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  1. Or sry i didnt posted any topic my internet i lol
  2. Look at the link i pasted with the first post.. There it is
  3. OMG Tamagotchi Connection is coming out on Nintendo ds !!
  4. Is there other things a tama can connect to ? except tamagotchis
  5. When I mated 2 tamas the tama that i owned shaked his head becoz he didnt want to mate but he did what´s going on
  6. Is it true that the secret costume u get from the cheats make ur tama like invisible so it cant die ?
  7. I had young mimitchi and i cared it about if 10 is good care and 0 is bad care i think i cared for it like 7 ok ? and it was generation 4
  8. Hmm maybe to much weight my had too much weight and it fell on them (rollerblades)