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  1. Pokemon sun/moon was my first pokemon game ever (didn't know what a shiny was), and a few days in I came across a Masquerain which I was quite sure looked a strange colour. Then in its pokedex entry it had this little star, which bugged me because none of the others had it, so I ended up wonder trading poor masquerain away My other wild shiny was a Ditto. I don't go hunting for shinies, but I've hatched quite a few during my breeding attempts; Alolan vulpixes, snivies, a gible, and some mimikyus. I've gotten several shinies through wondertrade too, though I suspect those were probably hacked
  2. There's a berry ice cream cone snack in the restaurant. It's pink with 2 scoops. Like the berry sundae on the original mixes, eat it 10 times and you'll unlock Berry Town.
  3. Yep, it's an Asia Pacific design. It's available as both a V4, and an early wave V4.5 in the V4 shell. TamaShell is unfortunately an incomplete resource, as a lot of Asia Pacific shells are hard to find, nor were they documented in stock photos as the US & EU designs were. These back warning labels are present on english-language Connection Tamagotchis that were for sale within Asia. Identical shells sold in Australia & NZ etc omit the Chinese script.
  4. These are questions you can easily find answers to if you do a simple google search. Please see the linked section from the tamagotchi wiki's entry on the Akai:!_Tamagotchi_Plus_Akai#IR_Communication They connect but cannot breed. The tamagotchi wikia has a wealth of information, and is very much worth consulting when in doubt.
  5. Each year, I boot up my santa two weeks before Christmas day. Other than that, the mix is pretty low maintenance, so I'll be giving my anniversary mix a go
  6. Many seem to really love it, but to me, they're just ok. The concept is cute and I love not having to collect happy stamps, but I got bored after a few generations. You raise a character, marry it off, and repeat. In order to marry, you either have to visit a destination quite a few times to build relationships, or be able to afford a 5000 gotchi point ring, and either way it feels like a grind. The destinations are cute, but not very interactive. Each destination has a shop with themed foods, toys and accessories. Some offer a mini game, but after playing once you are deposited back in your living room, and have to go back to the destination if you wish to play again. What bothers me most is that you need to have at least two m!x units to unlock Mermaid Palace & Gozaru Village, so if you only have one m!x you will permanently be missing 2 destinations. There's no gardening or seeds to plant, and not very many built-in wallpapers. The mix would definitely offer a more complete experience with access to the stations in Japan. I haven't tried the Anni m!x yet, and though I love the characters on it, it's the same concept of raise, marry, rinse and repeat. If you're interested in raising weird and wonderful characters then I absolutely recommend the mix. The mix is also nice because the faceplate insert can be changed with a bit of tinkering and personalised on the cheap.
  7. Yep. I'm not at all a fan of kawaii stuff or stereotypically girly things, so some of the colour tamagotchis never clicked with me. Although I was initially disappointed by either the design or content of many colour-screened tamagotchis, there is so much custom content out there now that I can personalise them exactly how I want. Luckily enough the 4Us came in a rainbow of colours. And the m!x is great; printing and cutting out a paper insert is cost-effective, and I can make them look however I want. I've also got an ancient mobile phone lying around, so I can download the custom P's VDPs, and re-live the vintage era in colour. I'm really happy about the 20th Anni Mix too. Bandai appears to use aniversary edition to please (or appease) the nostalgic fans. Comes in neutral white, and stuffed to the brim with simpler, less fluffy characters, like the 15th anni iDL. While much of the recent direction, including most of the animes have not appealed to me, I appreciate that Bandai makes the effort to bring us more traditional content. Add on the vintage & connection eras and a world of customisation potential, and I'm one happy Tamagotchi fan.
  8. I don't see a problem. The seller from whom most feedback is from is a very popular eBay vendor for japanese merchandise - it wouldn't be unusual for this person to sell off a few things they had bought from the large vendor. Paypal protection and eBay both cover buyers from dodgy deals anyhow. All sellers have to start somewhere, and sometimes offer products slightly cheaper than competitors to help counteract lack of seller feedback. I'd personally be more concerned about the clearly stripped (and missing) screws on the tamagotchis than the lack of feedback
  9. It will be an interesting project to modify the infrared lamps, but technically, it might be possible to produce software to alter the necessary hardware. I'd love to see this done though I imagine a lot of tinkering will be needed to find a user-friendly solution. Here's hoping!
