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  1. lol i remember this account...BLAGH

  2. It still doesn't work for me...I checked my email multiple times yet still no validation email.
  3. I stare at the familiar "Terms of Use" screen. Why am I so scared? "No flaming" "No swearing" It's a little late for that...I laugh. Is this what Hollyleaf felt like? Wanting to go back to ThunderClan...but afraid of being rejected? I guess I'm like her. But instead of a tunnel of stone, I hid in a tunnel of hate and PMs. I'm scared. But I want to see if anything happened. My finger hovers over the screen, then presses the button. No turning back now. "I agree" I enter TamaCHAT. (Idk what I was thinking, I often write whatever comes to mind. I never revise. Sorry if this was weird.)
  4. Even America's loud voice can't make me stop crying.

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    2. snowflake6


      God... how did chat go so wrong...

    3. tamalover1918


      Haha...this cheerful music doesn't go with my mood at all.

    4. booboo1


      are you okay dear

  5. 1. How would you describe yourself? Marukaite Chikyuu (Austria's version) 2. What do people think about you? Marukaite Chikyuu (China's version) 3. What's your current theme song? Marukaite Chikyuu (Holy Roman Empire and Germany) 4. What song is best for you to play during the day? Hetalia Marukaite Chikyuu (Everyone's) 5. What song is best for you to play at night? Mein Gott (Prussia and Nyo!Prussia) 6. What song do you wanna play at your next birthday party? Mawaru Chikyuu Ronda (Allies mix) 7. What's the best slumber party song? Wa Wa World Ondo 8. What song would you play for yourself if you can't sleep? Carrots and Sticks (Belarus and Ukraine) 9. What's your signature dancing song? Nihao China (China) 10. What's your favorite song to play on road trips? Always With You, Nordic Five! (Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland) 11. What song do you wanna play on camping trips? Marukaite Chikyuu (Japan's version) 12. If you are allowed to play songs while watching a movie, which song would you choose? Hattafutte Parade (Italy and France) 13. What's your motto? Aiyaa! Four Thousand Years (China) 14. What's your biggest secret? Einsamkeit (Germany) All I have are Hetalia songs xb
  6. Hetalia World Celebration. I memorized most of it so it keeps playing in my head.
  7. Found a youtube video of me dancing the hula from last year, you can hear me scream at the end xb. The mom meant to film the guy behind me, but I ended up in the video. "CHEEHEE"

  8. Someone posted an ugly picture of me on Instagram, then tried to delete it and sent it to Facebook accidentally. FML

    1. snowflake6


      Don't worry, nobody will notice it. It will disappear soon.

  9. Internet is horrible again -_-

  10. No, he's just a jerk. I'm just super crazy because I can't stop liking him.