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  1. Phew, I got the white magic On yesterday. My friend bought it for me since there was a Prime Day sale. I really needed a new On since my pink one got dust underneath the screen and it looks so weird and greasy when its activated. 

  2. This looks better than the pix, IMO, and i hope it eventually arrives to the west. They're pulling a 4U by only have 10 built in characters, but luckily the "downloadable" charas are on some "SD Card." The 4U didn't age well for me, like unfortunately the app doesn't work for a bunch of modern phones... but now having the TamaSma Card is really neat!
  3. I just bought the Himespe Phone, I've always wanted one since forever lol. Now... next I'm going to buy the Tamagotchi Angel, but next month lol.

  4. That sounds awesome, maybe you can upload the files to some archive site. I feel like ive heard of these games but never had the chance to play them. Anyway, that's still amazing that you have the files, you have possibly saved another form of tamagotchi media from becoming lost media.
  5. What the heck, that's so weird. I've never heard about this apparent Kaworu glitch. Maybe it might have been the batteries I guess. Well if you are brave enough to attempt to get Kaworu, make sure the screws are in tightly. Wish you the best of luck.
  6. Lol on instagram I saw someone say "this better not be another nano," but you juSt know it IS going to be a nano. Anyway Bandai JP also announcing it is pretty cool, it never occured to me that SW has a japanese fanbase. Personally I am not a fan of Star Wars, but it's still a cool crossover. The possibilities for these crossovers are endless, makes you look forward to these surprise announcements.
  7. It sounds like OP has either a v4 or a v4.5, I know the the v4 is infamous for it's glitches. So it could be that your tamagotchi is glitching a bit. Sadly I don't know how to fix that glitch, maybe press the reset button, and then press download and it might go back to normal.
  8. It's a decoration, not sure what holiday it is from Japan, but usually around holidays, there will be a decoration in the living room. It will eventually go away, so it's nothing concerning.
  9. That's quite funny, as far as I know, getting a male or female baby is a 50% chance. Maybe you can connect them and have them marry each other ^^ Also, I noticed you posted on the wrong section. For thoughts/comments like you wrote, you should post them on "What's on your mind?"
  10. I know what you mean, I was like 11 when i started posting here and now im almost 19. I remember 2013-15 there were some other youngsters my age. It's a pretty slow place, but i think mainly adults run the site here haha. Ever since new year's, ive been visiting this site almost daily back like i used to ^^
  11. Whoo hoo, finally got to buy a nendoroid I wanted at a good price. Can't wait for it to ship. I also wonder why a Mametchi nendoroid doesnt exist, it would be cute. 

    1. Tamacass


      Congratulations!!!! I used to collect nendos religiously omg, i haven't displayed them in ages ;A; which one did you get?

    2. tamastar133


      That's so neat, im more into anime plushies/mascots. I got the Asuka nendo from Evangelion. I really wish I could buy the Shinji one, but he's so expensive RIP

  12. I'm more interested in the Tama Social part, wondering how that will work. Woah a (Main) Tamagotchi with no marriage? It's been a while since that, pre connection model, correct? So far it does seem rather neat ^^
  13. I remember i fed my tamagotchi 5 rice omelettes, and he just permanently stayed orange. I can confirm that the orange color affected my next generation. So yeah, the color change will affect the color of the tamagotchi's body.
  14. Articles usually have clickbait titles, so that the reader feels interested to read the article. I agree, it's rather annoying that they completely skip nearly two decades worth of content. It might also be because the writer doesn't really do any research, so they rely on using infamous features from the device. It's so overused that it just gets annoying to read imo. I think the media will forever see Tamagotchi as "the toy from the 90s" sadly, it's really quite a shame.
  15. I just realized that the first leaked/prototype pics look different to the new ones. Honestly I think i prefer the first design over the new one. The faceplate design seems a bit too simplistic now. I don't really like the box either, I'm gonna throw it away since i feel a bit too creeped out that there's a child on the front of the box. I know im not the demographic, but I wonder if children would be interested with the camera feature.