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  1. hi flare :3 not sure if you’re alive or remember me lol but this is puffy snivy.. idk i always thought you were really cool and i just hope you’re having a nice day

  2. I've only really experienced glitches on the V5. Mine would just randomly reset whenever it felt like it, although it would mainly happen when either trying to connect to another tama, or while putting in a new battery.
  3. The 4U and 4U+ are in Japanese, but the original 4U has an English patch. Of course, you'll need an NFC compatible phone or tablet to patch it. As for your other question, I'd say it's still relatively easy to use, even if you don't know Japanese. There are various guides out there for it, so it's still pretty easy to use, even without the English patch.
  4. You can compare all of the different versions on the wiki. There's quite a lot of differences between the versions you listed in your post, so the wiki should help you see what those differences are and help you decide on a version.
  5. Had fun with tamachat back when it used to be active. Makes sense that it's being removed, though. Rip.
  6. Looks pretty interesting. Wonder if Bandai will release any more info about it before release.
  7. If I remember correctly, these were limited edition V3's that were only sold in Hong Kong.
  8. The 4U and 4U+ can't connect with the Dream Town Friends unfortunately. The Dream Town can only connect with the original Tamagotchi Friends, and other Dream Town Friend's.
  9. The 4U was kind of disappointing regarding the amount of features it has. The iD l definitely has a lot more to do on it, even without downloads.
  10. That's crazy. So many 4U+'s! Most tamas I've ever ran at once is 2. Don't think I could handle 100.
  11. The Tamagotchi P's doesn't really get boring, at least in my opinion. You can usually find them for around $45 USD on ebay and amazon, so they're in your price range. Although, none of the color releases are in english, so you would need to apply the english patch to the p's.
  12. I think it might be a nano kitty. It's definitely a nano pet, I'm just assuming it's the nano kitty due to the sprite.