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  1. My friends and family all know about my collecting. But in comparison to spending $50-$400 on a game for a system that's maybe 15+ years old, they're relieved that I've moved on to something that's less expensive and allows me to go outside. I think the only time a reaction I've gotten from my tamas could have been received as negative was at a nightclub, and it was just some people laughing incredulously at the idea that tamas have come so far, with backlights and color and all.
  2. I'd seen a rumor on the Tamagotchi iD L page on facebook that Bandai had confirmed an Australia release of the english versions, but no date. They haven't posted a source yet, though. http://oi44.tinypic.com/sgnazk.jpg
  3. I am indeedly. I haven't had as much time to play with it, and haven't felt the urge to either, So I'm selling it rather than let it collect dust.
  4. I'm selling mine on ebay currently, The bidding started at $70, but it's been jumping quite a bit. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=321149682754
  5. It's always so hard to resist answering a care call

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    2. oddsandendswithlove


      EDIT: oops I did now haha <3

    3. robodog


      I never resist a call. I just can't ignore them when they need me. I don't care which character they turn into or if I get the same one over and over again.

    4. KlickBop


      Ordinarily I wouldn't, but I want to unlock all the locations, so I have to ignore them. U.U


  6. This thread : http://tama-zone.com/index.php?showtopic=23913 Might have some of the info you need, kinda sorta possibly. It tells the sizes images need to be, and other specificish info.
  7. I think they mean on the Bandai America site. Bandai Asia made the P's, not Bandai America. I *think* the last thing Bandai America put out tamagotchi related (other than the app and lifestyle products) was the Tama Go. Might be remembering wrong. Which, they took away Tama Town from it, hinting at a "surprise" on the page alerting the users that Tama Town isn't available anymore. (This is Bandai America's big surprise. No more tamas from them! Hooray!) *heavy sarcasm lacing*
  8. The ones on ebay are expensive because the sellers know that they can get that much money for them if someone wants it badly enough. I picked mine up in an auction for about $73 USD, but that was luck. The other auction at the time finished around $150 USD. Toy Kingdom in the philippines is selling them for roughly $70 USD, (2999.99 PP?), but they don't ship outside of the philippines. I feel like I got a good deal, since I enjoy it and don't regret buying it, but value is based on perspective. Is it worth the money to you?
  9. Taobao stopped selling them ages ago. Or rather, they still have iD L's for sale, but they are all japanese versions.
  10. Hahah.... Oh whoa. So it's pretty much a poo-chi, except it won't function without a $500 phone on a contracted service. No thank you. I mean, I suppose you could always get a used iphone, but I'm not sure what the terms are for using it with the pet. If you need a data connection, the phone will HAVE to have a clean esn, which rules out cheap used ones, unless you want to be tethered at wifi points. (Not that I go anywhere but work anyways) Personally, I always found tamas more fulfilling than the robo pet counterparts. I had the Polly robot. You could teach it to talk, feed it, it'd flap it's wings. Lost interest in it right quick. Pets like that are almost always gimmicky, a cheap fix for a craving. I had poo-chis as well, and they were neat, but didn't hold my interest for long. Same with my furby, though admittedly furby held my attention for a bit because it would get up on its own sometimes and demand attention. Just my opinion though.
  11. Ebay is indeed the only place to get one, that's where I got mine. If you happen to have a friend that lives in the philippines, you could ask them if they'd be able to hit up a Toy Kingdom and purchase an english one for you, or if there's a shopping service you could use to order one from their website, since the site doesn't ship outside of the philippines. There's also Harrod's (sp?) in London, but I don't think they sell things online. So unless you have a friend in the UK, they're out of the question as well.
  12. I don't know why I'm so torn about getting a Tamagotchi P's. The only thing I can think about is that they *might* maybe possibly release an english version in the future. I can't decide if I should wait and see, or just buy one.

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    2. KlickBop


      The content stays?! Because that's radical, I LOVE the sound of that.

