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  1. Tilde and Tenvr are both long gone and left their babies behind, but i'm just wrapping up my portion of this here hatch. Anways, i really didn't mind the tamas i got. I'll probably do doubles more often. I actually had a Kabutchi on my blue v2, not too long ago, but i'm not mad. Kabutchi and Pipotchi are both great tamas to have, although Pipotchi actually look a bit creepy in their closeups lol
  2. oh dear kiwitchi, why must your happy hearts drop quicker than that of a teen?

  3. Hey guys, it's been a while lol sorry for that. Updates: Tilde and Tenvr have been on pause on and off. Tenvr was having an issue with her battery. I tried connecting both of them and taking pics, but my v2 went straight to the 'dead battery' screen. I wasn't able to replace the battery for hours. The v2 must of been debugged in the past because at random times it speeds up. I found Tenvr almost dead and her time was 7 hours ahead o.o but she made it through. So i guess i got to cheat a little. What doesn't make sense is that Tenvr is still younger than Tilde, but whatever. Anyways Tilde turned into a Young mimitchi, which isn't much of a surprise lol, there are only 2 teens on each generation on a v1, but i'm not complaining! Young mimitchi are very cute, but I think they actually have ugly smiles, that's their drawback imo. I should of gotten a pic of that. But i did get a pic of her dancing! The animation looks like it was made for Ichigotchi, but the programmers had to resort to a dancing young mimitchi lol awkward, but still cute though. Here's Tenvr. She turned into an Ichigotchi. I just had one of these on my v1 (duh). I like Ichigotchi, so it's cool. Ringotchi are a bit boring to me. Not sure if i'm going to have to do something about the circuit board. I don't need my tamas dying on me lol. I should have gotten better pictures, but none of the interesting items came into the shop. While on the v1 there's like.. nothing to do haha. It's their simplicity that allows me to run multiple gotchis at once. So yeah Tilde and Tenvr are already adults, i've just been lagging on the posts. I might update tonight, it depends. Otherwise i'll update days from now.
  4. Hello guys, i'm not posting pictures this time around because nothing new really happened lol. I left them on pause yesterday because i was visiting family, so i only took my adult v3 Mametchi. They were on pause for about 8 hours since I was out and about. I paused them again today for about 4 hours, but just resumed them 10 minutes ago. I shouldn't have to pause in the next days. They're more than likely going to age during they're sleep and evolve once they wake up. Cant wait to see what teens i get tomorrow. If i get a Hinatchi on my v2 and take perfect care i'll be able to get Marumimitchi without the luck needed, otherwise if i get Ichigotchi or Young Mimitchi, it'll be a matter of perfect care and luck. Til next time.
  5. And alas, the hatch has started. Here are my gotchis i started for the hatch, and i will be doing 3 of the original challenges. I got 2 girls (and a girl on my v3 days ago)which is funny since i just raised 4 boys in the past week or so. Both of them turned into Kinakomotchi. Tilde (to the left) will be going for perfect care (love mimitchi) and for longest living. Tilde is a v1 by the way. I'm running a v1 and a v2 actually, no v3. Neither are actually from eggs lol they're both on generation 2. Tilde will be my first oldie (yeah i know lol). I'm just not too fond of the oldie characters as compared to the adults, but i've never done this challenge before. To the right we have Tenvr the v2. For the v2 we will be doing perfect care and longest generation string. I'm excited for the perfect care challenge on the v2 since the possible perfect care adults are mimitchi, Chohimetchi, or marumimitchi. I hope for maru. Happy Holidays tama-breeders.
  6. i say v3. v2's and v3's have very diverse character sets, and are also based on care, not skill points, so getting your teens and adults are nowhere near as predictable, you can try for certain characters, but it's not always a guarantee (of course) the characters are still pet-like, not humanoids wearing clothes and getting jobs etc. imo, v3's still somewhat reflect the originals, once you get to the v4, you enter a new threshold of 'tamagotchi'. to me, anything past a v3 is more of a virtual doll-house, while anything before is more pet-like.
  7. v2's definitely have a cute character set :]

    1. oddsandendswithlove


      they do for sure <3 im thinking on trading my extra NIB v2 though hehe ^.^

  8. great job webster!! love it. @2pvaporeon, it brings back memories because these characters make up around half of the originals.
  9. Hey guys, i am back and i have quite a few you can see lol. So Fawful got the matchmaker days ago and left behind his daughter who i named Tenvr. Random name, i know, but i try and give every tama i raise a unique name, no repeats. The christmas hatch is coming up, so i'm preparing a few tamagotchis before then that way i have a few to choose from, so I tabbed this van v2. So Khan finally evolved, and he evolved into a mametchi!! If you want to get Mametchi or Mimitchi without any hassle, just raise a v1(or p1/p2) and take perfect care of the little guy. Both my v2's were unable (or i was unable) to obtain mametchi and got Furawatchi instead, but here we are. To the right is Cosmo, that name should be familiar with some of you, he's the same tamagotchi who took part in Nerdbot's father day hatch! I never got to finish because things started getting tough for me in life around that time. I'm preparing this tama as well, Cosmo's son or daughter will be on an odd gen. (3). I found Cosmo next to the Christmas tree. It seems like holidays don't become relevant to me until my tamagotchis/ animal crossing towns tell me so. Once you get older, holidays/bdays are very irrelevant.. I started up my green v3, this one might be familiar to some though they may not know so, this was the tamagotchi i used on my alphabet log on the tamaguyjayy account. The 3 previous gen's were Gus, Henly and Iggy, meaning this little guy's name was supposed to start with a J. I totally blanked out and named him Pollo and ended up tabbing him anyway. 10 generation is the furthest i've gotten so far. That's a lot it for today. The Log is gonna mainly focus around Pollo now, but don't be surprised if you see more of Cosmo and Khan. Chapter 3 Part 1
  10. I'm definitely running a v2 that day, but IF no one runs a v3 in this hatch, i'll be more than happy to run one of those as well. And if someone does, i'll run another v2, but on an opposite generation, in addition to this i would like to do both challenges as well, if you don't mind me copying xD
  11. Hey folks! I am back, and here we have the ambivalent, the awful, Fawful. Yes..the awful Fawful who turned into a well behaved Furawatchi.. [pretty boy]. Nah, Fawful's just punishing me for tabbing my other v2 because i got a Furawatchi as well (Ocean). Furawatchi are all too common for me, so i feel very 'meh' about them, but usually after a while their charm gets to me, and it has. They sort of remind me of Bellosom with the flowers and round dark eyes. I'd like to introduce you guys to La Pequena Fresa Baile (the tiny dancing strawberry), Khan. I named him after one of the Elite Beat Agents (yes I played that game and it was possum). You're jelly of Khan, I know it. Admit it Although v2's and v3's are my favorite versions, the v1 will always get special love from me. I like the v1 because of the characters, the simplicity, nostalgia (it's been nearly 10 years) and because v1's showcase character animations longer. Idk if this is entirely true though because Fawful was singing for quite a while, but i know for sure that v2's and v3's mostly do their animations for like..10 seconds. Thanks for reading.