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  1. I recently bought a Tamagotchi Akai and it arrived, its so cool! Yesterday I bought a Tamagotchi angel, new in packaging, so I hope it works/doesn't have stripped screws...    

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    2. tamastar133


      Yeah I need to buy some of those small batteries. Also that's good to hear hope you had fun running it ^^

    3. Penguin-keeper


      Oh yes! I'd never run one before, and found it to be a fun and novel version. I got the Ginjirotchi Angel on my first run. :D

    4. tamastar133


      I remember playing the Tamagotchi LIFE app of the Tamagotchi Angel back in 2014. I mean the LIFE apps were okay but obviously couldnt replicate the actual feeling of running one. I did like that the app made some fun shell designs but that was the only good part about them.