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  1. this account now has driver error woo hoo party


    1. neonmoo


      its not in the UK till the 14th :(

  3. i do! i don't have any cabochons though, and i just put a few rhinestones on it.. i did the cover of my mod podge though~ my brother also did a notebook owo
  4. open up the tama and stick the star back in. for the fading pixels, try replacing the screen or cleaning the contacts on it while you have it open for the star, and for the buttons, you can clean the contacts for them too. make sure to clean it with rubbing alchohol, not water. also did you drop it in water before?
  5. theres actually people who don't mind her woah
  6. all i can see in the future is "Tamagotchi Life Tamagotchi" which would be a fat huge version of the life app for "easier play"
  7. the app is sucessful? more like bad news because it'll attract even more #hashtagging #hippies into our #tamagotchi #fandom #lol #kidstoy #90's #nostalgia dO yOU WANT THAT ON TT
  8. is the deco pierce connector dirty? maybe you should just sorta blow in the pierce connector and the pierce itself and see what happens.
  9. IPS boards don't have that feature
  10. LoveMelo Star Circus Royal Change Melody Land Fairy Change Very Sweets Baby?! Change Soon to be released Dream Coffret Aikatsu
  11. your boss has no style in other peoples fashion --- i love the chibi tamas especially because i like things small, and that it's so adorable >w< it's also very easy to take care of
  12. do you have a pierce related character on your pink p's? you can't link a change pierce while you have a pierce character. i have a pink p's and a blue one too, and i have 3 deco pierces and they can be linked at any time, but it will ask you "Replace __'s data and link?" then "are you sure?" and then it will link. sorry if it's confusing. uwu