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  5. I've had the opposite experience. I completely neglect Maruten in order to get Takoten - I find that they are actually quite hardy!
  6. I believe you're not supposed to change the time. It might mess up the "growth", and therefore cause your Maruten to pass away. Try leaving the time and see what happens! Best of luck.
  7. Angels grow a bit faster than regular Tamagotchis. Kuriten is considered to be an adult, but can transform into a secret character. Congrats! That said, unfortunately your Tamagotchi cannot devolve and grow backwards. The objective of the game in toy mode is to jump over the shooting star. You can press the middle button for your Angel to jump. It may take a few practices!
  8. That's so strange - average care and high angel power? Takoten usually comes from poor care and little to no angel power. I'll try it next time, thanks for your tip! Actually in regards to the pooping - it might only occur after you catch your Angel dancing with stars! If I think about it, I don't see poops very often on the vintage, either!
  9. Hi friends! I was wondering if anyone has had experience playing with the Tamagotchi Angel app that has been recently released for iOS and Android. Has anyone noticed any major differences? I understand that growth is dependent on Angel Power and general care - I have a vintage Angelgotch myself. Having said that, I've had terrible luck getting a Takotchi! I've raised three Maruten that consistently had 0 AP and filled hearts only halfway. One of them unfortunately did not survive, which is quite strange – I've raised an Oyajittenshi by literally ignoring my Angel for three days. The other two continued to grow into Kodoten. Has anyone had similar experiences with the new app? Or, have you noticed any differences that you'd like to share? I'd love to know! EDIT: Has anyone noticed if their Angel has gone to the bathroom at all? Mine certainly hasn't...
  10. 1. I'm not too sure how it will affect its grown on the V4, but I know that on the Vintage Tamagotchis, it more or less has no effect. In fact, it grows faster because of how long it's awake. 2. It could be a glitch. I'm not too sure why that would happen.
  11. 1. Your Tamagotchi will always automatically sleep on its own. Even if you leave the light on, it will still sleep. The consequence will be a care mistake, which may or may not influence the character your Tamagotchi becomes. 2. It depends on whether or not the Tamagotchi has been paused, and the age it became an adult. If I remember correctly, after about 48 hours of becoming an adult, the Matchmaker will visit your Tamagotchi to introduce a potential partner. 3. No, timing out your Tamagotchi will not lead to death. It will result in an unhappy Tamagotchi.
  12. I think I made one of the topics you saw! It's a good habit to check on your Ocean about every 15-30 minutes. Hearts will constantly drop, but otherwise the polar bear attacks are not constant. I would say once about every two to three hours. Your Tamagotchi will take a nap during the day, and that is when the polar bear strikes. The naps last as long as the attack - they are very short. The naps don't have a discernible pattern, however. I would say that you really need to watch out for sickness and predator attacks. Neglect doesn't seem to cause death as easy as you think. I haven't had the time to try and fix the sound on my Tamagotchi, but having no sound doesn't mean you won't be able to take care of your fishy. You just need to keep an eye on it.
  13. I have noticed that my Umino Tamagotchi sound has been steadily becoming quieter over the last little while. A few days ago, the sound finally decided to go away completely, which lead to my poor Kingyotchi's death - I was too late to save him from a predator. Since then, I have opened up my Tamagotchi to inspect the wires' connection to the sound board. They are completely in tact, and they are soldered very securely. Is there anything I can do to try and revive the sound? Let me know if you have any ideas, and thanks in advance!
  14. Recently, I have been raising a P1. I do believe that they should have more or less similar growth times to a P2, but I am not certain. I always start my Tamagotchis in the morning. If your Tamagotchi is born in the morning, the times should be very similar to mine below: Babitchi to Marutchi Born at 8:00 AM, transformed at "Age 1" at 9:00 AM Total Time: ~ 1 hour as a baby Marutchi to Tamatchi Transformed at Age 3 at about 11:10 AM Total Time: ~25.17 hours as a child Tamatchi to Masktchi Final transformation at Age 6, around 12:10 PM Total Time: ~ 34 hours as a teenager Keep in mind that I have only calculated the time that my Tamagotchi has spent awake. I don't believe the hours your Tamagotchi spends sleeping affects the speed of the growth. I know that the vintage Tamagotchis do take much longer to transform. The actual times does vary depending on the model, but the P2 should be very similar to the P1.
  15. Did you pause your Tamagotchi? I've noticed that if you pause your Ocean for an extended period of time during a call for discipline, the attention icon will remain lit. It should go away after about an hour. I'm thinking it's a glitch.