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  1. Just now i put batteries to active my tamagotchi. The baby gotchi appear and walking around. But the big problem is the second on the time is not working. If the time is not working, gotchi will always remain as a baby, full, and never want something. No meaning again
  2. Yes the second still not ticking. At first we set the date and clock : hour, minute then after ok button, the second usually ticking. But this doesn't appear to tick.
  3. Yes i try to change the time but still nothing changed. I try all possibility even brought to clock store and game service. They don't have solution
  4. As seen on the Topic Title, where can i get this original Tamagotchi at INDONESIA (Easy payment and shipping)? I want this Tamagotchi version: 1. Dinkie Dino / RakuRaku Dinokun, 2. iDL, 3. TMGC+C, 4. Or all full colors version. Please kindly let me know. Thanks before
  5. Please, Tamagotchi Fans know this kind of problem? My Tamagotchi Plus Color (TMGC+C) Japan version's time is freezing so the egg can't hatch and can't play at all. I change the battery, try reset and loading still the same. The screen just display egg is moving without hatching and i check the time is not ticking. Any solution to fix it? Thanks before.