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  1. I don't like the Minis. I hate them so mutch they are too small and all it really is, is a clock with a character comment below why u do or don't like the tamagotchi mini.
  2. i dont see why the tamago doesnt allow your little figure to go to school, i just think it would boe cooler
  3. Yeah I guess I like how it fits in my hand but I hate hate how it doesn't fit in my pocket
  4. I love my tamagotchi green tamago

  5. I love my tamagotchi green tamago

  6. Okay so as I said before, I got the tamago a year ago I like it and I like the size even thought its a pain to fit in ur pockets I really wanted to know what u do and don't like about it???
  7. I think that it's not fair that Japan gets better things and tamagotchis than we do in America I tried asking for a tamagotchi color but when I got it, to my surprise it was all in japanize I know that it was made in Japan and all but when I emails the tamagotchi company they emailed me in a week saying they have no new ideas for the USA.
  8. I don't like that the tamagotchi color is only in japanize

    1. sonicfan253


      Well, Bandai USA is lazy. And not to be mean but it's 'japanese'

  9. I got my tamago a year ago. i knew it was big but i dont know why it is so bug. The big dome shape makes the sound softer so you cant hear as much, the screen is cheap and one scrape and its all scratched up. i do like the new features but they could have done better...