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  1. wow. I haven't been on here in forever so I am waaay out of the loop.are there any new tamas? and how much do you think I could sell a mechagotch for now?

    1. Kajah995


      I've been so out of the loop too because of long pauses between visits. Since the Tama-Go there have been like 13 new tamas. Also a Mechagotch's price range is so wide you can't get a solid value. I've seen some for $35, and some for $200+!

  2. I haven't been on this site in awhile, but I was wondering how much do oceans go for now?

    1. mudkipclove


      I know Japanese ones go for around $30, and I think American ones are going for over $200.

    2. Carleesi


      mudkiplove is quite right. Japanese ones go for 30$-50$ and American ones go for !50$-$300 depending on their condition and also if they come with the box and instructions

  3. I really need this sold so everything is Ten Percent off and I'm taking offers!

  4. Is anyone selling/ know where to buy a hittoriko Fish, Puppy, or Yukki Pegin?

  5. I got a BRAND NEW Oceangotch for $20, a tamaotch for $18 and a mint Megagotch for $7 all including shipping!!

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    2. Puffy Snivy

      Puffy Snivy

      MEcagotch is a Tamagotchi calculator

    3. *Hayden*


      Omg, the calculators are rate

    4. *Hayden*
  6. I saw a 1999 New in package furby at a flea market. I was wondering how much it is actually worth so I don't over pay.
  7. Where can I buy a JD tama fake? They sound so interesting! xD

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    2. =^.^=
    3. .:M@TT:.

      .:M@TT:. Here's an interesting fake not sure if it's JD but I reallllllly want to buy it. lol
    4. oddsandendswithlove


      I want one of those hehe..Im seriously thinking about them...does anyone have one and what are they like?

  8. Does anyone find it odd that there's a tama called HotTeatchi?

    1. Owl


      It's just hot+tea+tchi. Makes sense for what it is.

    2. AngelgotchAncie


      Oh! I thought it was hot teacher... o.O

    3. Owl
  9. Does tamazone have a tbay like fourm?

    1. dazzilitchigirl


      If you can't see one, then there isn't one.

    2. LittleChocoWolf
    3. dazzilitchigirl


      Oh, I thought you meant a whole forum, not a topic. Sorry!

  10. Does tamazone have a tbay like fourm?

  11. I always open the tama, but I keep the packaging if I was to sell it.