      Just need to be plucky enough to buy one....

    3. Mamapatchi


      They stay as long as the Pierce is kept in the Unit, and if you take it out and connect a different pierce all of the content will go and be replaced with the different pierces content ;b.

    4. KlickBop


      That still would be alright, I think. I mostly wanna see the baby change pierce! It looks adorable.

  13. I have a Perotchi, and she seems to like the rice from the fridge just fine. I mean, she doesn't cry or anything, seems pleased. Is this the same with any other adults, that anyone has notcied? I noticed that Lovelitchi seemed a little bit finicky, but I guess that's expected.
  14. I *would* like it, but having to unlock my phone, open the app, hit start and then being able to take care of my tama.... I dislike the inconvenience. I prefer the eggs because all I have to do is look at it, pretty much. Call me lazy, but that's honestly my only gripe about it. That, and holding a tama in my hand is way nicer. Doesn't have that same warm, fuzzy feeling.
  15. I like that they all are in pink. >.> Though, truth be told, I'd prefer cool toned pastels really. Then again, I am a silly eccentric fool, so... yep.
  16. I regret not learning to vocalize my thoughts in person better.
  17. I've never seen one on there myself, personally. I got mine on ebay in an auction, but that was luck. The two that I see on ebay right now are around $200, correct if I'm wrong, but I think those are the only ones you can get that will ship to the US, unless you want to use a shopping service to buy one in another country. In fact, I think there was a thread a little bit ago about Harrods in London selling english IDLs, but I dunno if they sell their stuff online.
  18. Yeah, I think the only two on eBay currently are around $200, it's a bit ridiculous. I mean, I'm willing to fork out money for things I love, but that's a bit much for me. Maybe if it came to Bandai America's attention that they were so popular as to fetch such a high price, they'd be more interested in making a new color tama in english.
  19. I tried ordering one today, let me get all the way up to filling out the billing. Oddly, it'll let you use an american billing address, and for your account address, but not for shipping. I guess you could use a shopping service, but with the shipping and everything else, you'd be paying a pretty penny. I mean.... It'd be a brand new one, but.... Still, so much hassle. I really lucked out with mine, I won it for only $70, free shipping.... Guh. The ones on ebay now are twice that, or more.
  20. I tried to give the app an honest shot, maybe about a month, to see if it'd grow on me, buuuut.... No. Somehow, checking my tama on a standalone device is much more.... Satisfying? Simple? I dislike having to check my phone constantly, having to stop, swype in my password, navigate to the app, open it, and hit start seem a bit too much to just check on my pet. My profession is pretty lax, so it's fine for me to have my tamas at work since I can just... Look, and take care of it, and be done while I wait for projects to export. Stopping for a few minutes to check a phone regularly is not. What it boils down to is I would pretty much always choose the tama toy over an app on a multifunctional device.
  21. Boop boop boop... I.. .am ordering my new tamas tomorrow! I'll have a big, happy tama family.

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    2. KlickBop


      An iDL, a P's, and a Mesutchi/Osutchi pair I've had my eye on.

    3. Razia


      YES! It's bad! They're going to find me dead under a pile of tamas! Good way to die! LOL

    4. TamaGuyJayy


      ^this guy has the right idea XD lol yesterday i was imagining myself laying in a pile of tamagotchis stuck in a euphoric trance..sadly i only have 10 lol

  22. The tama marche seems to be for selling the things you grow in your garden. I don't think I've ever seen anyone there when I have no fruits or veggies to sell.
  23. Gaaaaah that makes me soooo happy! Thank you!
  24. Well.... I'm fiending for another, I'll probably break down and order one from them before the week is out. I'll just post my findings here, in case no one else has had experience with them.
  25. I found a store that seems to be selling real English iDL's, for $70.00, they seem okay, but I wanted to see if anyone else had had problems with them, since it seems too good to be true. I mainly just wanted to get another to keep my other iDL company, and I haven't seen a posting for another english iDL since the two I had been bidding on ended.