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  1. just pre-ordered the tamagotchi on! I just wish it was releasing sooner than august. ;-;

    1. assbread


      SAME, but it gives me more time to save up for a second one!

  2. I ordered an uratama the other day. I've wanted one of them for a long time, so it'll be fun to finally run one! :D

    1. juushii


      How exciting! :ichigotchi:

  3. I've recently started getting into tamas again. Been having a lot of fun running my 4u+ and p1!

  4. I got one of the p1 re-releases yesterday. Really liking it so far, especially since I've never ran a p1 before.

  5. I can't decide if I should get an UraTama, or a Furby Connect. I feel like I'd get more out of the UraTama, but the Furby Connect is super cute. Decisions, decisions.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Flare.exe


      funny story, I actually just read the topic you wrote where you talked about them creepy.

    3. AnniChu


      Oh really? What a coincidence lol

    4. Rorys_Tamas


      Personally I would say the Uratama. the New furbies are creepy now if this was one of the original furbies from the 90's (like the ones I have from when I got them) then I say go for the Furby but then again it also depends on the price is it a shell you are dying to have? Do you love the entama and are ready for the secret characters (one is a toilet) I think it falls on personal preference and what you will get more enjoyment out of

  6. I've only really experienced glitches on the V5. Mine would just randomly reset whenever it felt like it, although it would mainly happen when either trying to connect to another tama, or while putting in a new battery.
  7. I found out today that the official tama-go blog is still viewable via wayback machine. pretty cool to see all of the posts from back then.

  8. The 4U and 4U+ are in Japanese, but the original 4U has an English patch. Of course, you'll need an NFC compatible phone or tablet to patch it. As for your other question, I'd say it's still relatively easy to use, even if you don't know Japanese. There are various guides out there for it, so it's still pretty easy to use, even without the English patch.
  9. I got kuchipatchi on my v3! (^▽^)

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    2. Tamadonut


      kuchipatchi is so cute! ^3^

    3. Tamacass
    4. asmexus


      awesome! kuchipatchi is adorable :)

  10. my anniversary mix came in the mail today!! currently raising a Sakuramotchi. 0w0

  11. ordered an anniversary mix today!! ^u^

    1. Tamacass


      Nice! I want one so badlyyy >o<

  12. You can compare all of the different versions on the wiki. There's quite a lot of differences between the versions you listed in your post, so the wiki should help you see what those differences are and help you decide on a version.
  13. tfw you really want a Sanrio Mix, but you also don't feel like spending $70+ on it ;~;