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  1. Nathalietchi

    Vtech KidiPet Friends?

    I saw the commercial of this virtual pet a few weeks ago and since then I've been looking all over the place. I finally found an online site that sells them and bought it right away . It still has to arrive in the mail though. Does anyone have experience with it? The description says it had a touchsceen and backlight (which is a BIG plus!). The shape of it is a little head of a cat, dog or a pony (I got the dog since it looked the most adorable but too girly). You can also talk to it, apparently, and it comes with a little pedestal-thingy. All in all it sounds promising and fun and that's why I wanted to know if others know about it already and what they think.
  2. Nathalietchi

    Opinion on pirating games/movies etc?

    I don't like the idea of 'stealing' movies but if I had to pay for every movie I've ever downloaded I would be homeless.. So I'm greatful it exists.
  3. Nathalietchi


    don't worry, they can handle children so why not you right? They're made to last
  4. Nathalietchi

    Which (smart)phone is your primary phone?

    (I've had that problem too, I reset mine completely and now it works WAY better )
  5. Along with Tamagotchis I have a serious obsession with mobile phones. That's why I curious to know which phone is your primary phone right now and why? Mine is a Motorola Defy, which is about 2,5 years old. It's a smartphone that originally had Android 2.1 and is upgraded to 2.2. It's my first smartphone ever and I just can't let it go, LOL. My secondary phone is my beloved ancient brick; a pimped Nokia 3330 So tell me; what's yours?
  6. Nathalietchi

    What Tamas should I buy out of these?

    Nano are good if you want to run a Tamagotchi but don't really have the time for it. But I really think you should go for the Tamago or the Angel (if you can find another cheap one). Or both! Or all three!
  7. Nathalietchi

    What are you listening to now?

    All of Me (Jon Schmidt) - ThePianoGuys
  8. Nathalietchi

    Tamawalkie, pocket pikachu or other?

    I've had the Pocket Pikachu. It's pretty cute but because I'm not such a big fan of Pokémon as I am of Tamagotchi I'd pick a Tamawalkie
  9. Nathalietchi

    morino/garden and devil tamagotchies

    Devilgothis are pretty expensive, but the Morinos are fairly easy to get. I got mine brand new for $15,50. It's the yellow one with the plants on it. The same eBayer was selling a Morino with the leaves design so everybody jumped on that one so I was lucky If you keep guarding eBay patiently you'll be able to purchase one cheap
  10. Nathalietchi

    What was the first games and toys you ever played?

    There's also this racing car game on it where you have to avoid things on the road. That one's my favourite
  11. Nathalietchi

    What was the first games and toys you ever played?

    My very first gaming device was this one: The best thing about it is that I still have it right here and it still worked the last time I checked. ----- EDIT: The picture was a bit large so I made it smaller.
  12. Nathalietchi

    Pop'n Music

    I've never played it but it sounds a bit Guitar Hero-ish.. Am I right? Well, if it's similar then I'd have to try it someday because I've been totally addicted to GH
  13. Nathalietchi

    Question about the Dinkie Dino

    I noticed that the Dinkie Dino is a famous virtual pet amoungst collectors. Since I've never owned one I was wondering; what makes it so popular? Is it because of nostalgic reasons or is there more to it?
  14. I'm not really familiar with the Japanese Connections yet so I was wondering if one of you knows exactly what Tamagotchi this is; I've been watching this item for quite some time now because I'm looking for a UraTama but I'm not sure if this is one of them. Does anybody here recognize it? --- EDIT: I feel quite stupid now because I scrolled down and saw 'URATAMA' in huge red letters I guess the word 'GUTS' confused me. What does that word mean..? And how about the price; is it acceptable?
  15. I've had a PowerPalz virtual pet dog when I was little and my sister had the cat. That was my very first virtual pet. I really love those; mainly because of nostalgic reasons but also because they seem to get real wrinkles when they're old, LOL. Besides that one I also like the Giga Pets.