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  1. I adore all of these!! Super cute Could you make a hoppe-chan/Cheeks chan one, or a hello kitty one similar to the LTS one? And perhaps an aikatsu and/or love live! one?
  2. 19 and I just spent all my birthday money on tamas and got a cheeks chan from my girlfriend lol no regrets
  3. Happy Birthday :) Hope you have a great day.

  4. I do I'm surprised more people don't know about it
  5. I got hime loves mametchi by having himespetchi go to the park and run into mametchi, so i'm guessing that's how you do it/one way to do it?
  6. maybe with a bit of fiddling they could fit on the 4U? because I love the MLP ones could someone maybe make a faceplate of vinyl scratch/DJ Pon3 and then one of DJ Pon3 with Octavia?
  7. So is the list of compatible phones the same, or is there higher compatibility rate now? I've been holding back on a phone until I find out what phones are most compatible with the app
  8. Yellow ID L, Blue P's, and Purple Tamagotchi Friends I'm getting a tamagotchi 4U purple anniversary and a White Tamagotchi +Colour for christmas so
  9. On the tamagotchi p's growth chart, it shows that in order to unlock certain characters, you need to have them with two characteristics, such as mametchi who has two. Last time I tried to get a character like this, I ended up getting a different character that only required one of these characteristics even though I had given the teen both; what am I doing wrong???
  10. The apk release was taken down though, wasn't it? so this is a solution for those who couldn't get the apk
  11. A friend told me about something he used to get a Japanese PuYoPuYo game, called Qoo App. He tested that the 4U app works with it perfectly, as I don't have my android yet, so here are the steps he gave me: First, search up or click on literally anything Then, click 'download'. Some screen will pop up telling you to download Qoo App onto your phone, then click "English version". Then after the file is downloaded, you drag and drop the file into your phone. Using a file manager (there are several on the play store for free that you can download) tap on the APK for Qoo App and it'll install THEN with Qoo App on your phone, find the APK you want by typing in either the thing, the dev's name, or the app's name and it'll get it for you Anyone with an android could test this out, I would but as I said I don't have my android yet