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    Anime, Islam, Tamagotchi's, cute, kawaii, japanese, japan

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    2 Tamagotchi V.6 Music Stars, Tama Town by Tamagotchi, 2 Tamagotchi Friends, Tamagotchi P's
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    Can't choose since I haven't tried them all
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    Kuchipatchi The king of Kawaii. Kuromametchi The Dark Prince.
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    Tamagotchi P's

About Me

Welcome to my profile~! :P

I'm a Tama fan and an Otaku. I'm obsessed with Tamagotchi's but unfortunately my parents don't approve much -_- :angry: So it's not really possible for me to buy whatever Tama I want whenever. >.<

I'm a 15 year old female... Nice to meet you~! :3 :lol: :furawatchi: