what they are because it's in Japanese). The Meet's counterpart, the ON, does not have any predetermined names, so you have to name them yourself. Yes. The most it can be filled to before the adult stage is halfway. No, not on the Meets. I think the only Tama that had a potty training feature was the Tamago. I don't think so. Nine is the most you can have at once. Do you mean buying the different items? Or multiples of one item? There's no use in buying multiples of one, but buying the different items will help your Tama raise their friendship levels with the Tamas in the towns. Each one has a different favorite item, so visiting them with that item will raise the friend level quicker. Here's a list if you'd like. Yes. Here's a full list of the items and what they do. I'm not sure, but I think it's to encourage you to buy the foods at the restaurants. I don't know why they want you to do that, but it's been a feature on most (if not all) of the color versions for some reason. Luckily the Meets/ON has a daycare feature, so there's been no need to be constantly monitoring them. There's two options: The Tama Hotel and the parent's house. You can send your Tama to these locations at any time (except after 5p.m.) and at any stage (except for the baby stage). They'll be returned to you at 5p.m. though, so make sure you don't forget! I would recommend exclusively using the parent's house for your daycare needs if you get a Meets because the Tama Hotel has a glitch that prevents your Tama from aging. (This glitch has been removed from the ON as far as I can tell, but I would be cautious...) 9.[Edit:concern] Is it [just] a theory that the type of care given will influence genetics? Makes sense, but it shouldn't be a major concern(?). This is just a theory, but it's not confirmed. Here's the theory if you want to check it out, but there's no guaranteed way to get the genes you want. You've just got to keep trying and see what you get. 10.{Extra} Is there a graph that details the times a Tamagotchi may be hungry/has a desire? Or is it random? There's no graph for attention calls, but it's not really random either. It depends on how you take care of them and how full their stats are. Your Tamas neediness will go down the older it gets, so just checking on them every couple of hours and filling their stats when you do will be enough. The longer you run them, the more in tune you'll be to their needs. The only stage that needs fairly constant care is the baby stage, but that only lasts an hour and they cannot die during that time. 11.{Extra} If the Happiness bar is full and the Tamagotchi is sated, what affect would it cause if you were to continually play/cater to them? Does it add to some hidden calculation or is it pure fun? If you constantly play/cater to them once their stats are full, it will only keep their stats that way. I suppose it would have the added benefit of raising a lot of money if you're playing the mini games. 12.[Edit:concern] How dangerous is it to take out the batteries? I've read people do it as a temporary pause, but isn't there a limit to how long the batteries are out until everything is erased? [Say, if you were burned out and wanted a month or a whole year break from the Tamagotchi, would this be necessary?] There's no danger to worry about. The Meets/ON has a download function, so you can keep the batteries out as long as you like. I've got Tamas that I haven't run in years that still have the previous Tama saved. Vintage Tamagotchis are the only ones that don't have a download feature.
  5. Samus has evolved into an adult, but she unfortunately became a Universal adult (Pyonkotchi)... The pausing caused me to miss training calls when she was a toddler, so she never stood a chance. I plan on marrying her to another Universal adult just like I did for Spyro. I'll see if I get the same toddler again or if I get someone new. My new job starts tomorrow, so I won't be making much progress for awhile. I'll still be lurking on the thread and cheering you guys on though!
  6. Monday, my favorite day of the weekend. I wanted to post yesterday, but I was super exhausted. The hiatus will be starting tomorrow, so let's get everyone caught up! V4 Samus unfortunately evolved into the Universal teen, Hawaikotchi. I wasn't able to raise her training enough because of the excessive amount of pausing I was doing... She later evolved into Pyonkotchi, which is a face I haven't seen in awhile! Pyonkotchi/Pyonchitchi are probably my favorite Universal adult characters on the V4, so I'm happy with this. Then earlier today I went to get Samus a job (the mail had the [!] icon blinking), but it turns out she already had one! She was just getting fired from the hospital job I didn't know she had. I know that the V4 can answer the important mail by itself, but I haven't had one actually get a job from doing so until now... Fairy ON Mint got married to Maskutchi on Friday and they had a baby boy. I named him Shy Guy (get it? mask?) and he ended up inheriting the Maskutchi body! That's what I was hoping for the most, so now the ON can finally rest (at least until next month). I married him to a Pichipitchi, but I'm more interested in their children inheriting the frosting hair. That will have to wait though because I deactivated the device yesterday. P's There's nothing really new with Gus, but I just wanted you guys to know that he's still with us as we move into the hiatus. He's 406 as of today! And that's all! As I've mentioned a few times now, the new job hiatus starts tomorrow. I'll still be running Gus and Samus, but there won't be much to post about. We'll be back, of course, but it'll be less frequent. I'll try to post this weekend (depending on my schedule), so see you guys in a bit!
  7. V4 Lapis left her daughter on Tuesday. She evolved into a Mizutamatchi after an hour of poor care. I've been working on getting her care misses since then (she has three so far), but she's been on pause since Wednesday. I'm going to unpause her tomorrow and I'm aiming to evolve her into a Nikatchi. Plus Color Krobus evolved on Tuesday into a Kuchipatchi and I used the hero set to change him into Patchiman. Unfortunately the restarting issues came back after that, so I decided to stop running the Plus Color. I'm just going to give it a break because I honestly don't know what else to do. At this point I'm pretty sure the problem is internal (the battery contacts aren't corroded) and I don't feel comfortable try to open and clean it out right now. I'll certainly revisit the Plus Color, but not for a while after this. ON Merlin evolved into a teen on Tuesday and into and adult on Wednesday. He didn't inherited a single Maskutchi trait... so much for getting a head start on those genes. I decided to marry Merlin to a cute HotTeatchi and they had a baby girl! I named her Mint (mint tea is my favorite) and she evolved into a teen today. I'm going to try and get Mint married tomorrow and raise her kid over the weekend. I'll deactivate the device once her child gets married. Now I already said this in the V4 family topic, but I just wanted to say that I will be going on a hiatus soon. I'm starting a new job on Tuesday, so I won't have much time to run my Tamas. I'm aiming to only run my V4 and Gus during this time, but there will be lots of pausing and therefore not much to talk about. Don't worry though, I'll still update when I can. I'll also still be active on the forum as a whole, but just not in the log (or the V4 thread). I'm aiming for a weekend post, so I'll see you guys then!
  8. This is always my luck with the ON/Meets. My Tama on my ON (the twin's half sibling) did not get a single Maskutchi gene from their mother, but instead got the fruit and bubbles. Literally the only genes I did not want him to inherit from her. I hope you'll see better luck in this generation.