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  1. 8/1/2018 Nothing really interesting happened today either. I mainly just explored the secret shop and password items, so here's some pictures from that. Ichigotchi's lopsided eyes look really goofy. I giggled stupidly during this animation and quickly looked around to make sure nobody had heard me. ... O__O Peeking. Score! It was only like 90p. Also, do I need to buy a CD player to use this item? I don't think I've ever actually used it before. Anyway... I guess we'll find out what Faryn will become soon... (and I believe a package should be arriving very soon!!)
  2. Bath time. Teeth time. Jail time. That was pretty much all that happened today. Some discipline here and there, and occasional games.
  3. Hey! Cheer up! Snakes are cool. Screaming at the daycare worker...? Heeeee... Nazotchi... Picking a teacher... (is... is she blushing?) This game is pretty easy. (con't in next post)
  4. Haven't posted in a bit! A lot has happened, so I'll try my best to catch up. 7/31/2018 New day~ Evolution noises... and... Ichigotchi. Cool? Last time I ran a V4, these were the exact characters I got... I better not get a Ponytchi. Anyways... Still a cute character. I always found it a little funny that teens could still go to preschool. (con't in next post)
  5. I live in Canada. It seems to take forever to ship here! I recently bought from JapanYouWant, and it shipped on the 30th or the 31st. According to the tracking info, it's already here in BC, and I guess I'm getting it tomorrow. Keep in mind though, I paid for express shipping, which was significantly more expensive. JapanYouWant has claimed that they have had issues with shipping to Canada in the past and recommended the shipping upgrade to ensure Canadian buyers will get their packages without interference or delays. This is just my experience, though.
  6. What exactly is the ball glitch? Nice log, by the way.
  7. DAY 1 - Continued ...? O_O; Well that sucks. I'm down 300 GP. Blegh. I was rearranging my whole room all day, so I didn't really have the time or energy to play games. First day of school! Hm... T_T How unlucky can you get. Two robbers in a row. Gah. He stole money I don't even have!! Ah... she called when she didn't need anything. A swift scolding to you!!! Huff. ...! ...!!! Yes!! ^.=.^ Thank you Gotchi King!! Ah, and it's lights out now. Goodnight Faryn! Here she is on my cork-board, on my key rack I made in woodworks in ninth grade. Along with the rest of my connections, and a Lucario drawing! Hahaha. ~ Thank you!
  8. Haven't done this in about four years. Looking back on my older logs, I took bad pictures and didn't really format it all that well. I'm usually busy these days, so my entries will likely be kept brief. I'm going to be logging this V4 I got back in early 2015. It's a shell I had always wanted. "Blue Swirls". There was a North American shell identical, but I specifically wanted the European one. Not sure why... Anyway! Day 1 - 12:17 PM - 2018/7/30 A girl is born! I named her Faryn. It was just something that popped into my mind. Apparently it means "Adventurous"...? Interesting. Hello! ... :-) ... ¬_¬ .... :-( Off to nap... zzzz. O__O So she changed! Mohitamatchi... I think? I forgot all their names... haha. Oh well!
  9. You need to practice with your band under the "away" icon. Also play games, the reason is your music skill points aren't high enough.
  10. Electronic Dance Music, duh. BORING
  11. It's been a very long time since I logged into here, but I'd like to say, this is basically discontinued. I ended up selling the devilgotch in August, and now I regret it :c I'm going to try and get my hands on another one, if I do, I'll continue. :3