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  1. I just have a question. is the tamagotchi nano like any other tama because i see pictures of them with mametchi and meloditchi but nothing else! please help!
  2. I'm not that into the Ps because u can see its specifically towards girls. If they didn't make it girlhood I still wouldn't go crazy over it but I still want it. The pin part is ok. Like with the tamaGO they're trying to sucker people into spending 15$ on a pin. Except Ill still buy the pins. Its not that I dont like the Ps its that I'm a little annoyed. That's all I have to say
  3. I tried to make a custum tamaGO faceplate but cant do it can someone give me a link to find some please :D
  4. Same charecter just different names for different animes
  5. Very terribly made and someone tricked you sorry
  6. Same here about the lost total interest in them My mom says I go from one thing to the next
  7. Can you sell me that (joking)