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  1. If you go to ur TamaTalk profile, u will see "overview" for the first option,2nd profile feed 3rd...etc.How to make a colorful and put some picture on my overview? I see a lot of people can make their overview looks good with coloured text and photo of their tamagotchi collection.
  2. Tamagotchi vs Furby vs Digimon virtual pet vs dinkie dino

  3. Hi,How to make "overview" like urs? My one only can use text can't picture

    1. tamagirl1017


      you mean the backround?

    2. HopeMcCarthyAuroraLovingtn


      Haha i already got it,thanks. btw this is my new account

    3. tamagirl1017


      oh ok. that makes more sense. i was like ''is someone copying his pic?!'' XD glad you got it btw

  4. Thank you sailor,yep i know about copyright thingy. this movie is so rare, i already search anywhere,this is 2009 movie.i seen on Youtube,people only post "Tamagotchi movie 2009 part1" guess what? i am not watch that because if i watch that clip. and then suddenly cut by ending part 1. i think i will cry for that. The movie is really really nice,but to be honest with you.Tamagotchi it's Fun and enjoyable.but Many people don't like it that much.this is why we are can't search tamagotchi movie like other. Japanese anime movie that success like "spritited away" "the secret world of arriety" by Hayao Miyazaki it's really easy. Because that movie is booming in the world.even pokemon movie also easy to search.but tamagotchi you need to go to japanese website to find it ,and all with japanese language,but i enjoy watch tamagotchi anime even in japanese. i watch it everyday all the episode. don't lock and close this topic maybe there's some people know about this.Thank you for reply
  5. i just saw this page,but already know this movie for a long time,but i can't find where i can download and watch it. I try search on Nosub,they just got anime episode. The title is Tamagotchi—Lost Child In Space!? and in japanesse language. えいがでとーじょー! たまごっち ドキドキ! うちゅーのまいごっち!? Tamagotchi: The Movie (Japanese: えいがでとーじょー! たまごっち ドキドキ! うちゅーのまいごっち!? Eiga de Tōjō! Tamagotchi Dokidoki! Uchū no Maigotchi!?), literally Appearing on Film: Tamagotchi—Lost Child In Space!?) is the first Tamagotchi feature film. It was released in movie theaters by Toho on December 15, 2007, and on DVD on July 23, 2008 in Japan. The movie was released on June 1, 2009 in English. It is followed by a sequel. this is the link from wikipedia about this Movie.. Can anyone tell me where i can download tamagotchi the movie?Thanks before
  6. Melting on bed with My Tamagotchi p's and Id L,What a wonderful world :D

    1. tamageff


      hey :) it's geff

    2. phillipsebastian93


      everbody this is geff,he is tama senior :)

    3. Moussette
  7. How long we can keep Character on Tamagotchi p's. is it unlimited time (until age99)like idL?
  8. my mom's Fav song:one thing-one direction,and my dad : set fire to the rain-adele and almost adele's song. I love my family and i will make music cover for them :)

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    2. tamagirl1017


      HMM... ( ) Don't you worry child (that has been sung by a girl not the guy)that has also been nightcored. makes more sense if you go to the link XD. what's your fave song?

    3. phillipsebastian93


      My fave song one thing,do u have facebook ?

    4. tamagirl1017


      sadly no. my mom and dad are not big fans of it


  9. Tamamum how many pierce that you have for your Tamagotchi p's? and if i just have one pierce,it's enough or i must buy all of them.

    1. *Hayden*


      It depends, do you want them all, its all about opinion

  10. Hi ichiro,how many deco pierce that you have for ur tamagotchi p's?

    1. *Hayden*


      he has all!

  11. Tamagotchi p's it's fun,but i still play my id L and which "deco pierce" should i buy first?

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    2. phillipsebastian93


      extra character :) what "change" that i can get?

    3. TamaLover1990


      happy birthday


    4. phillipsebastian93


      hanks you tamalover :)

  12. i also prefer tamagotchi because we can put in pocket and have many feature like :item,games,character,Trick,etc it's more fun. i just saw Youtube video review of Furby's looks adorable and can interact with ipad but i think,this is my opinion,hmmm after you play about 1-2 hour or a few days. you will be bored.
  13. 2012 Furby it's really cute,which one do u guys prefer Furby or tamagotchi?
  14. Ra,can we create seed meal package money cheat for tamagotchi p's?