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  1. I've loved it since I was 4, by lost interest when G3.5 came out but when G4 came on the scene I got interested in collecting them again!! I don't really watch the show but I watch clips from time to time. The only thing I hate about the fandom is how tons of people post inappropriate videos on YouTube, where little kids can easily click on one thinking its a regular cutesy MLP video and in reality be a disgusting video that would scar them for life. Also at Cons some people dress up as any of the characters and do inappropriate stuff around them, but I think kids shouldn't go to Cons anyway. There, I'm done ranting. -^-
  2. I've come across thousands and laughed at all of them. Somehow I find them hilarious not scary..
  3. Most of the time i just listen to music on it with my ipod.. nothing real special.
  4. I got a song stuck in my head the past 10 hours and it's keeping me awake. Here's a hint: "EVERYBODY'S SUPER SONIC RACING, COME ON LET THE FIRE BURN" =_=

    1. Kitt


      Sonic Racing soundtrack <333


      I love that game c:

  5. I only got the original 3DS game plus the figures xD They are Stealth Elf, some flaming knight guy [dunno his name] and Dark Spyro >:3
  6. -____-; It's keeping me awake and has been looping in my head for the past 10 hours.
  7. Dark/Steel. Uhmm..ok interesting. ^ ^;
  8. OK I've found another Tama fakie, or ripoff. Here it is.... It's a weird one, I've never seen it in my entire life although it kinda looks like a Dinkie Dino ripoff. Any thoughts on what this might be!?!
  9. OK I have to put this out cause I'm sick of seeing it on this site. There's a ad with a game called My First Love and it's really getting on my nerve. What's strange is I only see it when I'm viewing from my Wii U!!!

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    2. FairyWars9


      Problem is theres no Ad Block for Wii U, lol.

    3. FairyWars9


      I'll just scroll down quick ^ ^

    4. furbitchi


      If you thin that's bad you should see what ads appear on no sub tv the only place to watch tamagotchi anime

  10. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO MY FELLOW CANADIANS!! :D 2014 HAS OFFICALLY BEGUN! The fireworks here and on TV were CRAZY, it sounded like I was stuck in a gunfight! o__o;

  11. I'm the same way only I don't get creeped out by bees and very small spiders, I actually find bees cute, espeically when there fluffy ones! -w- But I get very creeped out whenever I see a wasp/hornet or a regular sized spider in my bathroom. *shudders*
  12. Well I got new neighbors but they thankfully aren't bad. It's 2 guys and a girl (I think) and they all thankfully are nothing compared to "Stompy" my old neighbor who would wear boots all day!! One of them stays home cause I hear a vaccum but nothing bad...yet

    1. 2pVaporeon


      Oh no, my upstairs neighbor vacuums at 2 in the morning. hopefully yours dont. I sleep through it though, but my mom complains all day. xD

    2. FairyWars9


      Ouch... >.< What I'm worried about is that I might hear people having "you know what" upstairs because it's supposedly 2 guys and one girl unless the other guy was just helping them unpack.

  13. That is a prime example of movie scenes that I absolutely was terrifed of. That dumb roaring sound, real background, slightly depressing music, and weird drawings that I couldn't recongize. I watched a clip of it and I felt a bit uneasy with the music and the roaring sound... THANK GOD I never encountered this movie until now or else...I dunno..
  14. I'm soo bored, so I'm doing all these "As A Kid" topics cause I find it interesting!! Anyways, I'll tell you one thing. In 2003 up until 2004, me and my mom used to eat at Wendy's a lot, we never ate in after I freaked out cause I saw a fly in the window so we ate in the car. Way before that however, I used to throw my french fries at the ground and a couple seconds later a huge tornado of seagulls would start flying down at that spot xD I did it when I was in the car too and they would do the same thing, it was sooo funny xDD Yes, I was the crazy seagull girl then.