  10. I thought I read somewhere that bandai changed the type of infrared the Mix uses so it's no longer compatible with the mobile phones/usbs we can use to send things to older tamagotchi versions. If this is true, even if we somehow get hold of exclusive m!x station content, the standard method of using old mobile phone to beam it wouldn't work anyway.
  11. So objectively, the list is not 100% accurate, as it pulls data from individual phones which may or may not be modified depending on many factors including network locking, provider and country. Surely the app does not have the permissions to see the exact components, specifications & software of each phone it connects to (the app does not disclose or request these permissions) and so certain models which are 'confirmed' to work may be those which are unlocked, or rooted, or modified, and so on. It also isn't an absolute reference point as phones get added to the confirmed list as time goes on, but it's the best guide we presently have.
  12. How does it update itself? I'm legitimately curious, because I've seen reports of (unmodified) phones that aren't on the correct list, and I've personally owned two models that were compatible but remain on the incompatible list years later. So I'm not convinced the list is 100% reliable or comprehensive.
  13. The list of compatible phones is unfortunately not completely accurate. My phone is on the incompatible list but works just fine, while others bought approved phones which don't work. All I can suggest is to replace your 4U batteries if you're using older batteries at the moment. Other than that, give the app a few tries, as it can take a while to get the 4U in the right position for connection. Unfortunately there is no way to fix it if a phone cannot connect
  14. 1. The first thing to decide is if you'd like a colour-screened model, or a black and white screen tamagotchi. For black and white screens, I would recommend a Connection tamagotchi, particularly the V4 or V4.5, which both have good content - it's a good idea to head to youtube and watch reviews on versions you are considering and take a look at the games on each model as fun games make a huge difference to the overall experience. If you're leaning towards a colour screen, I second the M!X. Learning to navigate a Japanese tamagotchi is not hard, and the mix is quite different to previous releases in its menu structure, so prior experience with english language versions won't help much anyway. I recommend the m!x because unlike the P's, the daycare feature is free, and not having to grind games for points to pay for babysitting is really nice. While daycare won't feed your tamagotchi, poo won't pile up and make your character unhappy or sick, so it's a perfect feature for those who are busy (I'm also a grad student, and this is my favourite version for when I'm super busy). I also recommend the m!x over the 4U or 4U+ because the 4U doesn't have a lot of built in content, and it's not a particularly outstanding version gameplay-wise without an NFC-compatible phone, which will let you download a bunch of extra characters and games. A list of NFC compatible phones can be found here: 2. If daycare during the day isn't enough, all tamagotchis can be paused. For any colour screen versions, you have to scroll to the clock or menu and pause from there. For Connection versions (red infrared port up top), you just press the left and centre buttons together, which is a bit easier. 3. eBay and also tamagotchi groups on Facebook. 4. I'm 23. I was a fan as a kid, but returned 3 or 4 years ago. 5. Not a guy, but I've met heaps of males in the hobby. Using tamagotchis in public will generally get you some weird looks regardless of whether you're male or female 6. If you think you might be interested in getting a tamagotchi, the first things to decide are between colour/black&white screen, and then whether a toy in Japanese will be offputting. Price is also a factor. The P's is currently the only colour model that can be fully converted into english, but this requires you to have an old phone or usb for transferring via infrared. There is an English iDL, but it's crazy expensive. So colour-screened models in English aren't straightforward to obtain. Black and white connection series are generally found secondhand, and are cheaper than new and even secondhand colour models. Be careful if you select a connection series, as some are in Japanese and some in English. If you'd like info on telling them apart please let us know. For black and white, there are also the oldest tamagotchis, the vintages. These are smaller and much simpler, well-priced, and have a peculiar charm of their own with the Angelgotchi and the original P1 or P2 being rather low maintenance. Good luck Bixler! Let us know what you decide
  15. Split my entry because of the photo limit... I'm afraid I really don't like this dark pink/dark green/orange colour combination. Time to visit the restaurant again. This time a friend met me there (not sure if the friend that appears is random, or a time of day thing) I think he looks a bit better all green, even if it shocked him a little