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  1. I saw the commercial of this virtual pet a few weeks ago and since then I've been looking all over the place. I finally found an online site that sells them and bought it right away . It still has to arrive in the mail though. Does anyone have experience with it? The description says it had a touchsceen and backlight (which is a BIG plus!). The shape of it is a little head of a cat, dog or a pony (I got the dog since it looked the most adorable but too girly). You can also talk to it, apparently, and it comes with a little pedestal-thingy. All in all it sounds promising and fun and that's why I wanted to know if others know about it already and what they think.
  2. I don't like the idea of 'stealing' movies but if I had to pay for every movie I've ever downloaded I would be homeless.. So I'm greatful it exists.
  3. don't worry, they can handle children so why not you right? They're made to last
  4. The person who said the recession is coming to an end soon should be slapped in the face.

    1. SailorRosette
    2. TamaLey


      Oh lord, I missed that statement, but now I am laughing.

  5. I hate it when my mother thinks she knows how to take care of my body better than I do. =_='

    1. The Ultimate Doomer
    2. TamaMum


      LOL - yeah, 'cos she has absolutely no experience of ever being a teenager and has learned nothing useful to share with you since she became an adult...! :P

    3. Nathalietchi


      Of course she has - just not about my body :P

      After all; I've spend more time with my body than she did ;)

  6. Wow, my V6 FINALLY arrived. That took long enough =_='

  7. Aw I want to run my V3 but I still have to finish running the V4 :/

  8. Wow, it's already 10:50pm here:\

  9. LOL, I've just made a Rhino Horn to clear my stuffy nose.

  10. Yesterday we chopped our old couch into little pieces and I found a corroded Euro coin and 20 cents. What should I buy?

    1. Amarisje


      some candy, lol

  11. (I've had that problem too, I reset mine completely and now it works WAY better )
  12. Along with Tamagotchis I have a serious obsession with mobile phones. That's why I curious to know which phone is your primary phone right now and why? Mine is a Motorola Defy, which is about 2,5 years old. It's a smartphone that originally had Android 2.1 and is upgraded to 2.2. It's my first smartphone ever and I just can't let it go, LOL. My secondary phone is my beloved ancient brick; a pimped Nokia 3330 So tell me; what's yours?
  13. I've just completely deleted my Facebook. Not just deactivate, but really delete it. I'm free!

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    2. Counting Bodies Like Sheep
    3. SailorRosette


      Ya, its nothing but spam to me... And game requests to games I don't play, ever.

    4. ForeverWaiting


      If I didnt have really old friends from across canada and faebook wasnt the only real way I can talk to them i would cut my strings too

  14. Wow, the Kirby games for the GBA are truly awesome!

    1. SupahCow090
    2. Raitotchi




  15. I'm wearing a Holter for 24 hours again. Man I hate those things =_='

  16. Still waiting for my V6.. Sea mail takes awfully long =_='

    1. Happily Candied

      Happily Candied

      Hope it gets to you soon... ^^

    2. Amarisje


      the waiting is always the hardest!

  17. After some frustrating moments I'm finally able to send downloads to my iD L, yay!

    1. Amarisje


      hooray! It can be very frustrating indeed!!

  18. Nano are good if you want to run a Tamagotchi but don't really have the time for it. But I really think you should go for the Tamago or the Angel (if you can find another cheap one). Or both! Or all three!
  19. When I'm sad I stop being sad and play the piano instead.

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    2. tamafan325


      in the piano?i don't think she goes in the piano :P

    3. Box


      When I'm sad... I try to focus on what it is that makes me sad. I hardly ever get sad, because things that affect only me don't bother me. When something does bother me, really bother me, I read or similar...

    4. Rhythmless


      If I'm sad, I go to sleep. If I'm happy, I go to sleep. If I go to sleep, I am happy. Sleep.

  20. Is it just my computer or is eBay acting weird?

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    2. Peasley


      totally ebay, been having problems with it since last night!

    3. Tamaevie


      Blurgh... I want my photos back! :(

    4. Amarisje


      it's ebay !!!!

  21. School is starting next week.. Gosh I'm so nervous to see my new classmates :|

    1. Happily Candied

      Happily Candied

      Good luck, I hope your first week goes well! It was always exciting for me to see all of my classmates again after a long summer. It was also a little nerve-racking though, so I know how you feel!

    2. Carol_tama


      me too... but my studies start on october 1st

  22. Am I the only one here that doesn't like Oreos..?

    1. Midorime



    2. Nathalietchi


      LOL, I had to Google that word :P

    3. Happily Candied

      Happily Candied

      I must admit: I love Oreos! No worries, everyone has different tastes. <3

  23. I've had the Pocket Pikachu. It's pretty cute but because I'm not such a big fan of Pokémon as I am of Tamagotchi I'd pick a Tamawalkie