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  1. my color+ arrived. it's really nice.

    1. Counting Bodies Like Sheep

      Counting Bodies Like Sheep

      Congrats! It's a lovely version :D


    2. x.Tori.x


      Jealous! Glad you love it!

  2. Love Love Love your Tamagotchi Log,great photos :)

  3. Hey!!! I'm back! I have a new phone, thus a camera that is not 10 years old and is actually working properly AND new tamagotchi, so I thought I'd make an update. On my iD L I have gotten a Shuutotchi: On my 4U+ the lovely, lovely MelodiMuse!! (You get her by getting all the club skills! She returns to the normal Meloditchi when her happiness gets low.) And on the normal 4U Mametchi! (I had the normal one, but then his happiness dropped a bit.. oops! I like Yanmametchi though. And now that I'm checking, I have normal Mametchi again.) The garden function on the 4U+. I'm curious what's growing there. Seems like you can visit once a day, planting is one day, the next day you water again and it grows, maybe it's gonna be ready tomorrow. On my goold ol' P's I have Amakutchi. I also flipped the faceplate around, was getting a bit tired of the pink. I would not recommend removing the faceplate if you don't want it scratched, though. (I'm very clumsy...) Meloditchi with her violin, just because.
  4. The park game: Only press when the heart symbol appears and the letters telling you to press. Then press the first one, then the second. So, for example, B shows up, but not the symbol. Then A shows, with the symbol. Quickly press B and then A. The donuts game is a simply maths game. Count how many donuts Kuchipatchi gets from the box, subtract the ones he eats, repeat how long it goes on. For example, he gets 3 donuts. Eats 1. That's 2 in total. But then he gets 4 more donuts, so 6, but then he eats 2, so 4 in total. At the end put in the total number (what you've subtracted and added). A lot of games are in this style.
  5. Sending things to my 4U+ only seems to work when I take off the battery cover and the case.

    1. RubyLullaby


      Yeah,I´ve heard this c; But the most important thing is, that it is working,right :)?

    2. abokado


      Not always. :( Still haven't managed to send a character to my 4U+.

  6. The list on Mr Blinky's site is really great! It's best to look for phones in your country, as hardware can change between countries.
  7. My new phone work with the 4U app, yay!!! (Sony Xperia Z3 Compact)

    1. RubyLullaby


      Wooow,amazing news :)! Glad to hear this,have Fun=)

  8. Spend a long time updating the 4U Happy Symbols list on tamazone. So exhausted.

  9. I got Melodi Muse... so cute!!

    1. abokado


      And I got a happy symbol from the strawberry cake.

    2. abokado


      And the fashion thing.

  10. I have to say, I love the 4U. Some opinions were a bit disappointed, but I seriously love it. Can't say if I like the P's better!

  11. Mametchi went to the toilet on his own... the future is here.

  12. The kindergarden teacher from the P's is the art teacher in the 4U. So nice to see her again!

    1. NATUUURE :D


      Upgraded from kindergarten to art

  13. Nice! Just got my 4U+, this will come in handy. Thank you!
  14. The bamboo game on the 4U+ is now my favourite. The two 4U games are pretty great, too!

  15. Aside from tamagotchis I bought... a new phone! I got my old phone in 2012 and by then it was already old. Thought it was time for something new and fingers crossed the NFC works!