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  1. I never tried taking the tama apart, maybe I could try it tomorrow. I woulde appreciate if you link me to the guide.
  2. Hey there again, So today I just found my old Tamagotchi V4.5 and it works.. except that the buttons are laggy (Dosen't respond in time) Is there like a way or a trick to get them back to work and respond in time?
  3. Thanks, I decided to bid $20 because 30 secs before the auction ended a guy bid 17.50 so just to be safe and get it I bided $20 5 seconds before the auction ended
  4. Should I get the V3 with zebra or blue camo, I like both and idk wich one to choose D: Zebra: Blue Camo: *I ended up getting the blue camo and won! ^^ ended up paying 20 because another user was doing the same as me, sniping lol
  5. 16 turning 17 this month and I'm running my Music Star and going to buy a V3 soon on yeah...
  6. I just did some research about biding, I should bid mins before the auction ends
  7. I like the one with the one with the zebras but i never bid before how does that work?
  8. Yeah, I'm looking for new conditions but I guess I'll just see if I buy a used one thanks for the links guys! =)
  9. I've been wanting to get a Tamagotchi V3, does anyone know where can I buy a new one? I checked ebay and new ones prices were over $50 o-o
  10. I got the the Music Star from ebay, not sure if they stil sell it in out Toys R Us, I remember when they used to sell it in Walgreens but now they dont.
  11. Anime about card games! I'm probably the only one that watch it I do play it in real iits actually a fun gam to play. ^^ If anyones interesting in watching or playing it heres the first episode! English Dub: English Sub:
  12. When will a shop appear in the shop? lol I havent seen one yet.
  13. If your tamagotchis are different versions, they wont be able to connect if thats what are you reffering about if they're different version when connecting them you should press ''Other'' so hey can connect as for the matchmaker, it should appear when your Tamagotchi is age 5 - 7 and gets your tama married. I'm running a Tamagotchi Music Star, my personal favorite version I just got back to it like a week ago when I found it and I'm 16 turning 17 in June.