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  1. Happy boxing day to you too, Hohotchi! It's nice to see CAKE getting along so well! My little Nojikukatchi is looking a little more like a devilish teenager today- she grew up and got little horns as well as a clockwork tail. Ooooo! Nothing of much note happened for her today- I spent most the day at work so she spent most of the day asleep. She did go out and meet a friend or two in the gardening town, though! There was a big fluffy sheepyfriend in town and they planted a garden together. I'm so excited to see what kind of eyes she grows into, and if she'll get bigger horns! Lets go into a new day and a new adventure!
  2. Thanks for the help! I wasn't sure if i was expected to do something due to the attention symbol being lit up.
  3. Merry Christmas! I'm also in Australia (albeit the extreme south, literally the last town at the end of the road at the edge of the southernmost state) so it's also a little warm today I'm going to run my Meets! Magical version, and so today I made sure to get my tamagotchi married off! They hatched a lil bundle of pigtailed joy. She's a cutiepumpkin, and I think I accidentally named her Nojikuka. I hope she gets lots of robot traits from her extended family! (Especially grandpa-- look at that grumpy face ehehe). Edit, a few hours later: Nojikuka grew up a little bit! Not worth a whole new post- but I'm very pleased because she seems to have the cute robot headpiece! Time to pack up and move into your own place, girl~
  4. I also cry sometimes while watching tv, BUT WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?? IS IT GOOD? IS IT BAD?
  5. It Critmiss! My tamagotchi was loitering by the Xmas tree looking sad, until it went to go to its bedroom and found SANTA AND HIS REINDEER HAVING A NAP! They sprung up out of bed and left a gift behind, taking off into the sky as my tama celebrated and told me merry Christmas! What a cool scene! Do any other holidays have scenes like this??
  6. Reading all this has made me think - and I guess I'm of the same opinion as OP where I assume they're aliens and get annoyed when i can't mix my tama with the tamas I want to. However, I agree with comments further down that talk about the majority target market (japan) not being overly pleased or giving a dang about gay marriages... So I guess I'm thinking in a different direction -- you know how modern tamagotchi don't have a weight statistic? What if we have a release of a generation without a gender statistic? You can marry whichever tama to whoever, and pretend it's straight or gay or whatever you like- there would still be tama with feminine traits or masculine traits, like eyelashes n s**t, but they wouldn't stop you from marrying your tama to whichever tama you wanted. I actually think this would be easily possible for bandai to do, and wouldn't cause a huge stir or stand out or upset any people really. There wouldn't be any new functions or any worry about "can gay couples have kids" politics coz it would just be "all tamagotchi can mate". What do you think?
  7. Wow, that's so weird!! The only thing I can think of that I've experienced like that was when my tama meets went from child to teen and it looked very similar to an adult- so i couldnt tell when it was fully grown. You're sure she's not just a teen-looking adult? The propose buttons are locked on the destinations, right? If they're not greyed out then she's an adult (that's how I worked out what stage my tama was). Best of luck with sorting it out! If it does turn out she's a perpetual teen, maybe take the batteries out, download her in again and hope it resets her stage counter to be correct?
  8. I'm currently at xmas eve! Excited for a hatch tomorrow! (I even got spare batteries just in case ;D ) Tbh though I'm not sure what to do after that - do we migrate to a new thread for the logs?
  9. Ah, I hope it's ok to comment on here --( if not I'll delete this). Your new meets is so cute! Is it the fairy version? Where did you get the adorable case for it? I hope to hear more about it as it grows!
  10. Today I had more cool scenes happen, but it wasn't in the background, I had selected stuff. At my garden in the forest town, my plant finally finished growing! The big tall bush gave me so many cherries!! My tama and I were very excited, except then the apple shaped tamagotchi came and took them all away! All but one. I took one home. Can we grow any other plants? What do I have to do to keep all the cherries??? Do want! Then at home I equipped the drum kit, and my tama got very excited and hearts appeared everywhere! Her teddy bear stood up and then we marched with all the toys across town to a new location! Woohoo!
  11. Hey! I can't seem to find much discussion on this, but it seems like my tamagotchi meets does a bunch of random things! I know other versions of tama did things like brush their teeth at a certain time but I've only got one meets so I can't test many things- I'll have to compare with you online! So far today I've had; - around 3pm tamagotchi was trying to paint a picture of a stack of ducks which kept falling over. I didn't even own the painting item! - around 10pm while asleep, my tamagotchi dreamed of a love heart, then balloons came from everywhere and its bed started floating, and it gathered random foods, flowers and rings from it's bed in the sky?? Does anyone else have these things? Any other cool animations I should look out for?
  12. Yeah, this document was apparently put into the bin! I can't read it ;_; So far what I have is; - to unlock gourmet town, eat omurice lots of times - to unlock the cute apple town, win at the sushi game in gourmet town lots of times Anyone else got info?
  13. I haven't been here in such a long time! I'm gonna sign up to join in on a Christmas hatch, with my tamagotchi magical meets! (I'll probably be on my 2/3 gen by then, but hatching is really easy and reliable with the meets app so I'm sure I'll have an egg on xmas)
  14. At the moment I would like a girl, because most crazy names sound more girlish