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  1. Geez I want to buy the pink Evatchi, but the Evatchis seem to be amazon exclusive only. I don't have prime, but it sucks that shipping is an additional 6 dollars, and I don't wanna spend 30+ dollars on a nano.    

  2. Have you tried praising your tamagotchi each time it plays its instrument? I remember doing that recently and i passed pro debut regardless of having high stats. The music star is so difficult to enjoy lol.
  3. Every variation is suitable for any gender. If a boy likes pink, then he can purchase the pink fairy version.
  4. I bought a package and it was shipped via surface mail. I knew it would take months for it to arrive, but somehow tracking says it's in New Jersey... I live in California lmaooo. Hope it arrives safely next week then.

  5. The On is a neat one too, it's extremely similar to the tamagotchi m!x but it's definitely worth the purchase. The tamagotchi on app is so cool too, you can play two mini games there and transfer money and all sort of neat items to your On.
  6. I've used two phones that was supposedly compatible with the device, but never managed to get the app to send anything. I wonder if it still works, but maybe some people here might have a better answer. The 4U is still a nice device if you want something low maintenance.
  7. Yeah, im not sure when the sudden surge happened but it really sucks. Sellers are crazy, I understand you gotta make a profit but dang.... It's honestly really sad, sadly it's not like the problem is gonna go away any sooner or later. I hope bandai can release the older models again, so collectors who are on a budget don't have to struggle so much.
  8. Honestly I'm really surprised on how expensive music stars are now. I literally got mine new in the box for 20$ back in 2014. Personally I don't really like running it since I find it really high maintenance, but I think the shells are so pretty. Sadly every tamagotchi device is always inflating in price and it's so sad.... I'm really glad to see you got two of them! Hope you enjoy it~
  9. I was thinking that maybe the Tamagotchi On app might get a massive update for the pix. Maybe the social media part will be integrated into the app? Since maybe the pics you take on your phone can be transferred to the Tamagotchi or the other way around. Maybe the app will let you add stickers, and you can "share" a new picture on the app? I'd figure maybe there might be a staff to moderate what kind of pics get uploaded.
  10. Nanos have become a cash grab for bandai tbh. I only own the Gudetama, Pacman, and Evatchi variations. I would recommend the Gudetama one, I'm not a big fan of him but I find the nano rather fun to run. I think Bandai decided the nano format mainly because they're targeting the fans of the crossover, who they might not know what a Tamagotchi actually does. Chances are big fans of Gudetama/Eva/Demon Slayer will purchase the device, but don't know the basic knowledge of raising a tamagotchi, so the features are rather limited. I personally wish the size could be like the OG Tamagotchi, nanos are kinda easy to lose and roll around the bed. Basically, I think nanos are really just an accessory, since they're pretty low maintenance. I don't hate the variations or what they've became, compared to what they previously were. I think they're pretty neat since Bandai actually made an effort to add references on them. Like the PM nano has cherries, which pacman likes, for a snack and the mini games are so fun. The Evatchi has a watermelon snack which is a reference to one of the characters who owns a watermelon patch. I can understand why some people aren't interested in the modern nanos, since they're pretty limited and based of popular franchises one might not be into. They're literally just cashgrabs, but they're not completely soulless, as effort are put into them to make them unique and appealing. Edit: Also forgot to add, I don't think they're bad for the franchise at all. It's pretty exciting to think that they might make some people interested in real tamagotchi devices. I definitely think these are going to stay for a long time, since they're selling well enough for Bandai to reach out to other franchises.
  11. My favorite Tamagotchi is Miraitchi. I also really like Orenetchi, Melodytchi, Himespetchi, Kiraritchi, and plenty of other modern tamagotchi characters.
  12. Sadly the nanos always reset if you change the battery and there's no way to save your data. Same with the vintage tamagotchis. I'm not sure what's the reason for it, but it might be because the device is too small to have it store any data.
  13. My Tamagotchi On is covered with dust inside the screen and i dont want to risk opening it. Idk how that even happened... it was okay earlier this week.

    1. PurplePyonkotchi00!


      oh no im sorry to hear that :( 

  14. The whole social media gimmick already feels so outdated to me. I personally hope it wouldnt have the m!x gene features, but it seems like it will??? I might buy it if i have enough money by then, i still havent even bought the wonder garden yet...., but it definitely seems like it'll be interesting. I just hope Miraitchi is there so that I can raise her or get her genes at least haha. I still think the whole concept seems rather convoluted, but we arent the target audience for this anyway... hopefully it surpasses our expectations tho!
  15. I actually haven't opened my Evatchi, since the US release is in a few months, but I think that one is really cool. For starters, I'm an Evangelion fan, and what I have seen based off pics and videos is that the animations are references from the series/movies. Those are really nice, especially because there are various animations and are pretty iconic, such as Shinji and Kaworu playing the piano. The creatures you raise are the angels, which are actually the antagonists of the series, so it gives a whole new spin to them. For a bad death screen, the Eva unit, who terminated that specific angel, will appear on the screen, and I think that's a really neat throwback to the series. I wish it could have let you raise the human cast like the demon slayer one, but it's okay since they appear in the animations. The device is just filled with references, the snack to feed are angels are watermelons, and one of the characters has a watermelon patch so I liked that. It's a must get if you are an Evangelion fan.