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    KiraKira Patisserie, making sweets with Usami Ichika <3
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    A i k a t s u (the entire franchise), Pripara, Precure (KiraKira A La Mode, Hugtto, and looking forward for the new series), Gravity Falls, Tamagotchi (duhhh)

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    Tamagotchi connection version 3
    TamaTown Tama-Go
    Tamagotchi Music Star
    Tamagotchi connection version 4
    x2 Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town
    Tamagotchi 4U
    Tamagotchi Mini (20th anniversary release)
    Tamagotchi Dream m!x
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    Yellow and orange Lanyard Mametchi
    Green and blue Lanyard Kuchipatchi
    Kiraritchi Plush
    Watchlin lucky check
    Aikatsu Touchcard + faceplate
    Kuchipatchi Gotchi figure
    Tamagotchi Friends Figure Set
    Tamagotchi Tama Profy
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    Miraitchi and Orenetchi
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    Tamagotchi Dream m!x

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  1. tamastar133

    Tamagotchi's 20th Anniversary

    I got into Tamagotchi since 2013 and yeah i'm not into it as much but I still like it I think Tamagotchi is one of the most important things that ever happened in my life and I would never forget the 20th anniversary so here goes for another 20 years!
  2. tamastar133

    Last Post Wins

  3. tamastar133

    Last Post Wins

  4. tamastar133

    Stuff you are obsessed with

    Possibly Aikatsu
  5. tamastar133

    Stuff you are obsessed with

    Aoi Kiriya and Maria Himesato I love too many 2d characters oops
  6. tamastar133

    TAMAGOTCHI 4u problem with the food!

    Kuromametchi doesn't like to eat rice neither do adult Tamagotchis it's something they added in the modern versions for the snack issue you're probably feeding him his least favorite snack or food just feed him something else
  7. tamastar133

    Last Post Wins

    Commiiiiccccc saaannnnsss
  8. tamastar133

    Tamagotchi Friends ? games?

    I already had flower count before I got cake catch :I
  9. tamastar133

    Last Post Wins

    meme con