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  1. I'm bored of Bandai making Tamas only for little girls I can't customize my P's...old Tamas' design were various and really cool, new Tamas look all the same, they only have different colors!I'm too sad, can I make a shell swap with another Tamagotchi?Please help me...I ruined the pierce port while attempting to pop the faceplate out, and I don't know if pierces will still work, because I don't have any pierce!I'm just angry I didn't buy a Friends i...

    1. TamAmore


      instead of a P's!I'm thinking about making a petition to make Tamagotchis unisex again...I previously had only pink Tamas, but their designs are better, they're not jeweled like a P's.Tamagotchi P's is really fun, but I can't carry it with me because of its design!If I'd carry it at a concert? T-T

      just watch this Osutchi Mesutchi commercial where teenage boys play with Tamagotch...
  2. My black Tama-Go and McDonald's toys arrived today!The Tama-Go's dvd perfectly works and today I ordered 2 cute Tamatomo straps

  3. My black Tama-Go and McDonald's toys arrived today!The Tama-Go's dvd perfectly works and I today ordered 2 cute Tamatomo straps

  4. I'm too sad...no Mario P's cover for me...

  5. I'll stamp my faceplate in these days, what about its size?I can't stamp it too many times..
  6. I ordered my black Tama-Go, it comes with the Let's Go Tamagotchi dvd, I hope it will work on my dvd player:/

  7. I can't wait for my Tama-Go!And I can't wait to use my Mario faceplate on it! >w

    1. Box
    2. TamAmore


      Hell no!I hate Super Mario xD I mean Mario Biondi!Guys, Mario is a common name here in Italy :)

  8. KawaiiDesu, thank ya so mutchi! <3 I love it so mutchi, really cute!!! <3 THANKS AGAIN! *O*
  9. I'm not going to get it because.. 1) I don't have internet on my 3DS 2) usually download exclusives are really simple games, so I don't understand everyone's happiness 3) bored of Pokemon invading people's mind xD
  10. la voglia la pazzia l'idea *^*

  11. Can someone make a Mario Biondi one?I don't have a Tama-Go, but I hope I'll get one soon >3< I'd make it by myself, but I'm "computerless"...
  12. I want a daddy TT3TT 3

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    2. TamAmore
    3. pokewhite86


      my dad loves me but my mom always hated me :s

    4. TamAmore


      dads are better, because boys are better, I don' care too much about having a mom, I don't like too much adult women

  13. I like Animal Crossing, but New Leaf is pretty boring, especially without playing online, and if you have the European version is even more boring. I don't play it anymore since November :/ It doesn't have a lot of new features, but I'm happy about the fact girls can now wear pants, I hate skirts xD I still prefer City Folk, maybe because I prefer home consoles. In my opinion Tongari Boushi (Enchanted Folk in Europe, Magician's Quest in the US) is better, so sad Konami don't want to publish the new Tongari Boushi games outside Japan
  14. I'm still waiting for my Mario pierce >3< What about a Jewelpet pierce?Strange they're not in the Sanrio's...
  15. The Precure one would be awesome. I'd like a Mario Biondi pierce.Mario would be so fckn cute as a Tamagotchi, but it's impossible. But if someday somebody will be able to create custom characters...I'll try it too!