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  1. I've probably posted in this thread before, but my wishlist has changed some: -Rilakkuma Vpet (any of them...) -Pocket Designer -Tamagotchi 4U -Giga Pet Circus (If I could ever find one...) -Neopets Bruce Red Star Vpet
  2. My family sister is super supportive and totally went with me to the mall just so I could go to hottopic to buy the new ones. My mom thinks that there are better ways to spend money (or I guess *save* money...whatever that is... xD) but she knows they make me happy so she doesn't criticize too much. My husband also is supportive and will kind of be like "oooh cool...." whenever I get overly excited. Most of my friends from high school know, but not a lot of my new friends at work. I also tend to not lead with the fact that I collect if someone sees me playing with one out and about and they assume it's the only one I have I don't correct them Dx
  3. The sad thing about the market research is that I feel like they *tried* (because otherwise I'm not sure where they got the idea that their target audience is like elementary school girls) but failed to take into account that honestly, the appeal for these was great because almost everyone wanted one/had one. My mom always jokes that in the 90's when they came out, the parents were playing with them to try to keep them alive while the kids were at school and such. It wasn't just a children's toy, or just a girl's thing. I think they really narrowed down their potential audience for people unfamiliar with the toys, which is unfortunate. Can you imagine a little boy asking his parents to buy him one though, and his parents being like "Oh no son, those are for girls," based on the color schemes, and now somebody who could have found a new hobby or something that makes them happy was limited. Even if they thought that Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town would appeal more to girls, they could have had like ONE neutral one in a line of 6 designs, you know?
  4. -applause!- *can't tell if Sociology/Gender Studies major, or just super well spoken*
  5. I wouldn't underestimate people buying them for the nostalgia factor though, I know I only *really* got into tamagotchis during the 2008 "connection" releases, and bought one pretty randomly. I agree that these aren't the most fantastic version, but my concern is that Bandai will have lost money and think that people just don't like tamagotchis anymore, rather than looking at the factors that made it flop. I can't imagine they would release a color one if they couldn't even sell the $20 Dream Town's.
  6. True...well and I feel like the customer next to me was thinking about buying one, and the cashier like made her feel weird for being interested/told her they're not as good as she remembers, which is kind of a problem.
  7. Teehee I'm lailabelledance on instagram, I came here to post to let y'all know but looks like you guys are a couple steps ahead of me I'm in California if that helps, also no figures were available at the one I found. Also they were totally on display in a weird place, not at eye level or by the entrance, pretty much knee level by some hello kitty stuff. The cashier did know what I was talking about though and was able to find me other colors from the back storage room.
  8. Nope, my friend got me into them though/started the 2008 trend out our school. She had one, gave one to a mutual friend as a birthday present, and with the whole infrared connection thing soon everybody had one and we were connecting them at breaks at school....I've tried getting my friends into them especially with the "able to buy in stores" tamagotchi friends line (since a lot of them are scared of ebay) but they think $20 is too expensive for something so "simple". :/ I've also tried to give my friends some of my connections as presents hoping they'd get into it and we'd be able to connect them and stuff, but they were excited for like one day before they gave up on it (makes me wish I would have kept them so they'd be appreciated). oh well.
  9. So I went and bought two tamagotchi friends dream town's from my local hottopic at the mall yesterday, and it got me thinking/worried about how the sales are going to go... Obviously Bandai wants to make money and we all know how versions keep getting discontinued etc. but when I went to find them, I really had to know what I was looking for (ie being familiar with the packaging etc.) I found the tamagotchi friends at about knee level by some hello kitty stuff underneath a shelf that basically forces you to kneel down in order to see them...then when I went to buy them, a customer next to me was like "OMG Are those tamagotchis?? Like real ones??" before I could say anything the cashier interrupted me and was like "yeah...they're not like the originals though from the '90s..." in a tone that indicated they aren't very good or that the customer wouldn't like them. People that I know downloaded the app that was supposed to mimic the 1998 ones told me they thought it was too simplistic for them, and I had to explain that the newer ones obviously have more features. I feel like the cashier totally shot down the other customer who might have been interested otherwise. I'm really worried that this version is going to "flop" again. What do you guys think? Are we as tamagotchi enthusiasts/fans the only people buying these now?
  10. I know that a few people have already talked about not liking the TFriends but I actually am really enjoying it!! I like the games and my only complaint is not having interactive items or backlight...otherwise it's cool!

    1. *Hayden*


      I like the frineds now, theyve improved

  11. Thanks guys! Both ways make sense, I just was confused because I thought you had to do both, but I think it's good that they give you options for if you can't connect with another one. Thanks!
  12. Hi all, so I have a tamagotchi friends and on the games section of the menu, it lists three games and then two more as question marks...I thought they would unlock when my pet reached the adult stage but they haven't....I looked online and it said something about collecting a certain number of the "jewelry" items and also connecting with another tamagotchi?? Do I have to do both? I don't have two and I don't know anyone else to connect them with, but I want to unlock the games. Thanks.
  13. Probably not...although I guess in some ways I have done that, just not with my favorite ones. I used to buy tamagotchis in "lots" because it was somewhat cheaper to get certain ones I wanted that way, then I would resell the ones I didn't want, use that money to buy ones I wanted etc. I would say as of now I have most of the main ones I've been wanting...the ones that I still want but don't have, I think are a little overpriced so I wouldn't sell like 6 tamagotchis to get 1 which I think costs too much, if that makes sense?
  14. Oooh ohmygosh! I love that idea, like cargo pants but a handbag or case with tons of tamagotchi pockets!!! That would be awesome
  15. Ooh you could make a pencil case or makeup bag, or maybe a drawstring if you put some padding for your tamagotchis? Or maybe some hair bows or bow tie. Have fun!!