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  1. thanks! i got my music star from my sister used so i dont have the instructions
  2. i didn't pause it and tarakotchi left this morning lel thanks for the advice though now i have an adorable kuribotchi, his favourite instrument is the boom box and his fav toy is a tamagotchi
  3. About two days ago the band manager came and brought a chantotchi to mate with my tarakotchi, after i selected "yes" the marriage animation appeared and i got a baby boy. I wanted to take care of the baby but tarakotchi and chantotchi are still on the screen and the baby boy is between them. What should i do? i wanted to move on to 2nd generation! (Thanks for the answers )
  4. i usually start my tamas in christmas, easter and summer holidays since i can look after them 24/7 (they always end up getting paused during school days due to heavy amount of homework and projects poor tama )
  5. i'm literally sleeping over at my sisters room rn. lol

  6. do you ever just cringe when you wake up in the morning and see your lovely adorable memetchi on your plus color turn into an ugly oldie >
  7. you can get lovelitchi on the second generation lol (you can force the male adult to marry some female character in the park after you met the same one 3 times )
  8. since im little, im always very fond of miniature, small cute things, when i first discovered tamas back in 2005 , i immediately asked my mom to let me have one(i was 5 lol) then the tama craze in me kinda died a little since elementary school started and i dont have much time to visit the toy store after school. in 2011 one summer afternoon, i found a cheap v5 in a local toy store, and thats how i started to fiddle with these mini portable friends im 14 now but idc i just love them and no one can possibly make me hate them lol (i still sneak them to school omg)
  9. open the window and let the wind soften the smell maybe? idk but dont let it fall lol
  10. im crying the kuchipatchi ball is so cute tbh im ok with the ten built in characters since i like the old mametchi kuchipatchi ones more than the dream town ones my birthday's on 10th of october, you know what that means "pls mom" "no vivian youre 14" "butt moooooooom" "go away omg" "mom" edit: guys idk if you know about this but most samsung phones are equipped with nfc technology shout out to my dad for getting me a galaxy s3 mini instead of iphone 4 ) i dont really know about iphones since i dont have any apple products
  11. but hey what do you expect its a freaking strawberry XD LOL joking
  12. we arent allowed to wear those we wear annoying uniforms:( i hate my school so much omg
  13. i used a strip of fabric from my old t shirts for my terulin phone's scarf
  14. i study in a school with girls only and they are SO NOSY THEY ARE LIKE STALKERS and they will be really supsious about my huge pencil bag(they need to know every single fact about me ) what should i do?
  15. i just figured out a couple insane ideas (use it if you want) 1. put your tam in a empty candy container (wash it pls) 2. make a book-container - glue the pages together until desired thickness, cut a hole in the middle, put tama in (dont glue the first few because you have to pretend ur reading them ) 3.make a crazy pouch - only expose the screen and buttons, then glue a piece of fabric above the screen and a clothes' button(not tama button) under the screen so it can be covered (maybe its impossible to crochet itfabric might work idk) well this is the end, hope my english isnt really bad and they helped(i dont speak english:/) GOOD LUCK ON UR TAMA!
  16. i think i should try using a better brand or rechargebles, thanks for the advice:) hopefully it will work normally soon
  17. this happened to my ID Le too! but it drains up the in one night and they arent cheap batterys:(
  18. well i bought my yellow id le from the local toysrus in december, it was working well until one day its batterys died and i changed them, on the next day the batteries died again! they are new batteries though, what happened? (i didnt drop it and im sure no one played with it at night:'(
  19. i wonder will using a crochet cover work bc no one will know its a tama they'll just think that its a weird ball of yarn thing with a keychain
  20. today my cousin came to my house and i didnt want him to hear my id l, so i put it under the blanket to change its batteries. when i took it out, the scren became green! after pressing a bunch of button it says ROM TEST and some japanese stuff (mine is an id l e) and it resetted too:(
  21. i dont have any tama related charms but i got stickers on my P's and they look so cute >w<
  22. i'm thinking about resetting my v3 for this or not maybe i'll reset it on halloween night ps: i dont live in the US but time zone wont affect me